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Leaders work together (P2)
1.Do you know what the Silk Road is?
2.Can you list some countries along the Silk Road?
3.Do you know about The Belt and Road? What is it?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How many countries took part in the "Belt and Road Forum"?
A. 28
B. 29
C. 30
D. 31 
2. Which is NOT true of the "Belt and Road Initiative"?
A. It started in 2013.
B. It was proposed by President Xi Jinping.
C. It aims to build the economy.
D. "Road" refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt.
3. What's the main goal of the forum?
A. To link China and the Western world.
B. To work together with countries along the routes.
C. To get support from other countries.
D. To prepare for the Import Expo in 2018.
4. Which fields of cooperation were mentioned in this news?
a. economy  
b. politics
c. science
d. education
A. abc   B. bcd   C. abd   D. acd 
Word in use
Choose the word to fill in the blanks:
attend, refer to, support, ceremony, 
1. When I said some people are stupid, I wasn’t _________ you.
2. Last week, we joined Tom’s wedding _______.
3. She hoped to win great ______ among the middle class.
4. He didn’t _____ the meeting yesterday because he was ill.
Group work:
There are more than 60 countries along the Belt and Road. Choose your favorite country and surf the internet. Find out more information about this country and report about it to your group.
Popular toy now doing more harm than good (P4)
1.What was your favorite toy when you were in middle school?
2.Is it popular among your classmates?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following examples can be called fidgeting?
A. A pupil often plays with her hair in class.
B. A boy cuts his fingernails from time to time. 
C. Some kids like to talk loudly in class.
D. Some young people often play rock music.
2. Which of the following about fidgets is NOT true?
A. They are made of plastic or metal.
B. There is a ball in the middle that can spin.
C. Autistic kids don't like to use them.
D. They are designed to help kids concentrate. 
3. What does the underlined word "banned" in the fourth paragraph mean?
A. 购买B. 禁止
C. 反对D. 利用
4. What does Kate Ellison think of fidgets?
A. The devices are helpful for her students.
B. She encourages her students to use them when writing. 
C. They work for kids as the advertisements say.
D. Her students are not allowed to use the devices.
Word in use
Choose the right word to fill in the blanks:
instead of, seem, trade, stay focused
1.It ____ that everybody likes zebra.
2.Piano lessons help children learn how to _________ and achieve goals. 
3.I gave him advice ________ money.
4.He refused to ____ with that company again because they sold bad fruit.
Do you have a fidget spinner? 
What do you do to stay focused when you study?
IQ not all that counts (P6)
1.Have you ever taken any IQ tests?
2.Do you know what the Mensa Test is?
3.What does having a high IQ mean?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Who scored 162 in the Mensa IQ test?
A. Albert Einstein.
B. Stephen Hawking.
C. Rajgauri Pawar.
D. Lisa Van Gemert. 
2. What does it mean if you are a Mensa member?
A. You are smarter than Einstein and Hawking.
B. You have to get a score of 160.
C. You need to take the Mensa test.
D. You need to have a very high IQ. 
3. Most IQ tests test the following EXCEPT _____.
A. creativity
B. math
C. language
D. memory 
4. What is the main idea of the story?
A. Why the Mensa IQ test is so important.
B. What a person’s IQ  really means. 
C. How IQ tests affect people’s lives.
D. How to pass the Mensa test. 
Word in use
Choose the right word to fill in the blanks:
population, necessary, affect, find out, the same as
1.She was deeply _____ by the sad story. 
2.We have a growing _________ and therefore we need more food. 
3.Twins look ________ each other. 
4.Go and _______ where she went.  
5.Is it _______ for me to attend the meeting? 
Do you think is it necessary for us to have a high IQ to be successful? Why or why not?

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