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Test your knowledge (P2)
Quiz Time
1. Which is the world’s largest island? 
A. Greenland
B. Hainan Island
C. Hawaii 
2. How many legs do crabs have?
A. six
B. eight
C. ten
1.Do you think these questions are difficult?
2. Have you ever participated in an online quiz show?
3. What do you know about live-streaming shows?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following is a traditional TV quiz show?
A. Huajiao Zhibo.
B. Xigua Shipin.
C. Happy Dictionary.
D. Spring Gala.
2. How long does each online quiz show last?
A. About 30 minutes.
B. About 12 minutes.
C. About 10 minutes.
D. About 5 minutes.
3. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
A. How big the cash prizes are.
B. How winners share the prize money.
C. When winners get their prize money.
D. Why winners have to share the prize money.
4. The author wrote the last paragraph to _____.
A. introduce a new kind of TV show
B. explain why people like to take part in online quiz shows
C. encourage people to use their knowledge to win cash prizes
D. describe how many people are taking part in online quiz shows
Words in use
compete, depend on, download, opportunity
1. I was lucky enough to have the _________ to travel.
2. You can ________ books and music online.
3. She and her sister are always ________ for attention.
4. Many women have to ________their husbands.
1. What do you think about online quiz shows?
2. Write a short paragraph (80 words) that includes your opinion and at least two reasons you have for holding this opinion.
Learn to live life to the utmost (P3)
1.What is your favorite English book? How much do you know about the author?
2. What do you know about the following writers?
J.K. Rowling
Stephanie Morgan Meyer
Jojo Moyes
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What do we know about the book Me Before You?
A. It is about childhood memories.
B. It was written by a US writer.
C. It has one main character.
D. It has been made into a movie.
2. Which of the following is TRUE about William Traynor?
A. He was born with a disability.
B. He lost his arms in a car accident.
C. He knew Louisa Clark before the accident.
D. He became disabled after an accident.
3. The fourth paragraph describes _____ in the novel.
A. the beauty of the language that is used
B. the setting
C. the characters
D. the environment
4. The author wrote this story mainly to _____.
A. introduce a book
B. advertise a movie
C. introduce a writer
D. tell a love story
Words in use
latestaccidenttake care ofimagine
1. She ______ herself to be a true artist.
2. John's had an ______, he was hit by a car.
3. This toy robot is the ______ craze all over the world.
4. The children are old enough to ________ themselves.
Write a brief introduction of your favorite book and tell us why you like it.
The true meaning of inner beauty (P4)
Do you agree that everyone is the same, deep down? If not, how are people different?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which is NOT true about Auggie?
A. He has a facial deformity.
B. He has been home-schooled for many years.
C. His family sends him to a private school.
D. He learns to be a judgmental person at school.
2. We can tell that Auggie's school life is _____ at the very beginning.
A. happy
B. hard
C. exciting
D. normal
3. Some kids pick on Auggie because they _____.
A. have a sense of humor
B. appreciate his uniqueness
C. have difficulty accepting different people
D. want to be home-schooled as well
Words in use
sense, struggle, unique, pick on 
1. She spoke of her ______ with shyness.
2. It is not a good habit to ______ others.
3. she has a really good ______ of humor.
4. Everyone is ______ in his parents’ eyes.
Even though people look different, behave differently, and live in different places, we are all the same inside. Please write a short paragraph about this topic. 
Pre-reading: 1. A2. B
1. C. 文中第二段提到“Different from traditional TV quiz shows like Happy Dictionary…”,由此可知答案选C
2. A. 文中第三段提到“Each show takes around 30 minutes. ”,由此可知答案选A
3. B. 根据题干将本题锁定至文中第四段,整段都在讲答对题目如何分摊奖金,文中还提到“How do they split the money? ”,由此可知答案选B
4. B. 根据题干将本题锁定至文章最后一段,段首提到“Players are enjoying turning their knowledge into a chance to win cash (金钱) prizes ”,紧接着谈到玩家热衷于答题的原因,由此可知答案选B
Word in use
1. opportunity2. download3. competing4. depend on
1. D. 文中第一段提到“The book has been made into a movie. ”,由此可知答案选D
2. D. 本题为细节题,文中第二段提到“The other is William Traynor, or Will, a young man who has become disabled after a motorcycle accident ” ,所以答案选D
3. A.根据题干将本题锁定至文章第四段,文中提到“While I read the book, I couldn’t help but notice its language ”,并举例说明,由此可知答案选A
4. A. 本题考查读者对全文的理解与把握。还可以使用排除法,本文没有大篇幅的介绍翻拍和作者情况,也没有全文详细叙述故事,由此可以得知作者想要给读者推荐这本书。
Word in use
1. imagines2. accident3. latest4. take care of
1. D. 本题可以使用排除法,在文中第二段可以找到答案ABC,由此可知答案选D
2. B. 文中第二段提到“Auggie must deal with judgmental classmates and learn to accept himself as he is ”,由此可知答案选B
3. C. 文中第五段提到“But some kids have difficulty accepting uniqueness ”,并且整段详细说明他们为什么会对Auggie指指点点,由此可知答案选C
Word in use
1. struggles2. pick on3. sense4. unique

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