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Library allows more children to read books (P3)
1. Do you like reading books?
2. Where are your books from?

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What can we learn from the first paragraph?
A. Haley made a newspaper for her school.
B. Haley loves reading and writing.
C. Haley has donated many books to children.
D. Haley set up an organization in third grade.

2. Who did Haley work with to open the Free Little Library?
A. Oakland University.
B. Her mother.
C. The Girls Scouts.
D. Her friend.

3. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. What the Free Little Library is.
B. Why the girls set up the Library.
C. Why the Free Little Library is popular in Western countries.
D. How the girls worked for the Library.

4. Which is TRUE of Megan?
A. She read a lot when she was little.
B. She thought their project would help kids with reading.
C. She is a leader of the Girls Scouts.
D. She plans to open a library for adults.

Word in use
fill with, encourage, come up with 

1. You would take things as they came. All you had to do was think a little harder and _________ a new solution.
2. Her coach _________ her throughout the marathon race to keep on running.
3.Life itself is a container which we _____ various goods and bads.

1. Do you like the Free Little Library in the article? Why?
2. Can you think of any other ideas to encourage reading?

Australia’s many types of football (P4)
Do you know how many kinds of ball games there are? What are they?

While reading
Fill in the chart below:

 Rugby league Aussie rules
Field  on a 1. ______ on an oval-shaped field
Clothes short shorts, tight T-shirts and 2. _____ 5. ______ and smaller shorts
Players Some are short and strong, others are 3. ______. Most players are 6. ______.
Popularity Rugby league is popular on the 4. ______, while rugby union is popular across Australia. It is popular in 7. ______.

Word in use
similar, while, pick  up 

1. Whenever we see litter on the ground, we should ____ it ___ and throw it into a dustbin.
2. He likes playing football, ____ his wife likes playing baseball. 
3. All big cities are quite _____.

1. What is your favorite ball sport? Do you know the rules of it?
2. If you are the designer, how would you design your uniform?

Weird way to live longer life (P6)
1.How old do you think human beings can live for?
2.Do you want to have a longer life?How can you keep healthy?

While reading
1. What may help older killifish live longer?
A. Eat the younger fish.
B. Swim with younger fish.
C. Get enough sunshine.
D. Eat the poop of younger fish.

2. Why do humans get sick more easily when they get old?
A. They have less gut bacteria than when they were young.
B. They lose some diversity in their gut bacteria.
C. The bacteria in their guts are as diverse as in mice.
D. They never exercise and eat less food than before.

3. How long will the killifish live when they receive “young poop”?
A. Six weeks.
B. Nine weeks.
C. Three to nine months.
D. Four to twelve months.

4. What is the main idea of the story?
A. Receiving “young poop” help the killifish live longer.
B. Humans can live longer in the future.
C. There’s a link between killifish and humans.
D. Scientists have solved the ageing problem.

Word in use
link     happen     diverse 

1. An accident ________ in that street.
2. Competitors from countries as ________as the United States and North Korea mingled at the airport.
3. The special envoy's visit established a ____ between the two countries.

1. If we can use the method to help humans live longer, would you try it? Why or why not?
Page 3
C。由首段第三句In third grade, she worked with an organization to collect around 2,000 books for children.可知。

D。由第二段第二句She opened a Free Little Library in Oakland University with her Girl Scout friend Megan MacKenzie.可知。

3. A。第三段主要讲了Free Little Library的外观及使用功能,且在西方国家越来越受欢迎可知选A。

4. B。由第四段 ...so hopefully kids can grow up with a really big vocabulary and get more interested in reading.可知。

Page 4
1. square field
2. long socks
3. tall and fast
4. east coast
5. sleeveless shirts
6. tall and skinny
7. Australia’s south and west
Page 6
1. D。由第一段可知

2. B。由第四段后两句 For example, when humans and mice become old, they lose some of the diversity in their gut bacteria. It makes them get sick more easily..可知。

3. D。第六段中说African killifish can only live three to nine months, 第九段说these fish lived 37 per cent longer than fish that received no “young poop”可知。

4. A。由第九段Result shows that these fish lived 37 per cent longer than fish that received no “young poop”可知。

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