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Mahjong now a sport (P2)



1.What do you know about mahjong?

2.Do your family members play mahjong during festivals?


While reading

Read the question and try to choose the correct answer.

1. What can we tell from this story?

A. Mahjong is only meant for fun.

B. Mahjong has become a mind sport of IMSA.

C. Mahjong has very difficult rules.

D. Mahjong has always been an event at the Winter Olympics.


2. Why did IMSA use a "duplicate form" for mahjong?

A. To make the game more fun.

B. To help players stay focused.

C. To make the game more fair.

D. To give every player good tiles. 


3. According to IMSA’s rules, players should _____.

A. sit at the same table

B. sit at different tables

C. have different tiles

D. try to get the most tiles 


4. According to the story, mahjong is seen as a(an) _____ in China.

A. family game

B. video game

C. sporting event

D. Olympic event 




 Do you think mahjong should be an Olympic game? Why or why not?

What can we do to get people outside of China more interested in mahjong?


Tasting the hardship and joy of teaching in Australia (P3)



Have you ever worked a part-time job? What was it?

If you had a chance to be a teacher for one day, what would you do?


While reading

I. Fill in the chart below:

The author finished at least five tasks on her first day as an assistant. Fill in the chart with the five tasks. Remember to follow the timeline. 










II. Choose the answer:

6. When the author was _____, she had to do some cleaning.

A. printing the document

B. chatting with the teacher

C. organizing files

D. doing her homework 


7. What is the the story mainly about?

A. How to be a good teacher.

B. A day as an assistant teacher.

C. The joy of being a teacher.

D. A girl’s fear of being a teacher. 


Free writing:

Choose one of the following two questions, writing a short paragraph for your answer. 



8. Have you ever worked a part-time job? If yes, what was your first day like? 


9. Do you remember your first day at middle school? What did you do and how did you feel that day? 



At 30, GIF still cool and popular (P4)


Do you use QQ or WeChat?

Do you use GIFs when you chat online?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. According to the first two paragraphs, a GIF is actually _____.

A. a small picture

B. a long text

C. a short video

D. a big file 


2. When was the GIF created?

A. In 1985.

B. In 1987.

C. In 1989.

D. In 2012.


3. What have smartphones and social media done for the GIF?

A. They made it less expressive.

B. They refused to use it.

C. They changed it to a language.

D. They made it popular. 


4. Which of the following is NOT true of the GIF?

A. It uses a lot of data.

B. It shows feelings better than words.

C. It is funny and short.

D. It is a word in the Oxford Dictionary. 



Describe your favorite GIF and explain the reason why it’s your favorite.




1. B。由第2段第2句可知。

2. C。由第4段第2句 “To make the sport more fair…”可知。

3. B。由第4段第3句 “That means players sitting at the same position of different tables...”可知。

4. A。由第1段、第2段、倒数第2段可知。



1. printed      2. dust             3. organized  

4. threw the rubbish        5. corrected 

6. C。由第3段第1--3句可知。

7. B。总结全文可知,本文是讲了作者作为教师助理一天的生活。


1. C。 由第2段可知。

2. B。由 第4段第1句 “Ever since the GIF was created in 1987”可知。

3. D。 由第4段第2句可知。

4. A。由第6段第1句可知。


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