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北航实验学校 姜瑶


Chinese take more pet cats (P2)


I. Pre-reading

Do you like keeping pets?

If yes, what pets do you have? 

If no, why?

What other pets do Chinese people usually keep?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which country has the most cat owners? 

A. China. 

B. The United States. 

C. Japan.

D. Australia. 


2. Why is it good to have more pet cats?

A. Because it helps young people grow up. 

B. Because it brings people more jobs. 

C. Because pet cats can work for people at shops. 

D. Because there are more and more animal hospitals. 


3. What is the main idea of Paragraph 4?

A. Why some people throw their pets away.

B. How homeless pets live.

C. What other animals can be pets.

D. What problems cats can bring.


4. What does the Japanese government do with homeless cats?

A. It helps the cats find their owners.

B. It asks animal hospitals to take care of them. 

C. It makes them never give birth to babies.

D. It puts the cats back at the zoo.


III. Words in use


1. 你似乎很喜欢宠物狗。

   It ______ you like the pet dogs very much.

2. 这个小镇流浪狗的数量大约是100只左右。

   The ______ of homeless dogs in this town is about 100.  

3. 这样的话,流浪猫就不会猎食其它小动物了。

   ________, the homeless cats will not hunt other little animals. 


IV. Post-reading

Are there homeless animals near where you live?

What problems do homeless animals bring?

What can we do to stop these problems?




Running at sunset (P3)


I. Pre-reading

Do you like running? 

How often do you run?

When and where do you usually run?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The Sunset Run is _____.

A. a running race in the morning

B. an activity from the two girls’ school 

C. a run to raise money for hospitals

D. a popular game in the United States


2. The girls started the run at sunset because _____.

A. they didn’t want to get up early

B. they didn’t like to run in the morning

C. they wanted to interest more people

D. a charity run needs a lot of time


3. What can we learn from Paragraph 3?

A. They did a lot to organize the charity run.

B. Money is the first problem for activities.

C. The two girls are not real organizers.

D. Moms are always the best to ask for help.


4. What was the result (结果) of the charity run?

A. There were not enough prizes for the runners.

B. Only 100 runners finished the run.

C. The girls raised some money from it.

D. The runners didn’t pay anything to run.


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1. I want to ____ (发起) a run for charity too. 

2. The only problem is, we don’t have _______ (足够的) money.

3. The charity run was a big _______ (成功的事). 

4. How much do you want to ____ (募捐) for the homeless children?


IV. Post-reading

What warm-up exercises should we do before running?

What about after running?




Have fun at summer camp (P4)


I. Pre-reading

How did you spend your summer vacation?

Did you go to any summer camps?

What skills would you like to learn?

Which summer camp would you like to visit?


II. While reading

Fill in the blanks:

1. At the circus camp, you can learn all kinds of circus ______.

2. At the sailing camp, you can learn how to ______ the boat yourself.

3. At the space camp, you can talk with real ________.


III. Words in use


1. The summer camp gives you a ______ (机会) to live a different life.

2. When the wind ______ (吹) after you, your boat may go forward quickly.

3. You can learn all kinds of _________ (知识) at summer camp.


IV. Post-reading

Is it enough to learn knowledge at school?

Should school start summer camps?

How many different kinds of summer camps do you know of?



Beat the heat and cool down with a cold drink (P4)


I. Pre-reading

How do you stay cool during summer?

What do you eat or drink? Cold drinks? Ice cream or ice lolly?

Do you like drinking lemonade?


II. While reading

Fill in the blanks: 

Popular summer drinks

1. For Chinese: 

   * sour plum drink (the most popular summer drink): 

    Usually it is powder or jam put it into water. The drink is (1)________ and sour.

   * mung bean soup

   * chrysanthemum (2)________

2. For (3)________: 

   * lemonade (the first choice for many): 

      They put lemon juice, sugar, water, ice and sometimes some (4)________ into a cup. 

   * (5)________

   * a Frappuccino from Starbucks


III. Words in use


1. In summer, n______ can cool you off better than cold drinks.

2. Suanmeitang may be the most p______ summer drink in China.

3. Lemonade is the first c____ for many US people.


IV. Post-reading

Do you do any sports during summertime?

Is it good or not to drink cold drinks soon after playing sports? Why?






II. 1. B。根据文中第二段的内容 China has the second largest number of cat owners in the world after the United States可知,中国在猫主人数量方面排行第二,after the United states即排在美国之后,所以美国是拥有最多的猫主人国家。

2. B。根据第3段More cats bring more jobs. Many people now work at pet shops and animal hospitals可知,宠物猫增加可以为人们带来更多的工作机会。

3. D。根据第四段的第一句 But cats can become problems, too 可知,猫也可以带来问题,这段的后半部分阐述了猫可以带来哪方面的问题。

4. C。根据最后一段的Doctors operate on them. So the cats can’t have babies可知,流浪猫会被做绝育手术,以防止再生下流浪仔猫。

III. 1. looks like   2. number  3. In this way



II. 1. C。根据文中第一段It is a charity run以及最后一段raised $2,500 for a hospital可知,C正确。

2. C。根据文章第二段的内容some people don’t like to get up early and run in the morning…可知,她们知道人们不爱早起锻炼,所以设在傍晚,就是为了吸引更多的人来参加。

3. A。第三段主要描写了筹备活动的大量工作,段首句也是主旨句,所以选A。

4. C。从最后一段最后一句可知,她们募集了大约2500美元,所以结果还不错。

III. 1. start  2. enough 3. success  4. raise



II. 1. 1. skills2. drive  3. astronauts

III. 1. chance   2. blows    3. knowledge




II. 1. sweet2. tea3. Americans  4. fruit   5. milkshake

III. 1. nothing2. popular3. choice


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