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初二教案 第579期


Movie market impact (P2)


1.Do you like Hollywood movies?

2.Who is your favorite character?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1.What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

A. Many people enjoy watching Hollywood movies.

B. Chinese actors hope to be in Hollywood movies.

C. China has now got more influence on Hollywood movies.

D. People like to see things about China in Hollywood movies.


2. How many reasons are mentioned for China’s influence on Hollywood?

A. One.B. Two.

C. Three.          D. Four.


3. Which of the following news is reported by Xinhua?

A. Hollywood can’t run without China.

B. China has the world’s second largest box office.

C. China has the most movie screens.

D. Chinese companies are investing in US movies.


4. What were the box office takings of The Fate of the Furious in China during its opening weekend?

A. 1.3 billion yuan.   B. 41,179 billion yuan.

C. 45.7 billion yuan. D. 681 million yuan. 


Word in use


influence,    industry,     invest

1. The Ukraine is strong both in _______ and agriculture (农业). 

2. Teenage idols have a strong ________ on our children.

3. He wanted to set up her own company to ____ in films.



1. China now has more influence on Hollywood. How else does China influence the world?


Pink not just for girls (P4)


What colors do you like to wear?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. We can learn that the writer _____.

A. is an Australian girl

B. likes the color of pink

C. doesn’t like blue

D. is very forgetful


2. In China, we can learn the situation is that _____.

A. men in pink shirts will be laughed at

B. there is a rule about the color a man can wear

C. Chinese men prefer plain clothes

D. some men also pay great attention to their appearance


3. According to the passage, in the 19th century, the color pink is worn _____.

A. only by girls 

B. by men in the military

C. by men in Australia

D. by both men and girls 


4. What may be the title of the story?

A. How does color influence people’s personalities.

B. The color pink — not just for girls.

C. Dress codes in people’s lives.

D. Dressing rules for men in China.  


Word in use


dress in         pay attention to        original

1. Don't just keep slogging away. ____________ the method. 

2. All of the artworks in the museum are  ______ pieces.  

3. They _______ plain colors so as not to call attention to themselves. 



1. Different colors mean different things in different countries. Can you give us any examples?



Space lab gets a visit (P6)


Do you know something about Tianzhou 1?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is regarded as the “delivery man”?

A. Tiangong II.

B. Tianzhou 1.

C. US space station.

D. Chinese astronauts.


2. According to Xinhua, Tianzhou 1 is China’s first _____.

A. cargo spaceship

B. space station

C. manned rocket

D. space lab


3. Why did China send Tianzhou 1 into space?

A. To dock with the Tiangong II.

B. To orbit Earth and send signals to it.

C. To do an in-orbit refueling.

D. To build a manned space station.


4. When will Tianzhou 1 use fast-docking technology?

A. In its first docking.

B. In its second docking.

C. In its third docking.

D. In all of its dockings. 


Word in use


successfully     supply     ability

1. _____ the missing word ( s) and you could win a T-shirt.

2. I take care of them to the best of my _____. 

3. No matter how complicated the situation was, he could cope with it ________. 



1. What's the significance of the three dockings between Tianzhou 1 and Tiangong II?




1. C。第二段首句对第一段做出了总结:All of these show that China now has more influence on Hollywood 可知。


2. C。第三段 A main reason for this is China’s large movie market,第四段 China also has the most movie screens,第五段...have invested tens of billions of dollars in US movies over the past 10 years共三个原因,可知。


3. B。第三段最后一句:...which is the world’s second largest, reported Xinhua. 可知。


4. A。第四段第二句:The Fate of the Furious made 1.3 billion yuan in China. 可知。


1. B。第二段最后一句:In fact, I’m wearing a pink shirt while I write this story! 可知。


2. D。由第四段第三句 Some men, in China and Australia, pay as much attention to their appearance as women,可知。


3. B。第五段倒数第二句:She explains that pink is a color worn by men in the military (军队). 可知。


4. B。由第五段 可知。


1. 1. B。第一段最后一句:The “delivery man” is called Tianzhou 1.可知。


2. A。由第第二段 Tianzhou 1 is China’s first cargo spacecraft.... reported Xinhua.可知。


3. C。第三段第一句:Tianzhou 1 was sent to refuel the Tiangong 2. 可知。


4. C。由第六段 In the third docking, Tianzhou-1 will use fast-docking technology. 可知。

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