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Growing up slowly (P2)
1. Do you want to grow up? Why?
2. What do you think is the most important symbol of growing up?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Twenge thinks American teenagers are growing up slowly because _____.
A. they have too much homework to do
B. they spend too much time at school
C. playing with technology takes up most of their time
D. kids are more interested in other "adult" activities
2. According to The Chicago Tribune, why are kids spending less time with friends?
A. Because they do not want to impress their friends.
B. Because they think that playing with friends is not cool.
C. Because they need more time to focus on their schoolwork.
D. Because they would rather spend time on their phones.
3. What is the main idea of the story?
A. American teenagers do not want to grow up.
B. Technology influences American teenagers as they grow up.
C. Growing up slowly is necessary for success later in life.
D. Teenagers need more social and emotional development.
Words in use
look forward to, blame, effect, impress
1. What is your ___________ of your boss?
2. The hot weather is partly to ____________for the water shortage.
3. I am ___________ your good news.
4. Parents worry about the _____________ of music on their children’s behavior.
1. Do you agree with that the development of technology has influenced the way that American teenagers grow up?
2. Do you think it is the same in China?
How does China count the winter months? (P3)
1. Do you know when winter starts?
2. How many solar terms does winter have?
While reading
Fill in the table below:

The solar terms in winter
What are the winter months?
1. From November to ______
How many solar terms are there in the winter months?
2. There are ______ solar terms.
What do people eat during lidong?
3. People eat ______ and ______ on this day.
When do people start counting the nine cold periods?
4. Starting from ______.
What kind of weather might arrive during xiaohan?
5. There may be ______.

Words in use
expect, below, bring, fill
1. Night temperatures can drop _________ 15 degrees Celsius.
2. You cannot ___________ to like all the people you will work with.
3. Smoke _________ the room.
4. War ___________ death and tragedy.
What is the difference between north China and south China when celebrating the solar terms in winter? Please do some research online and share your findings with your classmates.
Sheep learn to read faces (P4)
1. Which animals are smart, in your opinion?
2. Do you think sheep can be smart?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Scientists found that sheep can _____.
A. become humans’ best friends
B. be smarter than dogs and apes
C. identify people by their names
D. recognize familiar human faces
2. To test the sheep, scientists _____.
A. asked four famous people to stand in front of the sheep
B. prepared two computer screens to show different faces
C. didn’t provide the sheep with any training
D. helped the sheep remember the faces of other animals
3. According to The Guardian, how can sheep recognize human faces?
A. Because they have been trained to do so.
B. Because they are familiar with face recognition.
C. Because they have the same abilities as humans.
D. Because they have big brains.
4. What will the researchers probably do next?
A. Find more faces for sheep to recognize.
B. Test other animals’ face recognition abilities.
C. See if the sheep can recognize human facial expressions.
D. Figure out exactly why the sheep are smart.
Words in use
familiar, tend to, ability, figure out  
1. How do you ___________ what do you want to do in the future?
2. We all __________ make friends with those who similar to us.
3. I will take care of them to the best of my ___________.
4. Are you ________ with this song?
Scientists do a lot of research about animals. Do you think this research is necessary or helpful for humans? Why? 
1. C. 根据题干将本题锁定到第四段上下文,文中第四段提到 “Child development expert Jean Twenge says technology may be to blame”,之后第五段补充说明“more time spent playing with technology means less time spent on other things”,由此可知答案选C。
2. D. 根据题干将问题锁定到倒数第二段上下文,文中提到“But if kids aren’t spending time with their friends because they’d rather stay home and play on their phones”,由此可知答案选D
3. B. 本题为主旨大意题,总览全文可知答案选B。
Word in use
1. impression   2. blame   3. looking forward to   4. effect
1. February2. six3. dumplings, mutton soup4. dongzhi5. high winds and sleet
Word in use
1. below    2. expect   3. filled   4. brings
1. D. 文中第二段提到“Scientists from Cambridge University said that sheep could be trained to identify (识别) familiar human faces”,由此可知答案选D。
2. B. 文章第三段描述了实验步骤,可知答案选B。本题还可运用排除法,选项ACD描述均不准确。
3. D. 根据题干将本题锁定在倒数第二段,文中提到“Face recognition is a difficult process. But sheep have big brains. ”,由此可知答案选D。 
4. C. 文中最后一段提到“The researchers said it might be interesting in the future to figure out whether sheep can identify different facial expressions made by humans”,由此推断答案选C。
Word in use
1. figure out   2. tend to   3. abilities   4. familiar

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