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北京171中学 徐晶


Clock tower stops ticking (P2)


I. Pre-reading

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. 

Usually it includes both the clock and the clock tower. 

The tower is officially known as Elizabeth Tower.


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. How does Big Ben tell the time?

A. Somebody says the time aloud.

B. The clock shouts the time aloud.

C. It bongs once every hour.

D. It bongs the number of hours. 


2. How long will Big Ben keep quiet?

A. For 157 years.

B. For about four years. 

C. For 2021 years.

D. For a month. 


3. Why can’t Big Ben work now?

A. Because the UK is renovating it.

B. Because workers don’t know how to repair it. 

C. Because its glass is broken.

D. Because its hands can’t move.


4. From the end of the story, we learn that _____.

A. many people don’t like the sound of Big Ben 

B. Big Ben will not bong any more in two or three years 

C. people can still hear the bonging on some big festivals

D. Big Ben won’t bong on Christmas Eve


III. Words in use


1. 请保持安静,大家听我说。

    Please _______. Everybody listens to me.

2. 根据计划,我们需要买一些水果。

    We need to buy some fruits, _________ the plan.  

3. 别担心,你会按时完成作业的。

    _________. You will finish your homework on time.


IV. Post-reading

Is there a large clock in your city? 

Does it bong the hours to tell the time?

If no, would you like to design a large clock for your city?



Aussie kids love books (P3)


I. Pre-reading

Do you like reading? 

Do you like reading in groups or by yourself?

Is there a reading activity for students to join in your school?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Is the Australian reading event only for children to join?



2. When did it start and end this year?



3. What activities did they have during the week?




4. Who drew the book Home in the Rain?



5. Why do Australian people have this activity?





III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1. Children like to _______ (打扮) as their favorite book characters. 

2. Did you ______ (观看) the eclipse last week?

3. You need to __________ (注意) your writing next time. 

4. ________ (列个清单) and you will know what you need.


IV. Post-reading

What can we do when we are reading books?

Make some notes? Talk with your partner?

Ask questions? Find more information (信息) about the background (背景)?



In the US, millions celebrate The Great American Eclipse (P4)


I. Pre-reading

What is an eclipse?

What is a total solar eclipse?

Why do we need special glasses to watch the eclipse?


II. While reading

 Choose the answer: 

1. Aug 21 was not an ordinary day for Americans because _____.

A. many US people stood in streets and didn’t move

B. they could see the sun and moon at the same time

C. a total solar eclipse happened from the West Coast to the East Coast

D. this was the first time to see a total solar eclipse in 100 years


2. How many times did the US see a total solar eclipse to cross the country in the past 100 years?

A. Once.

B. Twice.

C. Ten times.

D. Eleven times.


3. The last paragraph mainly talks about _____.

A. the writer’s experience of watching the eclipse

B. why there is a need to wear special glasses to watch the eclipse 

C. how people celebrated the big day

D. why people thought the eclipse was special


III. Words in use


1. Today is no ______ (平凡的) day for me. I am 13 years old.

2. What _______ (发生) to you? You have red eyes.

3. Look! The dog is _______ (戴着) sunglasses. How funny!


IV. Post-reading

Can you draw how a total solar eclipse happens? What about a total lunar eclipse?






II. 1. D。根据文中第一段的内容 Every hour, it “bongs” the number of hours to tell the time可知,大本钟会发出“当当”的声音来报时,几点就敲几下。

2. B。根据第2段首句But from Aug 21, Big Ben started to keep quiet until 2021可知,到2021年大本钟不再敲响,有四年的时间。

3. A。根据第2段第2句 The country is going to renovate it 可知,猫也可以带来问题,这段的后半部分阐述了猫可以带来哪方面的问题。

4. C。根据最后一段的内容可知,大本钟在重要的节日还是会敲响钟声,所以C正确。从文中无法判定圣诞节前夕是否会敲响。

III. 1. keep quiet   2. according to   3. Don't worry




1. Yes, it is. 

2. It started on Aug 19 and ended on Aug 26.

3. There were parades, storytelling and other fun activities (like dressing up as book characters).

4. Bob Graham.

5. Because many Australian children can't read well when they leave school, and this activity helps with children's reading ability. 

III. 1. dress up   2. watch  3. pay attention to  4. Make a list



II. 1. C。根据第1-2段的描述可知,这次的日全食很特殊,是因为从西海岸到东海岸都可以看到,百年一遇。D的描述错误,因为每隔几年就可以看到日全食。

2. B。根据第2段最后一句可知,上次日全食在美国横跨发生的时间是1918年,所以百年之内看到了两次。

3. B。最后一段主要说明为什么需要专门的眼镜来看日全食。

III. 1. ordinary   2. happened   3. wearing


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