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Sudoku champions (P3)


Have you ever played Sudoku?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. What is Sudoku?

A. It’s a 9x9 box with the numbers 0 through 9 written inside.

B. It’s a puzzle game played only in China and India.

C. It’s a special number.        

D. It’s a puzzle game played around the world.


2. How many Chinese players attended the 12th World Sudoku Championship?

A. 18        B. 17        C. 4         D. 2


3. When did Hu Yuxuan begin to play Sudoku?

A. At the age of 6.

B. At the age of 7.

C. At the age of 17.

D. At the age of 13.


4. Which of these is NOT Ming Letian’s secret to success?

A. To keep practicing until you totally master the puzzles.

B. To learn how to solve traditional Sudoku puzzles.

C. To improve one’s efficiency.

D. Not to get bored easily with basic Sudoku puzzles.


Word in use


during,  practice,   be made up of


1. We should  ________  thriftiness even if we are rich.   

2. ______ his stay in Paris, he stayed with his friends.  

3.  I want my staff to ___________ excellent workers.



What are the advantages of playing Sudoku?


The magic of chrysanthemums (P4)


Do you know what chrysanthemums represent?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which is not one of the “Four Gentlemen” of plants in China?

A. The plum blossom.

B. Bamboo.

C. The orchid.

D. The rose.


2. During which season do chrysanthemums bloom?

A. Spring.

B. Summer.

C. Autumn.

D. Winter.


3. What did Chinese people in ancient times use chrysanthemums to represent?

A. Rich knowledge.

B. Noble characters.

C. Good health.

D. Pretty girls.


4. Why did Tao Yuanming love chrysanthemums?

A. Because he liked beautiful plants.

B. Because he used them to show his spirit in his poems.

C. Because he enjoyed chrysanthemum tea.

D. Because he liked wine made from chrysanthemums.


Word in use


 popular       try       be good for

1. They argued all the time and thought it couldn't _________ the baby.

2. This is the most ________ ball game ever devised.  

3. Please _____ to finish this work within thirty minutes.



What have we learned about chrysanthemums?


Is Titan the best? (P6)


1. Can humans live on other planets or moons?


While reading

Choose the answer

1. What is the main reason why Titan might be suitable for humans to live on?

A. There are lakes and oceans on its surface.

B. The gravity on Titan is only 14 percent as strong as Earth’s gravity.

C. Titan has a thick atmosphere.     

D. It’s not far from Earth.


2. Why would people living on Titan be able to jump extremely high or even fly on their own?

A. Because there is strong wind on Titan.

B. Because Titan’s atmosphere is mostly made up of nitrogen.

C. Because it’s very cold on Titan.      

D. Because the gravity on Titan is only 14 percent as strong as Earth’s gravity.


3. Which is NOT true about Titan, according to the story?

A. It is one of Saturn’s moons.

B. Titan’s atmosphere is not thick enough to protect humans from radiation.

C. People living there would need to wear respirators in order to breathe.      

D. Crops wouldn’t be able to grow on Titan.


4. What is the story mainly about?

A. Living on Titan is possible.

B. Living on Mars is possible.

C. How to protect the Earth.      

D. Different planets in the solar system.


Word in use


 a few      study      in addition    


1. You need money and time; _________ , you need diligence.

2. I made ____ phone calls.

3. They ______ the question carefully before they made their decision. 



1. Would you like to live on another planet ?

2. Why or why not?




1. D。由第一段第二句“ Its a popular puzzle game played around the world.”可知。

2. C。由第二段第二句 “The Chinese team is made up of four young players…”可知。

3. A。由第四段第一句“Hu has been playing Sudoku in his spare time since the age of 6.”可知。

4. C。根据第四段第二句“He said his key to success has been to improve his efficiency . ”可知。



1. D。由第二段内容可知。

2. C。根据第三段第一句“The chrysanthemum blooms  in bright colors during cold autumn days”可知。

3. B。由第二段最后一句“ Chinese people in ancient times used them to represent noble characters.”可知。

4. B。根据第五段最后一句 “He described how he loved the chrysanthemum and used it to show his spirit in the poem.”可知。



1. C。由第三段第一句“ The most important thing is that Titan has a thick atmosphere.”可知。

2. D。由第一段第二句“ The gravity on Titan is only 14 percent as strong as Earths gravity. ”可知。

3. B。由第三段第一句和第三句“ The most important thing is that Titan has a thick atmosphere...This makes Titan a safer environment for humans.”可知。

4. A。由第一段第二句“She said Titan might be more suitable for humans to live on because it has lakes and oceans on its surface.”可知文章中心议题。



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