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初一教案 第585期


By Tang Hongmei


Faster future (P2)


I. Pre-reading

Do you know about the “Silk Road Economic Belt”?

In recent years, China has helped many countries build railways. What do you think of this?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer: 

1. Why is May 31 a big day for Kenya?

A. The country started to build its first railway.

B. The country got its new president.

C. The country's new railway started to run.  

D. The Kenyan President came to China to take a train ride.


2. Which of the following is NOT true about the railway?

A. It took a century to finish it.

B. China built it with its own technology. 

C. It's 480 kilometers long.

D. The railway runs from Mombasa to Nairobi.


3. How fast did the old train in Kenya run?

A. At 120 kilometers per hour. 

B. At 240 kilometers per hour.

C. At 60 kilometers per hour.

D. At 100 kilometers per hour.


4. What does China do to protect the animals along the way?

A. Build new living places for animals.

B. Build some parts on a high bridge.

C. Drive animals to other places. 

D. Build a road for animals to walk.


III. Words in use


1. 在朋友的帮助下,他完成了作业。

   ___________ his friends, he finished his homework.

2. 你歇会,我来替你。

   Have a rest. I will _________.  

3. 为了吸引人注意,安妮提高了嗓门。

Anne raised her voice ________ get other people’s attention.  


IV. Post-reading

For the Silk Road Economic Belt,  China has been doing many things. What do you know about it?




Eating healthy candy (P3)


I. Pre-reading

Do you like candy? 

Is candy healthy for our teeth or not?


II. While reading

Choose the answer: 

1. Which of the following is NOT true about Zollipops?

A. A teenage girl Alina from the US makes them.

B. They taste like a lollipop but they don’t have sugar in them.

C. Zollipops have a kind of acid that is good for teeth. 

D. It's not easy to get bad teeth by eating Zollipops.


2. How did Alina learn to make lollipops?

A. She asked her father to teach her.

B. She asked her dentist for advice.

C. She learned it from online videos.

D. She learned it in the nearby candy factory.


3. Zollipops were eaten at ______.

A. the Super Bowl

B. the World Cup

C. the Olympic Games

D. two White House Easter Egg Rolls


4. Alina uses the money to help with ____.

A. Dylan's Candy Bar

B. tooth health education 

C. Obama's government

D. poor children's education


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1. A drier climate would ________ (对……有益) her health. 

2. Have you finished your _______ (研究) plan?

3. _______ (网上) shopping is both cheap and easy to do.

4. He was waving his arms to draw their _______(注意).


IV. Post-reading

Have you ever made any special food by yourself? 

Was it healthy or not? Why?



Snack so good there is a day to celebrate it (P4)


I. Pre-reading

What kind of doughnuts do you like?

How are doughnuts made? What materials do we need?


II. While reading

Choose the answer: 

1. When is National Doughnut Day in the US?

A. The first Friday of June.

B. The first Friday of each month.

C. June 2 every year.

D. The end of June.


2. Which of the following about a doughnut is NOT true?

A. It's made of dough.

B. It's deep fried.

C. It usually has lots of sugar.

D. It's not easy to make. 


3. On National Doughnut Day, many doughnut stores _____.

A. sell doughnuts at twice the price

B. are open 24 hours a day

C. are closed to celebrate the day

D. go to people's workplace to sell doughnuts


4. You'd better not eat too many doughnuts because _____.

A. they are too expensive 

B. they may not be healthy 

C. they have lots of cereals in them

D. there is no bacon


III. Words in use


1. His birthday f_____ on Sunday this year. 

2. Snow is c_____ in cold countries.   

3. I would like to open another c_____ store in the city.

4. Yesterday, she ordered a portion of f____ eggs.


IV. Post-reading

As we know, many countries have special festivals just like National Doughnut Day.  Do you know any?






II. 1. C。根据第1段第2句Its first new railway in a century started to run 可知,C正确。

2. A。根据文中第2段可知,中国应用了自己的技术,历时两年半修建了这条由Mombasa到Nairobi的铁路。所以选A。

3. C。根据第3段Trains can run at 120 kilometers per hour on the railway. That’s twice as fast and at a lower cost than the old road可知,新铁路时速达120千米/时,是旧铁路的两倍,所以旧铁路时速为60千米/时,所以C正确。

4. B。从文章最后一段In order not to disturb them, Chinese builders put some parts of the railway on a high bridge可知,为了保护动物,采取架设高架桥的做法,所以选B。

III. 1. With the help of2. take over3. in order to


II. 1. C。根据文中第2段可知ABD陈述正确,其中由These things can neutralize acid in the mouth可知,C陈述不对,所以选C。

2. C。根据文章第4段第2句She learned to make lollipops from online videos可知,她通过网络学习了制作方法,所以选C。

3. D。根据最后一段第四句Zollipops…were eaten at the 2015 and 2016 White House Easter Egg Rolls可知,D正确。

4. B。文中最后一句Alina gives 10 percent of the money she gets to tooth health education programs in schools可知,她资助了学校的tooth health education 项目,所以选B。

III. 1. be good for   2. research  3. Online4. attention



II. 1. A。根据第1段第2句In the United States, the first Friday of June is National Doughnut Day可知,为六月的第一个星期五,所以选A。

2. D。根据第2、3段A doughnut is a piece of deep-fried dough…It usually has a lot of sugar in it…it is easy and cheap to make可知,D项的描述不正确,所以选D。

3. B。文中第四段…on National Doughnut Day. Quite a lot of doughnut stores are open 24 hours a day可知,有些店在这一天是24小时营业的,所以选择B。

4. B。根据文中第3段以及最后一段可知,甜甜圈可能不健康,所以建议人们不要多吃,而ACD描述与文中不符,所以选B。

III. 1. falls   2. common  3. chain  4. fried

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