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Fast food slows down (P2)


1.What do you know about food deliverymen?

2.Do they drive safely or dangerously?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The first paragraph mainly tells us that many food deliverymen _____.

A. work very hard

B. are good at driving

C. break traffic rules

D. use mobile phones too much


2. How many traffic accidents involved food deliverymen in Shanghai in the first half of 2017?

A. 76.            B. 38.

C. 152.            D. 2,000.


3. If a food deliveryman _____, then will his company fine him?

A. drives too slowly

B. delivers food on time

C. gets bad reviews

D. obeys traffic rules


4. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

A. Companies are improving their review systems.   

B. Some cities are working to improve the situation.

C. To drive safely, food deliverymen will learn to obey more traffic rules. 

D. Food deliverymen cannot drive on important roads in the future.


Word in use


seem,  ban,  take action

1. We had to ________ to protect the proprietary(专利的)technology. 

2. It _____ that no one knows what has happened in the park.

3. Canada will ____ smoking in all offices later this year.



 What else can we do to prevent food deliverymen from causing traffic accidents?

Clowns ask: Why so serious? (P4)


 Do you like clowns? Why or why not?

 Do you think clowns are funny or scary?

 What else do you know about clowns? 


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The snow show in Beijing and Shanghai was created by an artist from _____.

A. China

B. Russia

C. America

D. Shanghai


2. Circus clowns make people laugh by _____.

A. telling jokes

B. playing with polka dots

C. using gestures and facial expressions

D. putting big bags on their heads


3. The mascot of McDonald’s is used to show that _____.

A. clowns are friendly

B. not all clowns are kind

C. everyone loves clowns

D. clowns play an important role in daily life


4. In the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, the clown _____.

A. is friendly

B. hurts other people

C. can do magic tricks

D. makes people laugh


Words in use


end with       plays an important role      call

1. The internet _______________ in modern life.

2. I met a boy ______ Bob yesterday.  

3. The party will _______ a lovely song.



Have you ever watched any clown movies? 

If yes, then which ones?



Cassini to crash in space (P6)


 What do you know about spacecrafts? 


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will wave goodbye to Earth because _____.

A. it is broken

B. it is off of Saturn’s orbit

C. it has used up most of its fuel

D. it has finished all of its tasks


2. Cassini was a joint project carried out by _____.

A. The US and Japan

B. Italy and the US

C. Italy and Russia

D. The US and China


3. Cassini did the following tasks, except that _____.

A. it took some pictures of the Saturn system

B. it sent the Huygens probe to explore Titan

C. it took pictures of the moons of Saturn

D. it flew through the rings of Saturn 22 times


4. From the story, we can infer that _____.

A. Cassini crashed into a moon of Saturn

B. Cassini can get fuel from Saturn’s moons

C. Cassini brought water to Saturn’s moons

D. There may be life on some of Saturn’s moons 


Word in use


     use up     look like    successfully

1. At last he _________ solved the problem and the machine could run again.

2. You _______ a nice, handsome young man. 

3. We will finally ______ all of our money.



Do you think there is alien life in the universe?








1. C。由第一段的概括句 “many of them don’t follow traffic rules.” 可知。

2. A。由第三段 “In the first half of 2017, food deliverymen had 76 traffic accidents in Shanghai,” 可知。

3. C。由倒数第三段最后一句 “He could also get fined if he gets bad reviews from customers.” 可知。

4. B。根据最后一段第一句 “Some cities are also taking action.” 可知。



1. B。由第一段第二句 “Russian clown artist Slava Polunin brings his Slava’s Snow show to Beijing and Shanghai.” 可知。

2. C。从第二段最后一句话 “Circus clowns might not speak, but use gestures and facial expressions to tell jokes.” 得知。

3. A。由第三段 “Most clowns are friendly. For example, Ronald McDonald, the mascot of McDonald’s, saves children from the Hamburglar.” 可知。

4. B。由最后一段最后两句 “So he thinks it’s funny to hurt other people. He is dangerous, but isn’t a real clown.” 可知。



1. C。第二段第一句 “NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has used up almost all of its fuel after circling Saturn for 13 years.” 可知。

2. B。由第三段第一句 “Cassini is a joint-project to explore Saturn by ESA, NASA and the Italian Space Agency.” 可知。

3. D。第六段第一句 “Right now, Cassini is having its final journey of diving through the gap between Saturn and its rings 22 times. ” 可知这项任务尚未完成。

4. D。由最后一段 “Scientists worry that it will accidentally crash into and contaminate any moon of Saturn that might have life.” 可知。

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