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Building better toilets (P2)
I. Pre-reading
Do you think the toilet is a great invention (发明)?
How many kinds of toilets do you know?
What kind of toilet is in your home?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to WHO, _____.
A. every home should have at least one toilet
B. people will spend a lot of time on the toilet in their life
C. China’s toilets are becoming cleaner and better
D. the Chinese government did the greatest on the toilets
2. Where did China mainly build toilets during the last two years?
A. In city areas.
B. In tourist areas.
C. In rural areas.
D. In governmental offices.  
3. What will the new toilets in rural homes be like?
A. They will be no more than two square meters.
B. They will have walls, doors and windows, but not roofs.
C. They may use flush toilets with underground storage tanks.
D. They may use dry toilets with underground storage tanks.
4. What is the aim of the new “toilet revolution”?
A. To have the best tourist areas.
B. To build a new countryside.
C. To get on WHO's “best toilet list”.
D. To help Chinese farmers live a more urban life.
III. Words in use
1. 我不知道如何去实施自己的计划。
I don’t know how to_________ my plan.    
2. 我几乎能够到那个苹果。
I can ______ reach that apple on the tree.
3. 每个月我需要读一本以上的图书。
I need to read _______ one book every month.
IV. Post-reading
The secret history of ancient toilets
Some of the first toilets came into being in the late fourth century BC.
Users would have sat or squatted over these non-flushing toilets.
What did the toilets look like in the past?
Those were the public toilets at the Roman site.
Building a video game (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Do you love playing video games?
Why do you love video games?
Which is your favorite video game?
Do you know how to build a video game?
II. While reading
Fill in the blanks:

What did Andrew Bereza design?
* He made a game called Two-Player Gun Factory Tycoon.
About the game
* It is on a children’s gaming website called 1.______.
* It has attracted about 9 million players and helped him make $2. ______ since it came out.


About the game
* In the game, players make things by           3. ______. They can 4. ______ weapons to attack other players’ factories.
How did Andrew Bereza learn to make games?
* He learned programming from his  5. ______.
* When he was 9, he learned the basics of 6. ______.
What will Andrew Bereza study in college?
* He wants to study 7.______ ______ in college.

III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[attract earn  attack expectbasic]
1.What do you _____ to get from Santa Claus?
2. The beautiful dress _______ Sofia.
3. Words are the ______ foundation of language learning.
4. He _______ a lot of money by building the video game.
5. The tiger ______ the giraffe when it was drinking water.
IV. Post-reading
•Early computer programs consisted of training programs, instructional programs and research programs.
•But nowadays, more computer programs are games that are used for entertainment.
Time capsules tell us about the past (P4)
I. Pre-reading
How can people learn about the past?
Can people “travel” back to the past?
What’s the best way to preserve (保存) something important?
II. While reading Choose the answer:
1. What is a time capsule?
A. A collection of seeds buried underground.
B. A small collection of things stored in a safe place.
C. A store that sells newspapers from the past.
D. A video where future people can see the past.
2. Which of the following is NOT found in time capsules?
A. Plant seeds.
B. Newspapers.
C. Cooked food.
D. Photos.
3. How long was the earliest time capsule locked?
A. For 17 years.
B. For 100 years.
C. For 117 years.
D. For 200 years.
4. The US sent two capsules into space in 1977 to _____.
A. show what life on Earth looked like in 1977
B. help humans learn more about aliens’ lives
C. help the US learn more about the Earth
D. prove that there are aliens in outer space
III. Words in use
1. That strange guy ______ (可能) be a police officer.
2. Fruit and vegetables ________(包含) many different kinds of vitamins that people need.
3. Anna _____ (埋葬) her dead pet cat.
IV. Post-reading
The Detroit Century Box was made on December 31, 1900, and planned to be opened 100 years later.
It had photographs and letters from 56 people describing life in 1900 and making predictions (预测) for the future.
The capsule was opened by city officials on December 31, 2000, in a ceremony.
II. 1. B。根据第一段第四句A person will spend three years on the toilet in his or her life, the World Health Organization said.可知,一生中人们在马桶上度过很多时光。
2. B。根据第3段Over the last two years, the government spent 20 billion yuan to build or renovate 68,000 toilets in tourist areas可知,过去两年主要是改造旅游地区的厕所。
3. D。根据倒数第2段They may be flush toilets or dry toilets with underground storage tanks可知,农村的新厕所可以是冲水马桶或带地下存储箱的干马桶。
4. B。根据倒数第1段Clean toilets for rural people are important for building a “new countryside”可知,厕所革命的主要目的是为了建造新乡村。
III. 1. carry out2. nearly 3. more than
II. 1. ROBLOX2. 50,0003. building factories4. buy
  5. parents6. coding7. computer science
III. 1. expect2. attracted3. basic4. earned5. attacked
II. 1. B。根据第2段Time capsules can be goods or information. People store them somewhere safe.可知,时间胶囊把一些物质或信息进行安全的存储。
2. C。根据第2段They may contain newspaper articles, music, and photos.可知,时间胶囊内可以装各种,但不能装食物。
3. B。根据第3段可知,最早的时间胶囊1900年封存,2000年开封,共保存了100年。
4. A。根据倒数第1段可知,该时间胶囊主要是为展示1977年的地球风貌和文化。
III. 1. might2. contain3. buried

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