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‘Game’ is not a joke


What do you know about the blue whale?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The blue whale in this story means ____.

A. a sea animal

B. the largest animal

C. an enjoyable game

D. a dangerous  game


2. Which is true about this game?

A. It was invented by an American student.

B. The players are asked to kill themselves.

C. At first, they watch movies together.

D. Over 130 teenagers have died in the world.


3. According to Justin Patchin, why does the keeper choose children aged 10-15?

A. They like playing games.

B. They know nothing about death or harm.

C. It's easy for them to trust others.

D. They are afraid of nothing except death.


Word in use

Fill in the blanks:

    ______, a ______ cyber- attack called WannaCry has _____ all over the world. 

According to reports, it has ______ many problems in universities and companies.  Computer  users are ____ to be careful when they are surfing online.  The Internet users should ____ visiting dangerous websites. 




 What can we do to stop teenagers playing the killing game ?  


Young math genius (P3)


1.Have you ever taken part in any competitions?

2.Did you win? How did you feel about it?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The Raytheon Mathcounts competition and the national math bee are _____.

A. not the same thing 

B. different competitions

C. similar math games

D. the same competition


2. How did Robitaille feel when he gave the answer, 25, so quickly?

A. Surprised.

B. Worried.

C. Excited.

D. Unhappy.


3. Why did Robitaille's mother quit her job?

A. Because she didn't like being a writing teacher.

B. Because her son has won a lot of money.

C. Because she wanted to home-school him.

D. Because he asked her to do so.


4. What didn't Robitaille do to learn math?

A. He asked his mother to write math problems.

B. He took college class at the age of 8.

C. He worked for some math journals.

D. He asked to be taken to a math library.


Word in use

Fill in the blanks

1. John is worried about his health, so he _____ smoking.

2. Everyone loves his performance. It is clear that he ________ playing the violin. 

3. We finished our task an hour earlier ______ your help.

4. Please give me an ________ for why you want to change the plan. 1. The children will first sing 



1.What is your favorite subject in school?

2.How do you usually learn it?

Unicorns brighten your life (P4)


What do you know about the stories of unicorns and rainbows?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What is “unicorn food”?

A. Brightly colored bread, coffee and cakes.

B. A new trend that is going to stop soon.

C. The idea of making food look like a rainbow.

D. Unicorn Frappuccinos in Starbucks.


2. Which of the following describes a unicorn correctly?

A. It is a type of horse.    

B. It has a large horn.   

C. It is common in zoos.   

D. It’s horn can poison water.


3.  What do unicorns stand for today? 

a. purity     b. grace   c. happiness   d. satisfaction

A. ab      B. bc       C. cd       D. ad


4. What is the most believed story about the connection of unicorns to rainbows?

A. They eat rainbows.

B. They fart rainbows.

C. They live on rainbows.

D. They ride on rainbows.


Word in use

Fill in the blanks.

1. I find that I am  ______(不可能)to trust him again easily.

2. The restaurant in the corner has  _____(推出)a new dish.

3. The Olympic rings ______(代表)five continents, united together. 

4. Dangal ________  (据说)be an excellent and touching movie.



Do you have any special ways to make yourself happy when you are a little sad?




1. D。由第1段最后一句“a suicide game”可知。

2. B。由第2段第2句“encouraging people to kill themselves”可知。

3. C。由第6段第2句“they are quick to trust others.”可知。



1. D。 由第2段第3句“It is also known as the national math bee.”可知。

2. B。由第2段第7句“I was kind of worried that was the wrong answer.”可知。

3. C。由第3段第3句“Mary Robitaille quit her job as a writing teacher to home-school her son.”可知。

4. C。由第4 段第2句“A doctoral student at the University of Texas introduced him to math journals.” 可知。



1. A。 由首段第1、2句可知。

2. B。 由 第2段第4句“It has a large horn that comes out of its head.”可知。

3. C。 由第4段 “Today, unicorns stand for happiness and satisfaction.”可知。

4. C。由第5段最后1句 “But the most common story is that unicorns ride on rainbows in the sky.”可知。

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