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Boy films animal show (P3)


I. Pre-reading

Do you love animals?

Do you have any a pet at home?

What do you usually do with your pet?


II. While Reading

Answer the following questions:

1. Does Shirk shoot the videos by himself?


2. Why does Shirk make these videos? 


3. How often does Shirk post a new video online? 


4. How many people have paid to watch his show? 


5. Do you think Shirk is a real animal lover? 



III. Words in use


1. 每逢周末,大家可以在学生中心观看电影。

    Every weekend, we can watch movies at the student _______.

2. 他的梦想是拍一部自己的电影。    

    His dream is to _____ a movie by himself.

3. Peter的妈妈是一个英语专家。

Peter’s mum is an English _____.


IV. Post-reading

For someone, theySome people not only like animals, but also are also crazy about animalsthem. They even want to live in the same room with as animals, or behave like some an animals. What do you think of this behavior (行为)?






Who makes the Michelin Guide? (P4)


I. Pre-reading

What kind of goods (物品) does the Michelin sell?

What does the figure (形象) meanmean?

Do you love it?


II. While reading

Choose the answer: 

1. The Michelin Guide can tell you _____.

A. which city is the best place to travelvisit

B. how many stars a city has

C. how good a restaurant is

D. where to find a good guide


2. When did the Michelin Guide come to China first?

A. In Sept,ember 2015.

B. In Sept,ember 2016.

C. On Sept 20, 2017.

D. On Sept 28, 2017.


3. Who gives the stars for the Michelin Guide in China?

A. Normal Chinese customers. 

B. Chinese experts in cooking.

C. Inspectors all over the world.

D. Workers from the Michelin factory. 


4. The purpose (目的) of this story is to _____.

A. tell us the Michelin Guide has come to Shanghai

B. explain how to make a guidebook

C. interest get more people to visit the restaurants in China

D. tell of the most popular restaurants in Shanghai


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1.Lucy is a _______ (普通的) girl living in England.

2.The teacher ____ (评级) the students’ performance in class.

3.It’s better to follow a ____ (导游), when travellingvisiting at  a new place.


IV. Post-reading

In 1900, the first edition of the Michelin Guide came out. The brothers printed nearly 35,000 copies of this first, free edition of the Michelin Guideguide.





Leopards need help to leap back (P6)


I. Pre-reading

What do you know about the snow leopard?

What does it look like?

What do you think of it?


II. While reading

Fill in the blanks: 

1. Snow leopards live in the high mountains of ________. 

2. They can jump as far as ________. 

3. In _____, the snow leopard got was put on the list  Red List of “endangered animals..” 

4. On Sept 14, the IUCN moved the snow leopard from “endangered” to “________.”

5. People killed snow leopards for their beautiful ____ or to keep them away from farm animals.

6. The IUCN says the total number of snow leopards is still ________. So they still need our help.


III. Words in use


1. ____ (野生) animals are our friends on Earth.

2. Schindler’s _____ (名单) is a famous movie by Steven Spielberg.

3. In the old timesdays, some rich people are were crazy for the tiger’s _____ (皮毛).


IV. Post-reading

It’s said that there is a one kind species of animalof animal disappearing dies every hour. So what should we do to save these animals?

Try to cCome up with more some ideas.







II. 1. No, he doesn’t.

根据文中第三段的His father, Ken Shirk, loves animals, too. He helps shoot the videos可知,是父亲帮助Shirk拍摄动物视频的。

2. Because Shirk wants to teach people more about animals.


3. Once a week. (He puts up a new video online every Wednesday.)


4. 134. / Now 134 people have paid to watch his show.


5. 答案可以多样,只要能有充分理由支持就可。

III. 1. center    2. shoot3. expert



II. 1. C。根据第1-2段的描述可知,《米其林指南》是一本关于餐饮和餐馆的书籍,故本题选择C。

2. B。根据第3段Shanghai is its first stop in the Chinese mainland. The guide came to the city in September 2016.可知,《米其林指南》上海版始于2016年9月,故本题选B。

3. B。根据文章倒数二三段可知,中国米其林饮食指南的评审员主要是来自各地的中餐烹饪专家。

4. A。综合全篇可知,本文主要讲了《米其林指南》在中国的发展状况,创刊时间,评星员的身份等。

III. 1. normal   2. rated   3. guide




II. 1. Central Asia    2. 15 meters   3. 1986

4. vulnerable   5. fur    6. going down

III. 1. Wild   2. List   3. fur


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