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Dealing with bad behavior (P4)


What can/can't you do in school?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following behavior is NOT considered to be bad?

A. Not finishing your homework.

B. Not calling your teacher by his or her full name.

C. Cheating in the exam.

D. Wearing slippers to school.


2. If a pupil gets _____, he/she will be asked to stay at school for extra time.

A. excludedB. suspended

C. detentionD. lines


3. If a pupil gets a suspension, he/she _____.

A. can still come to school and have classes

B. may stay at home for a week at most

C. usually stays at home alone and plays

D. has to do special work at home


4. What is a home/school contract in many UK schools about?

A. Teacher-parent meeting time.

B. A school’s major events.

C. Students’ school grades.

D. School rules.


Word in use

Fill in the blanks.

1. Has the director given you _________ (许可) to do that? 

2. He wasn’t ____ ________ __ (注意) the safety instructions.

3. She _____ (作弊) in the test by copying from the boy in front of her. 

4.Paul ___ ________  ___ (负责) the efficient running of the office.




1.Have you ever broken the school rules? 

2.How were you punished?

Beauty of a real bookstore (P4-5)


How do you usually buy books? 


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. From the story, we learn that traditional bookstores _____.

A. will die out soon 

B. need to make changes to interest readers

C. work harder than online stores

D. have more choices of books


2. Which of the following bookstores has become a cultural landmark?

A. Trends Lounge in Beijing.

B. Trends Lounge in Hong Kong.

C. The Eslite Bookstore in Suzhou.

D. The Eslite Bookstore in Taipei.


3. Why are many Hong Kong bookstores on the second floor?

A. Because these bookstores are too small.

B. Because bookstores are not popular there.

C. Because their books are of low quality.

D. Because the rents of street-level stores are too high.


4. What is the main idea of the story?

A. Online booksellers will replace traditional bookstores.

B. How traditional bookstores change to interest readers.

C. Why people still need traditional bookstores.

D. People should read more books.


Word in use


1. It's a custom that is beginning to ____ ___ .


2. This program _____  ___ the way that homelessness affects the young. 


3. Jamie's _____ ______ ___ Laura.  


4. We were _________ __ learn foreign languages at school.  




What way do you prefer to read? Why?

Look up to see Venus (P6)


What do you know about Venus? 


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is TRUE about Venus?

A. It only can be seen at night.

B. It is the closest planet to the sun.

C. It is brighter when it is far from the Earth.

D. It can reflect most of the sunlight.


2. Which is the brightest natural object?

A. Mars.B. Moon.C. Venus.D. Earth.


3. Venus is considered unsuitable for humans to live on because _____.

A. it is too far away from Earth

B. there is no air on it

C. the temperature is too high

D. it has limited space


4. The purpose of this story is to _____.

A. compare Venus with Mars

B. briefly introduce Venus

C. explain how it’s possible to live on Venus

D. tell us the scientific research findings


Word in use


 natural, reflect, power, explore

1. The most amazing thing about _____ is its infinite variety. 

2. The president is more ______ than the prime minister.

3. She was looking at her _______ in the mirror. 

4. Magellan was a famous 16th-century ______. 



What other astronomical knowledge do you know?



1. B。由首段所列“some examples of bad behavior”可知。


2. C。由第2段第3条 “Detention 课后留校”可知。


3. D。由第2段第2条“Suspension 停课” The pupil is usually given work to do at home with a special teacher.可知。


4. D。由末段第2句The contract explains the schools' rules.可知。


1. B。文章介绍了一些实体书店通过改变成功吸引到了顾客,这给其他的实体书店能够继续经营提供了参考。


2. D。由第3段第5句 “All these make the bookstore a cultural landmark in Taibei.”可知。


3. D。由第4段第4句 “They are driven upstairs because the rents of street-level stores are too high.” 可知。


4. B。整篇文章介绍了实体书店通过各种方式来吸引顾客。


1. D。 由首段第2句排除A, 第2段第1句排除B,第4段第2句排除C。


2. B。 由 第2段第2句 “It is the second brightest natural object (天体), behind Earth’s moon”可知。


3. C。 由第6段 “However, the temperature on Venus is about 465 C. It is the hottest planet in our solar system!”可知。


4. B。 整篇文章介绍了关于Venus的位置,大小,温度等基本情况。

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