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初一教案 第603期

By Tang Hongmei

Careful as you cross the street  (P2)

I. Pre-reading
If you are on foot at a zebra crossing, will you stop to let cars go first?
Who should go first at a zebra crossing if there is no traffic light: the walkers or the cars?

II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. If a driver doesn’t stop and let walkers go first at the zebra crossing, he/she may _____.
A. have to pay a fine of 1,000 yuan
B. lose three points on his/her driver’s license
C. go to jail for three months
D. have to go back to school to earn their driver’s license again

2. Why is this rule so popular these days?
A. Because China has just added it to the Road Traffic Safety Law.
B. Because many cities are using cameras to enforce this rule.
C. Because more people are working at the crossings to stop cars.
D. Because China is using a new kind of zebra crossing.

3. About how many people died in zebra crossing accidents in China last year?
A. 3,898.
B. About 1,300.
C. 14,000
D. About 4,700.

4. What does the story suggest for walkers?
A. Try to cross the road quickly.
B. It isn’t polite to give way to drivers.
C. Wait for the cars to pass first.
D. There is no safe way to use the zebra crossing.

III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. I asked her to be more c______ when she crossed the road.
2. No photos, please. It’s against the r_____. 
3. A boy was killed when the car failed to stop at the c_______.
4. He is very p______ to others.

IV. Post-reading
There are laws and rules to help keep us safe when we are walking. In some areas, there are signs, signals and roadway markings to help us cross safely. Do you know them?

Learn to build a house (P3)

I. Pre-reading
Were you surprised to learn that high school students know how to build houses?
Would you like to join them and build a house together?

II. While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How many students from this class might build houses in the future?
A. About two.
B. About 11.
C. About seven.
D. About 36.

2. Which is TRUE about the students’ first house?
A. It is a wooden house.
B. It has three bathrooms.
C. It takes up 1,040 square meters.
D. It has been finished.

3. Who will help the students design the inside of the house?
A. The teacher.
B. Students in an architecture class.
C. Students in a design class.
D. Students in the construction class.

4. From the last paragraph, we can learn that _____.
A. the students spent a lot to build this house
B. the house will be part of the school’s teaching buildings
C. an organization has already bought the house
D. the school will use the money to help the homeless and poor
III. Words in use
1.在朋友们的帮助下, 他终于完成了作业。
   ___________his friends, he finally finished his homework. 
2. 那里什么都是竹子做的。
    Everything there __________bamboo.
3. 这种建筑造价很高。
    It costs a lot to b____ this kind of building.
IV. Post-reading
 The new year is coming. Do you have any ideas for decorating your classroom?

Secrets of Chinese and Western menus (P4)

I. Pre-reading
Have you ever looked closely at restaurant menus?
Did the menu influence which dishes you chose to eat?

II. While reading
    Answer the following questions:
1. Which restaurant menus are more descriptive, Chinese ones or Western ones?
2. What can we learn from Western menus?
3. What can we see in Chinese menus but not in Western menus?
4. Are Chinese menus very descriptive?
5. What does the writer think of having photos in menus?

III. Words in use
1. She sees no d_________(不同) between her two sons.
2. You put too much salt in this  d____(菜).
3. Before placing your order, study the m_____  (菜单).
4. She is very pretty and a________ (吸引人的).

IV. Post-reading
Pretend you have a restaurant on Wangfujing Street.
What kind of restaurant would you choose to have?
How would you design the menu to show your restaurant’s specialty?

II. 1. B。由第2段If they don’t, they…pay a fine of 100 to 500 yuan. They will also lose three points on their driver’s licenses可知,如果司机没有礼让行人,会罚款最低100最高500元,同时扣3分,所以选B。
2. B。由第3段可知:这并不是新规China added it…in 2011所以A排除;为了更好推行新规很多城市增添了摄像头There are now more cameras at zebra crossings,B正确;工作人员在路上是为了解释新规explain the rule to drivers,而非stop cars,C错误;D未提及。
3. B。由第4段in the past three years, 3,898 people have lost their lives in 14,000 zebra crossing accidents in China可知,在过去的三年间,14,000起这类事故中共有3,898人丧生。题中问去年该类事故的死亡数目,所以用3893除以3,所以B正确。
4. A。由文中可知,依照法规drivers应该礼让行人,行人可以更安全通过人行横道,同时walkers应该快速通过“it is polite to cross the road quickly”可知A符合。
III. 1. careful 2. rules  3. crossing  4. polite

II. 1. C。由文中第2段But now there are 36. About 20 percent  of them might go into construction in the future可知,现在这个班级有36名学生,将来大约20%会进入到建筑行业,所以C正确。
2. A。由第3段It is made of wood. With three bedrooms, it is 97 square meters large. The students have already finished most of the work可知,此房为木制,有3个bedrooms 非bathrooms,大小为97平方米,大部分已完工,只有A正确。
3. C。由第4段Students in a design class will discuss how to decorate the inside of the house after it is done可知C正确。
4. C。由文中最后an organization that helps homeless and poor people has already bought it可知 C正确。
III. 1. With the help of   2.  is made of  3. build

II. 1. The Western ones.
2. We can learn what is in each dish and how it is cooked. 
3. A lot of pictures of the dishes.
4. No, they aren't.
5. It can make the menus more attractive and make you feel good about eating there.
III. 1. difference   2. dish  3. menu  4. attractive

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