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No phones in class (P2)
Do you have a mobile phone? Do you use it in school?
What do you usually do with your mobile phone?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. French schools will ban mobile phones starting from _____.
A. Dec 2017
B. Jan 2018
C. Sept 2018
D. Dec 2018
2. What will happen when the ban goes into effect?
A. No kids can bring their phones to school.
B. Kids can only use their phones during breaks.
C. Kids can't use their phones until they leave school.
D. Kids can only use their phones during lunchtime.
3. We can tell from Blanquer's words that _____.
A. it's bad for kids to spend too much time on mobile phones
B. it's healthy for kids to play with their mobile phones at break time
C. kids can't get good grades because of mobile phones
D. teachers find it hard to teach kids who have mobile phones
4. People are questioning the ban for the following reasons EXCEPT _____.
A. parents need to stay in touch with their kids
B. kids can use their phones at the proper time
C. many schools have no space to keep the phones
D. teachers have no right to search students
Words in use
no longer, bring, during, point out
1. They were anxious to            the laundry in before it rained.
2. The sun gives us light                the day.
3. They kept standing up to take pictures and             things            to each other.
4. He was a famous musician for a long time, but he plays                   .
Do you think using mobile phones in school is a matter of “public health”? Is it necessary to ban mobile phones in school?
Young CEO sells his candles (P3)
1. Have you ever used candles in your daily life? What did you use them for?
2. Candles arent used as often these days. In what ways can we still use candles?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is The Kandle Company?
A. It’s a candle-making company.
B. It’s a middle school.
C. It’s a school club.
D. It’s a machine company.
2. What do we know about Swann, according to paragraphs 2 and 3?
A. Swann started to have an interest in business recently.
B. Swann got a machine from a family friend.
C. Swann knew how to use the machine from the start.
D. Swann was good at selling candles at the beginning.
3. Why are Swann’s candles so special?
A. Because they look cleaner than other candles.
B. Because they are environmentally friendly.
C. Because they have two sizes and smells.
D. Because they can be bought online.
4. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A. Swann cannot make money from making candles.
B. Swann plans to give some money to his school.
C. The business club has been open for years.
D. The business club will invite speakers to share their life experience.
Words in use
chance, figure out, error, burn
1. Could you help me                   this problem?
2. Fires were                out of control in the center of the city.
3. They had met by               at university and ended up getting married.
4. The book was full of                  .
If you had a chance to run a company, what kind of business would you want to have?
Group work: You are running your own business. Please make a detailed business plan for your company. Your plan must have your company’s name and your products. Please show your plan to your group members.
The Christmas tree tradition (P4)
Christmas is coming. Do you have any plans for the holiday? Please tell your classmates about them.
While reading
Fill in the blanks:
1. Families get together and go to a ______ to pick out their favorite Christmas tree. It's fun to discuss with ______ and find the best one.
2. After you bring the tree home, you have to ______ it with strings of little lights, bulbs or even small pieces of ______.
3. Many people argue that fake trees are more convenient and much ______ than real trees. They can be stored and ______ for many years.
4. Others say fake trees are bad for the ______ because they are made out of plastic.
5. Real trees have a pleasant ______ while fake trees don't have.
Words in use
1. There were a lot of                     about this issue. (discuss)
2. How can we               the room? (decoration)
3. The boy            a boat               wood. (make out of)
4. As soon as we opened the front door, we could _____the gas. (smell)
5. Listen to the four               , and then draw a circle under the right one. (choose)
If you had could choose a Christmas tree for your house, what kind of tree would you choose: a real tree or a fake tree? Tell us why.
1. C. 文中第二段提到“This rule will go into effect (施行) in September 2018, The Guardian reported”,由此可知答案选C。
2. C. 文中第三段提到“but will not be allowed to use them at any time until they leave school”,由此可知答案选C。
3. A. 根据题干将本题锁定至文中第四段,文中提到“they are just all in front of their smart phones and from an educational (教育的) point of view that’s a problem”,由此可知答案选A
4. B. 总览全文可将本题锁定至文章78段,选项B没有被提到,由此可知答案选B。
Words in use
1. bring2. during3. point out 4. no longer
1. A. 文中第一段提到“… The Kandle Company, which sells candles”,由此可知答案选A。
2. B. 本题为细节题,选项ACD均不准确,所以答案选B。
3. B. 文中提到“Swann has created candles that are different from others that are currently on the market. … This allows them to burn cleanly.”,由此可知答案选B。
4. B. 本题考查文中最后一段的细节,文中提到“He plans to give away at least 10 percent of his company’s earnings to support study programs at his school.”,由此可知答案选B
Words in use
1. figure out   2. burning   3. chance   4. errors
1. tree farm, family members  2. decorate, candy and fruit  3. cheaper, re-used 4. environment  5. smell
Words in use
1. discussions2. decorate3. made out of4. smell5. choices

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