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Arts education levels need to improve in US (P3)
What do you learn in art classes at school?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The score in visual arts for the US eighth-graders last year was ____.
A. 147 on averageB. 149 on average
C. 150 on average D. 300 on average 
2. Only about _____ of students knew what instrument played the opening part of Rhapsody in Blue. 
A. 10 percentB. 25 percent
C. 50 percentD. 75 percent
3. Which is NOT correct about the gap between white and Hispanic students?
A. The gap is getting smaller.
B. It went down from 32 to 23 in music on average.
C. It got smaller in arts, from 26 to 19 on average.
D. Girls do as well as boys in the test.
4. According to Ayanna Hudson, arts education can help students develop the following ____.
a. creativity
b. problem-solving skills
c. sense of competition
d. a sense of responsibility
A. abB. acC. cd D. bc
Word in use
1. My income's rather variable, but I earn £175 a day on ______. 
2. Is that a _____ photo?  
3. Next year, he will give speeches ____ ___ ____.  
4. I'm not making much ______with my Spanish.
Is it necessary to learn arts well?  
Finding ways to stand out (P4)
Have you every done anything to your clothes to show your individual style? How?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to Alexi, _____.
A. zips and chains are the symbols of punks 
B. you can use your imagination to have your own style
C. you need to spend a lot to have your individual style
D. printing your own T-shirt can show your individual style
2. What did John do to show his individual style?
A. Make T-shirts by himself.
B. Buy expensive T-shirts.
C. Draw on T-shirts.
D. Buy T-shirts with messy images.
3. What did Dundee do when she couldn't afford the trousers?
A. She asked her mum to buy them for her.
B. She used a sewing machine to make them.
C. She borrowed money from her friends.
D. She bought a pair of second-hand trousers.
4. What does the story mainly talk about?
A. Why young people like to look different.
B. What clothes help young people look special.
C. What clothes young Brits like to wear.
D. How young Brits wear clothes to show their individual styles.
Word in use
hang, individual, messy, afford
1. The children will first sing _________and then as a group.
2. A heavy gold necklace _____around her neck.  
3. Jim’s house is always in a _____. 
4. There are lots of nice clothes at_________prices in that shop.
What other ways can you think of to show individual style?
Eating right to save the planet (P6)
What do you think cows have to do with global warming? Why? 
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Why should cows change their diet, according to scientists?
A. Because the food they eat is not good for their health.
B. Because the gas they produce is bad for the planet.
C. Because the Earth becomes warmer and warmer.
D. Because they have eaten the same food for a long time.
2. Which is more harmful to the environment?
A. algae    B. methane    C. carbon dioxide    D. seaweed
3.  Which of the following is TRUE about the “super seaweed”? 
A. It is a kind of seaweed and it is red. 
B. Cows eating it give out more methane. 
C. Farmers started to feed it to cows centuries ago.
D. Cows need to eat lots of it every day.
4. According to Rob Kinley’s research, what is the problem?
A. There are more than 40 kinds of sea plants to eat.
B. Only red algae can stop cows producing methane.
C. There is not enough red algae to feed cows.
D. No one can grow red algae in the US.
Word in use
Fill in the blanks.
1. I find that I don't  ______(消化)meat easily.
2. There were people at the entrance _____ ___(分发)leaflets.
3.His skill ___ ___(在于)his ability to communicate quite complex ideas very simply. 
4. Eating lots of fatty foods is __ ______ ____ (有害)your health.
What can we do to help stop global warming?
1. B。由第2段第一句 “149 in visual arts”可知。
2. C。由第4段第2句 “Only about half of the students knew its opening part is played on a clarinet”可知。
3. D。由第5段第2句 “In general, girls do better than boys.”可知。
4. A。由第5段第3句 “to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills”可知。
1. B。 由第2段第3句“You don’t need money – you need imagination,” said Alexi”可知。
2. C。由第3段第3句 “I used to draw on T-shirts.”可知。
3. B。由第5段第3句 “I bought some fabric in the same color and copied the trousers using my mum’s sewing machine. ” 可知。
4. D。整篇文章通过对一些Brits的采访讲述了这些年轻人是如何通过服饰来展示个性。
1. B。 由首段第2、3句可知.
2. B。 由 第2段末句 “Worse still, methane is 30 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.”可知。
3. A。 由第5段首句 “a red algae he calls 'super seaweed' ”. 可知。
4. C。由末段第1句 “The problem is that there is not enough red algae to feed the world’s 1.5 billion cows. ”可知。

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