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No homework? Yes! (P2)
1. Do you like homework, why?
2. What would you do if there was no homework after school?  
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. This year, primary school students in a Florida school district _____.
A. don't have any homework at all
B. need to read for 20 minutes every night
C. didnt get good grades on their exams
D. enjoy more school activities
2. Some people support the "no homework" policy because _____.
A. homework is useless for primary school students
B. kids can spend more time with family and playing sports
C. homework can't cement information into memory
D. homework stops kids from building a daily schedule
3. What is the purpose of this story?
A. To introduce a new policy in the US.
B. To introduce a special primary school in the US.
C. To describe the conflict over homework.
D. To explain the importance of homework.
Words in use
carry out, among, argue, support
1. Share the fruit       your friends.
2. She         her husband with the money she earns from teaching.
3. A soldier must            orders.
4. He         with Mary about the best place for a holiday.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of homework? Please discuss with your partner.
Creating a video game (P3)
1. Do you think a 15-year-old boy can make online games?
2. What do you know about making video games?
While reading
Filling the table below:

What is the name of Andrew Bereza’s game?
Its called Two-Player Gun Factory Tycoon.
He made it on a childrens gaming website called 1. ______.
General information about the game
The game has attracted nearly 9 million visitors and earned him 2. ______ since it came out.
In the game, players make resources by 3. ______. They can 4. ______ to attack other players’ factories.
How did Andrew Bereza learn to make games?
He learned 5. ______ from his parents.
When he was 9, he learned 6. ______              from his mother.
How will Andrew Bereza use the money he earned from the game?
He wants to save the money to pay for a 7.______ degree in college.

Words in use
attract, earn, expect, improve
1. The first message is                       to arrive at 7 o'clock this evening.
2. She was                         by the novel advertisement.
3. We need to                        the technology for our new products.
4. The young player                          his place on the team by training hard.
1. What would you like to do in the future?
2. To achieve your dreams, you must work hard. What is your plan for getting your dream job? Please discuss with your partner.
Online shopping days in China and abroad (P6)
1. Do you like shopping? Why or why not?
2. What did you or your family buy this Singles’ Day?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How many holidays are mentioned in the article?
A. Three.    B. Four.    C. Five.    D. Six.
2. On Black Friday, people usually _____.
A. get up early and wait in front of stores
B. stay at home to avoid bad luck
C. stay up overnight to shop online
D. get together to celebrate the holiday
3. What is the author's attitude toward these shopping holidays?
A. He doesn't say anything about these holidays.
B. He prefers to celebrate these holidays on another day.
C. He likes these holidays and celebrates them every year.
D. He thinks they can cause the problem of over-consumption.
4. What is the story mainly about?
A. To introduce Singles' Day in China.
B. To talk about holiday celebration methods.
C. To introduce some famous shopping festivals.
D. To call on people to save money.
Words in use
wake up, wait, similar, draw attention
1. My new dress is                          to the one you have.
2. My mother usually                      at 5 o’clock in the morning.
3. There are so many people                     in line in front of the store.
4. When you are proofreading, please        your                to the details.
Do you think these holidays will cause over-consumption?
Write down your opinion in 100 words.
提示:Online store网店, spend money on sth, waste time , quality 质量, package deliver快递配送
1. B. 首先根据题干将本题锁定在第一段,文中第一段最后一句提到they are being asked to read for 20 minutes each night,所以选B   
2. B. 本题为细节信息题,答案B出现在第四段的第一句中kids can have more quality time with family and playing sports ” 
3. C. 本题为主旨大意题,全文主要说明了关于支持与反对家庭作业的观点以及理由,所以答案为C.
Word in use
1. among   2. supports   3. carry out   4. argued
1. ROBLOX  2. 50,000  3. building factories  4. buy weapons  5. programming  6. the basics of coding  7. computer science 
Word in use
1. expected  2. attracted  3. improve  4. earned
1. C. 文中提到节日分别是Singles’ Day Black Friday Cyber Monday Thanksgiving 以及Buy Nothing Day
2. A. 根据题干将本题锁定至第二段与第三段,文中第三段提到“shoppers will often wake up very early to wait in line at stores before they open ”,由此可知答案选A
3. D. 文章最后一段作者提到“Personally, I don’t like any of these holidays ”可得知作者的态度,倒数第二句提到“It is an international day of protest (抗议) to draw attention to the problem of over-consumption ”,由此可知答案选D
4. C. 本题为主旨大意题,纵览全文作者主要介绍了四个关于购物的节日,所以答案选C
Word in use
1. similar  2. wake up  3. wait  4. draw attention

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