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Boy with fast hands sets new record (P3)


Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is TRUE of Ponce?

A. He is from Australia.

B. He is 15 years old.

C. He solved a 3X3 Rubik’s Cube in 4.73 seconds.

D. He broke the world record in 2016.


2. Ponce has placed _____ for solving a 4X4 Rubik’s Cube.

A. firstB. 11th     C. 10th        D. sixth


3. Before Ponce shifts the Rubik’s Cube, he always _____.

A. asks his friends for advice

B. throws the cube into the air

C. checks the cube for a few seconds

D. shakes his hands


4. What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A. Ponce is the fastest one to solve a cube in the world.

B. Ponce will compete with a robot soon.

C. Scientists will make a robot that can solve a cube.

D. A robot is the fastest one to solve a Rubik’s Cube.



Are Rubik’s Cubes good for us? Why

Chinese are crazy about memes (P4)


Do you often use memes when you use WeChat or QQ?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Memes can include the following items except EXCEPT _____.

A. popular online pictures

B. GIFs of famous people

C. TV and film scenes

D. some exaggerated sounds


2. Which meme can you use to express your anger?

A. Huang Zitao with his famous line, “I will not easily go die.”

B. Dee Hsu rolling her eyes.

C. Actor Zhou Jie shouting.

D. Basketball player Yao Ming laughing.


3.These people’s pictures are made into memes because _____.

A. they are all famous singers

B. they are funny in real life

C. they have exaggerated facial expressions

D. their pictures are easy to find


4. Compared with the text message, the memes _____.

A. are hard to understand

B. make the information funny

C. are too informal to use

D. can’t be made by the user



What is your favorite meme? Please write a paragraph explaining why you love this meme.

Sun-powered fury (P6)


What do you know about solar storms?


While reading


How does a solar storm happen?

It happens when solar flares burst from the 1. ______ and travel towards 2. ______ quickly.

What may happen when there is a solar storm?

Cell phones lose their signals.

lTVs have no 3. ______.

lStrange colorful lights dance in the sky.

When did solar storms happen this year?

Two big solar storms hit the Earth on 4. ______.

What may solar storms cause?

lStop the satellite systems

lCause 5. ______ for a long time.

lRarely harm people on the ground, but they can put 6. ______ in danger

What can be used to predict solar storms?

A new tool called EEGGL.

Word in use


 on the other hand     mix with     protect    


1. I found that the secret of staying young was to _________ older people.

2. So, what can women do to _______ themselves from heart disease?.

3. _____________, the idea appealed to him.



What harm can solar storms do to humans?




1. B. 由第一段倒数第二句 “…a 15-year-old teenager in the US.” 可知。

2. B. 由倒数第二段第二句 “He has placed 11th in the world for solving a 4X4 Rubiks Cube…” 可知。

3. C. 由倒数第三段第二句 “Before shifting the pieces, he carefully checked the cube for a few seconds.” 可知。

4. D. 根据最后一段第二句 “Robots do better than human beings.” 可知。



1. D. 由第二段第一句 “Memes are usually pictures or GIFs of famous people, TV and film scenes or popular online pictures.” 可知。

2. C. 根据第四段内容可知。

3. C. 由第五段 “it is probably that they all have exaggerated facial expressions. Users make them memes as a fun.” 可知。

4. B. 根据倒数第三段第二句 “They give people information in an easy, funny way.” 可知。



1. sun  2. Earth  3. programs  4. Sep 7  5. blackouts  6. astronauts

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