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Teen chef cooks food to help others (P3)


I. Pre-reading

Can you cook?

What can you cook?

Who do you usually cook for?


II. While Reading

True or false:

1. Evan won 1st place on the Fox cooking show MasterChef Junior.

2. Evan raises money by selling empanadas.

3. All of the empanadas have meat in them.

4. Evan’s mom also helps with his work.


III. Words in use


1. 人们为流浪者筹集善款。

   People ______ money for the homeless on the streets.

2. 侍者立刻替Jack下单点菜.

   The waiter took Jack’s ______ at once.

3. 月饼有很多不同口味的。

   There are mooncakes with many different ____.


IV. Post-reading

If you want to raise money to help people in need, here’s some advice:

 Try having a homemade bake sale.

 Join a walk-a-thon, its a good way to raise money and also stay fit.

 Organize a charity car wash. This activity is quite popular among students.

 Organize a charity event, such as a concert or a fashion show.



A noble and strong autumn flower (P4)


I. Pre-reading

What kind of flower is in this picture?

What does it mean in Chinese culture?

How do Chinese people use it in their daily life?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The chrysanthemums often bloom in _____.

A. spring

B. summer

C. autumn

D. winter


2. Which of the following is NOT true about the “Four Gentlemen” of plants?

A. The chrysanthemum is one of them.

B. They are gentlemen who love plants.

C. They mean the qualities of a noble person.

D. They can overcome difficulties.


3. Tao Yuanming wrote a poem about _____.

A. how much he loved the “Four Gentlemen” of plants

B. how he loved chrysanthemum wine

C. how peaceful his hermit-like life was

D. how he was like a chrysanthemum


4. What do people do with chrysanthemums?

A. People write about chrysanthemums.

B. People drink chrysanthemum wine.

C. People drink chrysanthemum tea.

D. People cook chrysanthemum soup.


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1. Wintersweets (腊梅) often ____ (开花) in winter.

2. You have the courage and power to _______ (克服) difficulties.

3. For the rest of her life, she enjoyed a ______ (平和的) life in her hometown.


IV. Post-reading

In Chinese art, the “Four Gentlemen” of plants represent the four seasons — the plum blossom for winter, the orchid for spring, bamboo for summer, and the chrysanthemum for autumn. They also represent noble characteristics.




Spinners in space (P6)


I. Pre-reading

Do you have a fidget spinner?

How long can you keep it spinning?

Why does it stop after awhile?


II. While readingAnswer the following questions:

1. What are fidget spinners made of?


2. How long can fidget spinners keep spinning after you spin them?


3. Why can fidget spinners spin by themselves in space?


4. What can happen if astronauts try to hold the fidget spinner?



III. Words in use


1. Too many used _____(塑料的) bags are harmful for the earth.

2. The fallen leaves _____ (漂浮) along the stream to the river.

3. Not all parts of a car are made of ____ (金属).


IV. Post-reading

Why are fidget spinners so popular among kids?

What does your fidget spinner look like?





II. 1. F。根据第一段He once appeared on the Fox cooking show MasterChef Junior, coming in 10th place on the show.可知,Evan获得第十名的成绩。

2. T。根据第3He raises money by baking and taking online orders for his homemade empanadas.可知Evan通过销售自制的empanadas来筹集善款。

3. F。根据第3His flavors include roasted chicken, cheeseburger and vegetarian.可知,empanadas有肉馅的,也有素馅的。

4. T。根据倒数第2His mom, Veronica Robinson, has helped him send the empanadas to customers. 可知,Evan的妈妈也帮忙出力。

III. 1. raise   2. order   3. flavors



II. 1. C。根据第1During cool autumn days, not many flowers bloom. But chrysanthemums still bloom in bright colors.可知,菊花秋季绽放。

2. B。根据第2They stand for the qualities of a noble person. For example, they can endure and overcome difficulties.可知,ACD都是正确的描述。

3. C。根据文章倒数二段可知,陶渊明的诗中写出了自己所过的悠然的田园生活。

4. D。综合全篇可知,人们描写菊花,品菊花茶,喝菊花酒,但是未提及烹制菊花汤的内容。

III. 1. bloom   2. overcome  3. peaceful



II. 1. Plastic or Metal.

根据第一段They are small plastic or metal toys with a ball in the middle.可知答案。

2. For about 3 minutes.

根据第一段The toys can twirl around in your hand for about 3 minutes after you spin them.可知答案。

3. Because there is almost no gravity in space.

根据第2Because there is almost no gravity in space, the fidget spinner can float in mid-air and spin by itself! 可知答案。

4. Astronauts can spin with the spinner.

根据最后一段When astronauts try to hold the fidget spinner, their bodies can spin with it at the same time!可知答案。

III. 1. plastic   2. float   3. metal


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