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App helps find jobs (P3)
1.What do you know about autistic people?
2.Is it easy for them to find a job?
3.In what way can we help them to live a normal life?

While reading
1. What is the name of the app that students designed for autistic adults?
A. Empower
B. Best in Massachusetts
C. Best in Northeast Region
D. Verizon Innovative Learning

2. The students designed the app mainly to help autistic people to _____.
A. solve their problems
B. read newspapers
C. find jobs
D. talk with people

3. The app links autistic adults with the following people, EXCEPT _____.
A. people who are looking for workers
B. volunteers
C. caretakers
D. doctors

4. If a user can’t read, the app can _____.
A. speak to them
B. change words into pictures
C. find reading volunteers for them
D. help them find a teacher

Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. If you come, I will come _____ (也)
2. Her nails were painted bright red to _____ (搭配) her dress.
3. The ______ (功能) of the ear is to listen.
4. I can’t _____ (忍受) the taste of sweet food. 

Post reading
Apps are very popular nowadays and they bring convenience to many people. Among them, which one is your favorite? What problem does it solve and how does it work?

Time and place to take photos while traveling (P4)
1.What does the sign mean?
2.Where would you usually see this sign?

While reading
Match Column A with Column B

Column A
You cannot take photos
1. in theaters
2. in galleries
3. at customs
4. at a temple or a church
5. of people in the street

6. What is the main idea of the story?
A. How to take photos of others.
B. No photos in public places.
C. Don’t take photos in the wrong place.
D. How to hide your camera when taking photos.

Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. You have to get up and _____ (关上)the radio 
2. We wear sunglasses to ______ (保护) our eyes from the sun.
3. He is nervous, he must be _______ (陷入麻烦).
4. The polluted water _______ (有害) for our health. 

Nearly everyone uses a mobile phone nowadays. Could you give some advice on where people shouldn’t use their mobile phone and explain why they shouldn’t use it?

Space library opens (P6)
Do you know what NASA stands for?
Where do you usually get the latest information about space?
What do you know about Mars?

While reading
1. Which of the following is TRUE about NASA’s online library?
A. It has been opened since 1958.
B. It is a free online library.
C. It only offers pictures and videos.
D. It is only open to scientists.

2. NASA takes pictures and videos in space by using the following, EXCEPT _____.
A. satellites
B. space probes and rovers
C. space telescopes
D. the Moon

3. Which of the following may NOT be in NASA’s online library?
A. First steps on the moon.
B. Scott Kelly’s space selfie.
C. Rivers on Saturn.
D. Rocks on a Mars mountain.

4. What is the main idea of the story?
A. NASA’s great work in space.
B. NASA’s online library is open.
C. Pictures about space are very beautiful.
D. Humans have succeeded in space exploration.

Words in use
1. 近一年多来,他一直在写一部新小说.
   He has been _________a new novel for over a year now. 
2. 他能解出这样难得一道题,真是令人惊奇。
   It was ______ that he was able to solve such a hard problem.
3. 我可以替你和你的小男孩拍一张照吗?
   May I __________ you and your little boy?
4. 把磨碎的干酪加到调味汁里。
   ____ the grated cheese to the sauce.

This is NASA’s website. Please make a brief introduction about NASA and its website according to the knowledge you learned from the passage.

1. A。由第二段段第一句Five seventh graders at the school designed an app called Empower可知。
2. C。由第二段第二句Autistic adults can find jobs on it.可知。
3. D。由二段第六句The app connects autistic adults to employers, volunteers and caretakers.可知
4. B。由第三段第二句It can change words to pictures so users can understand it better.可知。

1-5 见文中,解析略。
6. C。由首段第三句But you can’t simply take photos everywhere.可知。

1. D。由第三段第一句Now NASA has opened an online image and video library that is free for the public to use.可知。
2. D。由第二段最后一句NASA has taken a large number of amazing pictures and videos in space, using satellites, space probes and space telescopes.可知。
3. C。由第四段第二句There is also a space selfie by US astronaut Scott Kelly during his first spacewalk in 2015.和第五段第二句For example, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has taken a clear picture of rocks on a Mars mountain. 可知。
4. B。由最后一段Can’t wait to have a look? Go and visit https://images.nasa.gov可知。 全文主要介绍NASA的官方网站。

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