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Arctic library (P2)

I. Pre-reading
What is a library for?
Do you often visit the library?
What can you see and do in the library?

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Where is the new library?
A. It is online.
B. It's in an old mine in Norway.
C. It's 1,000 km from the island of Svalbard.
D. It's in the North Pole.

2. Why do they make this library?
A. To interest more people to visit.
B. To protect books from disasters.
C. To encourage people to read.
D. To remember the "doomsday".

3. How long can these books last in this environment?
A. For about 150 years.
B. For 1,000 years.
C. For 10 years.
D. For about 500 years.

4. Which country has NOT put books in the library?
A. Norway.
B. Mexico.
C. The US.
D. Brazil.

III. Words in use
1. 一些志愿者致力于保护鲨鱼免受捕杀。
   Some volunteers keep _______ the sharks _______ being killed.
2. 家乡永远是最宜居的地方。
   Your hometown is always _____________.
3. 据报道,明天要下雨。
________ the report, it’s going to rain tomorrow.

IV. Post-reading
If you had the right, what kind of books would you like to put in Arctic Library?
List the names of the books and your reasons.

Fun on Hawaii holiday (P3)

I. Pre-reading
Where are you going to spend your coming summer vacation?
What do you plan to do or experience?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How long did the writer stay in Honolulu?
A. For a month.
B. For the whole winter vacation.
C. For five days.
D. For one day.

2. What animals did the writer see in the deep sea?
a. dolphins
b. different kinds of fish
c. sharks
d. turtles
A. a, b, c  B. a, b, d  C. a, c, d  D. b, c, d

3. When going snorkeling, _____ is needed to breathe under water.
A. special glasses with
B. fins
C. life jackets
D. a tube

4. What is the story mainly about?
A. What Honolulu is famous for.
B. How to go snorkeling.
C. What life would be like in the deep sea.
D. The writer's travel experience in Honolulu.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. The fans _______ (欢呼) for the pop singer.
2. Let’s have a short ____ (休息) at this moment.
3. The life jacket can _______ (举起) the man in the sea.
4. All the ideas ______ (冲进) into my mind.

IV. Post-reading
What kind of vacation is fun in your opinion?
How can you make your vacation interesting and meaningful?


Football's differences in Australia (P4)

I. Pre-reading
Do you love football?
What are the differences of football in the UK and the US?
Do you know anything about football in Australia?

II. While reading
Fill in the chart:

 Rugby Australian rules
Field  on a 1. ______ field on a big oval-shaped field
Clothes short shorts, tight shirts and 2. _____ a shirt without 5. ______ and very short, tight shorts
How to score points They put the ball down behind a special3. ______ to get points.  They kick the ball between tall 6. ______ to score points. 
Popularity  Rugby league is popular in the 4. ______, while rugby union is popular across Australia. It is popular in 7. ______ of Australia.

III. Words in use
Choose the proper word to fill in the blanks.
 pick     kick    carry     run
1. He is good at _____ the football.
2. The baby lions love to _____ after each other for fun.
3. He didn’t ____ up the phone when I called him last night.
4. An ant can ____ something much heavier than itself.

IV. Post-reading
Try to talk about the four different kinds of football in Australia!
Despite so many differences, what is the common point of all kinds of football in Australia?
Why is football popular all around the world?



II. 1. B。根据文中第一段中It is inside an old mine on the island of Svalbard,选B。
2. B。 根据第2段It is to protect the world's most important books from natural disasters and wars,选B。
3. D。根据第3段In this environment, the books can last for more than 500 years可知,保存期限约为500年,所以选D。
4. C。从文章最后一段three countries - Norway, Mexico and Brazil - have put books in the library可知美国未参与其中,故本题选择C。
III. 1. protecting, from   2. the best place to live    3. According to

II. 1. C。根据文中第1段I spent five days there and I had a lot of fun可知,C正确。
2. B。根据文章第2段的内容可知, 作者看到了dolphins, fish and a turtle,故本题选择B。
3. D。根据文章第2段We had to wear special goggles with a tube. It helped us breathe under the water可知tube是助呼吸的,所以选D。
4. D。根据标题和内容可知,本文为总分总结构,从结尾I enjoyed myself in Hawaii的总结句可知本文是一篇游记,故选D。
III. 1. cheer   2. break   3. hold up   4. rushed

II.  1. square  2. long socks  3. line
4. east   5. sleeves 6. posts  7. the south and the west
III. 1. kicking  2. run   3. pick   4. carry

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