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北航实验学校 姜瑶


Harvey hits US with heavy rain (P2)


I. Pre-reading

Do you live near the sea or far away from it?

What is a hurricane and what is a typhoon?

What will things be like if there is a hurricane?


II. While Reading

Fill in the table:

Hurricane Harvey


On (1)________.


Texas and Louisiana in the United States.

What it brought

* strong (2)________

* heavy rain for days

* many (3)________

Result (结果)

* It destroyed about (4)________ homes.

* More than 32,000 people moved to (5)________.

Help from different parts

* The US (6)________ came to the flooded areas for help.

* Many companies and people gave lots of (7)________.

* US President Donald Trump went to meet people in Texas. He also made (8)________ a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Harvey.


III. Words in use


1. 人们依然过着很艰难的生活。

    People are still having ________.

2. 我不得不穿着这双黑色的鞋子。

    I ______ wear this pair of black shoes.  

3. 许多年轻人都去洪水淹没的地区帮忙了。

    Many young people went to the ________ to help.


IV. Post-reading

What kinds of natural disasters (自然灾害) are there?

What usually happens in your city?

Have you experienced a natural disaster before?



Kids in California get close to nature (P3)


I. Pre-reading

Where can you usually see peacocks?

What do you know about peacocks?

Why do peacocks spread their tails?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. From the first paragraph, we can learn _____.

A. the writer doesn’t like her living place

B. the writer is living in a forest

C. there are many kinds of plants around her apartment

D. it’s not easy to see any animals around her apartment


2. Why are the peacocks not afraid of humans there?

A. Because the peacocks are in a large group.

B. Because humans are kind to them.

C. Because the peacocks always work for humans.

D. Because the peacocks can spread their tails and they look strong.


3. Paragraph 3 shows _____.

A. what other animals they can see

B. how animals there look for food

C. the writer’s favorite animal

D. why peacocks are the most common


4. In the story, the writer tries to tell us _____.

A. San Francisco is a good city

B. there are many kinds of animals in the US

C. humans and animals can live together happily

D. most animals are not afraid of humans


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1. The pig is the most ______ (常见的) animal in my hometown.

2. Dont _____ (伤害) these little animals. They are poor.

3. You can see the peacocks at this zoo  ____________ (开屏) at 10 oclock am.

4. If you are ____ (对……和善) them, then they will smile back to you.


IV. Post-reading

Do you like living in a forest?

What problems may you meet?

What abilities should you have?




Big rock passes Earth (P6)


I. Pre-reading

When did people start to learn about the universe (宇宙)?

How many asteroids are there?


II. While reading Choose the answer:

1. What does the word travelerin Paragraph 1 refer to (指代)?

A. A person.

B. An airplane.

C. An asteroid.

D. The moon.


2. How wide is the diameter of Florence?

A. About 140 meters.

B. About 4,345 meters.

C. About 15,000 meters.

D. About 7 million km.


3. From Paragraph 4, we learn that _____.

A. Florence once got closer to Earth than to the moon

B. Florence is usually 7 million km away from Earth

C. Florence didn’t come as near as scientists thought

D. Florence was still far away from Earth as it passed by


4. Asteroids can help us to know more about _____.

A. where the oldest asteroids are from

B. how Earth came into being

C. what asteroids are made of

D. how the planets move around the sun


III. Words in use


1. The students are very ______ (兴奋的) to see the new computer.

2. As you look up at the sky, you can always see a cloud ______ (掠过) across the sun.

3. Whats the _________ (距离) between your school and your home?


IV. Post-reading

How did the Earth come into being?

Is there possibly a planet that is the same as the Earth? Whats your opinion (观点)?






II. 1. Aug 25  2. winds3. floods4. 100,000   5. shelters

  6. army7. money8. Sept 3

III. 1. a hard time   2. have to  3. flooded areas



II. 1. C。根据文中第一段的描述可知,作者在公寓居住,环境适宜,植物动物应有尽有,所以选C

2. B。根据文章第二段第2Here peacocks are not afraid of humans because nobody hurts them可知,人们善待孔雀,所以它们并不惧怕人类。

3. A。第三段主要描写了除了孔雀之外,还能看到的动物。

4. C。从最后一段最后一句可知,作者认为只要我们善待动物,就可以与动物和谐共处,这是文章升华的一笔所在。

III. 1. common  2. hurt  3. spreading their tails   4. kind to


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