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Student CEO runs his business (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Would you like to run a business on your own?
What would you like to sell?
What are some of the problems with using candles?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1.Why are Swann’s candles special?
A. Because they are made of soy wax and zinc.
B. Because they are good for the environment.
C. Because they have more sizes and smells.
D. Because they can burn easily.  
2. Swann wanted to run a real business on his own because _____.
A. he was interested in business when he was young
B. taking business classes was not fun for him
C. he got a candle-making machine from a family friend
D. he knew how to make candles and how to make money
3. What does Paragraph 4 mainly talk about?
A. What Swann did to make candles.
B. How Swann learned to use the machine.
C. Why Swann decided to run a company.
D. Where Swann bought his candles.
4. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A. Swann cannot make money from making candles.
B. Swann plans to give some money to his school.
C. The business club has been open for years.
D. The business club will invite Swann to share his business experience.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. Look at the patterns. The desk is _____ (由……制成) wood.
2. I don‘t like milk, but she made me _____ (喝) it.  
3. Two men are _____ (足够的) for the job.
4. He works hard in running his _____ (自己的) business.
IV. Post-reading
Who is the richest man in the world?
Who is the richest man in China?
Try to find out.
Choosing the perfect Christmas tree (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Merry Christmas! Here are some special Christmas questions. See if you can answer them!
1. When is Christmas?
2. Can you name three “Christmas colors”?
3. Can you sing a Christmas song?
4. What are three popular Christmas foods?
5. What are three well-known Christmas symbols (标志)?
6. What can you say to others during Christmas?
7. What can you do for family or friends?
8. Which one is better, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas?”
Want more? Go on!
9. Where does Santa Claus live?
10. How many reindeer does Santa have?
11. What’s the name of the reindeer with a red, shiny nose?
12. What’s another name for Father Christmas?
13. What color is Santa’s beard? What color are Santa’s clothes?
14. Where do people put presents before opening them?
15. How does Santa travel?
16. How does Santa enter people’s houses?
17. What do we hang on Christmas trees?
Want more? Go on!
18. What should kids leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
19. What do we hang near the fireplace for Santa to put presents in?
20. What do we put on top of Christmas trees?
21. What kind of children cannot get presents?
22. Who helps Santa to make toys?
23. What kind of bird do people often eat at Christmas?
That’s all for our Christmas questions. Need answers? See the next page.
II. While reading

Christmas tree traditions
Where to pick out a tree
Families get together and go to a 1.________ to pick.
How to 2.________ the Christmas tree
* Put strings of electric lights on it;
* Put small pieces of candy and fruit on it.
3.________ about Christmas trees
Are real trees better than fake trees?
* Fake trees:
  – made out of 4.________;
  – no need to 5.________ them;
  – can use them for many years
* Real trees:
  – 6._______ better;
  – break down easily;
  – good for the 7.________.

III. Words in use
1. 在他们家,年轻的照顾年长的是一个传统。
   __________ for young people to look after the old people in their family.
2. 我将挑选几本书寄给华南的几个朋友。
   I'm going to ________ a few books to send to some friends in south China.
3. 我们是同龄人。
   We belong to the same ________.
IV. Post-reading
What do you do on Christmas?
Recently, there is a new trend in China. People send apples to others as Christmas gifts. It is “ping’anguo” in Chinese, which stands for happiness and safety.
Play with dominoes (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like playing card games?
Do you know dominoes?
Do you know how to play with dominoes?
II. While reading Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following is NOT true about dominoes?
A. The domino pieces come in different shapes.
B. Dominoes can be made of wood.
C. There are also plastic dominoes.
D. Dominoes are interesting to play with and look at.
2. What is the key to placing dominoes?
A. Make sure the dominoes are long enough.
B. Make sure the space between them is big enough.
C. Make sure the space between them is not too big or small.
D. Make sure the first dominoes fall smoothly.
3. What does the last paragraph mainly talk about?
A. How beginners play with dominoes.
B. How professionals play with dominoes.
C. The world’s most famous domino players.
D. The shapes that dominoes can be placed in.
III. Words in use
1. To _________(确保) you get a good score for your final exams, you should work hard from now on.
2. Dominoes will fall down ________(一个接一个地).
3. If dominoes fall down too quickly, it won’t ____________ (看起来那么有趣).
IV. Post-reading
If a domino is about 4 cm long, the space between two dominoes should be 1-2 cm.
Do you know why this is?
If a domino is 10 cm long, how much space should be between two dominoes?
II. 1. B。由第2段最后两句可知, Swann的蜡烛是用大豆蜡做成的,使用的是无锌蜡烛芯,燃烧干净,所以应该是环保的,选B。
2. A。由第3段可知,Swann从小就对做商业很感兴趣,之后还上了商务课,但是Business classes were not enough for him,所以他想实践,选A。
3. A。第4段主要讲述了Swann学习制作蜡烛的主要过程,所以A正确。
4. B。从最后一段第2句He plans to give away at least 10 percent of his money to his school可知,他有意将挣得的钱的一部分捐给学校,所以选B。
III. 1. made of2. drink3. enough4. own
I. Answers:
1. On Dec 25th.
2. Red, white, green, gold...
3. [Choose one you like]
4. Turkey, pudding, cake ...
5. Christmas trees, bells, socks, Santa …
6. Merry Christmas!
7. E.g. make a present …
8. Merry Christmas.
9. North Pole.
10. Nine.
11. Rudolph.
12. Santa Claus.
13. White; red.
14. Under the Christmas tree.
15. By sleigh.
16. He climbs down the chimney.
17. E.g. stars, gifts, balls, bells, lights …
18. Milk and cookies.
19. Long stockings.
20. A star.
21. Naughty children.
22. Elves.
23. Turkey.
II. 1. 1. tree farm2. decorate  3. Debate4. plastic5. water
   6. smell7. environment
III. 1. It is a tradition2. pick out3. generation
II. 1. A。从第一段Dominoes are small rectangular pieces… People can place dominoes in different shapes可知,多米诺骨牌通常是小长方形的块状,可以摆放成不同的形状,所以A的描述不正确。
2. C。从第2段If the space is too big… If the space is too small可知,多米诺骨牌之间的距离太远或者太近都会有问题,所以选C。
3. D。从最后一段的内容可知,新手、职业选手玩多米诺骨牌的形式可不同,选D较全面。
III. 1. make sure  2. one by one  3. look as interesting

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