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Chinese Products in Abroad (P1)
1. What Chinese products do you think foreigners like the most?
2. Why do you think foreigners like them?

While reading
1. The author wrote the first paragraph to show _____.
A. how Chinese people live in other countries
B. how technology has changed people’s lives
C. how Chinese people live in the world
D. how Chinese products are going global

2. What do Chinese restaurants do to meet foreigners’ tastes?
A. They cut the prices of the dishes.
B. They provide big pieces of meat with bones.
C. They make some changes to the dishes.
D. They only buy meat and vegetables from China.

3. According to Reuters, _____.
A. Chinese food is popular in Western countries
B. some Chinese brands are popular in the world
C. many US drones are designed and made in China 
D. western people do not trust Chinese brands

4. How many news agencies (机构) are mentioned in the story?
A. Two.   B. Three.    C. Four.    D. Five.

Words in use
on sale, meet one’s taste, design, unreliable
1. These books are all              at Blackwells Bookstore.
2. To             customers’             , the supermarket decided to cut the price of several products.
3. The designer is careful with his                   .
4. Rumors(流言)are always                    .

1. What do you think about Chinese products going global? Is it a good thing or not, and why?
2. In your opinion, what makes foreigners trust Chinese brands?

To be a complete person in high school (P2)
1.What is the meaning of “bookworm”?
2.How do you make friends in school?

While reading
1. In America, you will be called a bookworm if you ____.
A. join many clubs
B. always focus on studying
C. get good grades
D. don’t study hard

2. The author went to the soccer games because he wanted to _____.
A. play soccer well
B. have fun with his friends
C. learn the rules of soccer
D. be a cheerleader for the team

3. From the story, we can learn that the author _____.
A. did not like sports at all
B. started a sketch club
C. made many friends in the sketch club
D. is an American student

4. The author wrote the story to _____.
A. explain why US students are open and socialized
B. criticize students who only focus on studying
C. encourage students to balance their studying and socializing
D. compare the differences between students in China and the US

Words in use
focus on, socialize, cheer for, balance
1. Our meeting                    the question of women's right.
2. Let's go to the football game and                      our school team.
3. Who do you                   with?
4. The government has to find some way to                these two needs.

How do you like to balance your socializing and studying? Write a 100-word passage to express your own idea.

Pumpkin culture in America (P3)
1. What do you know about Halloween? 
2. Do you like pumpkins? How do you use pumpkins in your daily life?

While reading
1. What does the underlined word “them” in Paragraph 2 refer to?
A. pumpkins
B. candles
C. jack-o’-lanterns
D. pumpkin pies

2. Which is the correct order of steps for making a jack-o’-lantern?
a. carve a face
b. place it in front of a house
c. choose a pumpkin and hollow it out
d. place a candle inside the pumpkin

A. a-b-c-d  B. c-a-d-b  C. c-d-a-b  D. a-d-c-b

3. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the story?
A. Pumpkin smashing.
B. Pumpkin pie.
C. Pumpkin chucking
D. Pumpkin growing contests.

4. What is the main aim of the story?
A. Introducing pumpkin-related culture.
B. Explaining why people love Halloween.
C. Teaching people to cook pumpkin food.
D. Introducing some activities to try on Halloween.

Words in use
1. People hollow out their pumpkins, carve a face on one side, and place a candle inside to make the pumpkin glow.
2. It’s a competition where people build machines to throw pumpkins through the air.

If you had a pumpkin, what would you do with it?
Discuss with your partner.

1. D. 文中第一段中提到Mobike, Sichuan-style restaurant 以及Huawei smartphones可推断答案。第二段中“Chinese products (元素) have been going global ”对全文主旨大意加以说明。
2. C. 文中第三段提到“Chinese restaurants make some changes to the dishes ” 。
3. B. 根据题目关键词“Reuters”将答案锁定在文章第六段以及上下文,第六段中提到“Some Chinese brands are also becoming more popular ” 。
4. B. 总览全文,一共提到三家新闻机构,分别是第6段的Reuters,第7段的China Daily和第9段的People’s Daily。

1. B. 由文章的第一段第一句可得知。
2. B. 第二段中的第二句话提到“but I joined in some of the soccer games in order to have fun with my friends” 。
3. C. 文中第三段最后一句话提到“I met lots of students there who were interested in sketching. We soon became friends with each other ”。
4. C. 文中第一段与第四段中都提到了socialize与study同样重要,最后一段总结全文提到“A complete student should have the ability to balance his or her studying and socializing ”。
1. C. 将答案锁定在“them”的上下文中,由第二段第一句可得知“them”指的是“Lanterns”。
2. B. 文中第二段第三句提到了制作南瓜灯的过程为c-a-d, 第二句中表示在制作完成后“people like to put them in front of their houses ”。
3. A. 文中第四段提到了pumpkin pie, 第五段提到了pumpkin chucking, 第六段讲的是pumpkin growing contest。
4. A. 全文讲述了美国的南瓜文化,分别提及了与南瓜相关的万圣节南瓜灯制作,南瓜派,扔南瓜比赛和南瓜种植比赛。

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