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Learning new words (P2)
How do you say the following in English?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The top Chinese word used in some English-speaking countries is "_____".
A. jiaozi
B. yin yang
C. shaolin
D. wushu
2. Some Chinese words are becoming popular abroad because _____.
A. people’s interest in learning Chinese is increasing
B. China’s economy has developed rapidly
C. students in some countries must learn Chinese
D. most of the goods people use every day are from China
3. The Confucius Institute has classrooms in _____ countries and regions.
A. 140
B. 1073
C. 2100
D. 100
4. The CFLPA listed the top 100 Chinese words by _____.
A. interviewing people
B. studying 50 media platforms
C. handing out questionnaires
D. asking students at the Confucius Institute
Word in use
include, offer, refer, rank
1. In his speech, he _______ to a trip to Canada.
2. The bill _______tax and service.
3. She _______the bottles in order of size along the shelf.
4.  I feel bad that I didn't _____them any food.
1. What do you think about the fact that more people are learning Chinese?
2. Why do you think more people are learning Chinese?
Teens call for stricter gun laws after Florida shooting (P3)
What do you think about gun ownership in America?
While reading
1. How many students died in the school shooting in Florida on Feb 14?
A. 14.
B. 15.
C. 17.
D. 19.
2. Which of the following is NOT true about Murdock?
A. Her twitter encouraged the US to pass a gun control law.
B. She is the leader of a national gun control movement.
C. She wants the government to pass stricter gun laws.
D. She called for strict gun control laws on her Twitter.
3. Murdock chose April 20 for the walkout because _____.
A. it's the day school starts
B. it's a national day for gun control
C. it is a public holiday in Columbia
D. a mass shooting happened on this day 19 years ago
4. What will students do during the walkout?
A. They will wear the same clothes.
B. They will hold a board with "Don't shoot" written on it.
C. They will call for more supporters.
D. They will stand in silence for 17 minutes.
Word in use
attract, call for, protest, supporter
1. These organizations                    environmental protection.
2. Students                 the decision.
3. I didn't want to                attention.
4. Tom is a strong                           of his political party.
1. President Trump has suggested arming teachers to stop school shootings.
2. What do you think about this suggestion? How would you stop school shootings?
Is hot water really good for your health? (P5)
Is it healthy to eat ice cream during the summer?
Choose the answer:
1. The writer gets confused when Chinese people _____.
A. wear heavy clothing during winter
B. don’t eat cold food during summer
C. turn over the table while eating
D. ask him if he is hot
2. Which of the following is the writer's opinion about cold food?
A. It makes your body temperature low.
B. Chinese people eat a lot of cold food during summer.
C. You may easily catch a cold if you eat too much cold food.
D. Cold food can quickly match your own internal temperature.
3. When the writer gets sick, his Chinese friends often tell him to _____.
A. take some Chinese herbs
B. drink some ice water  
C. eat food with less fat
D. drink some hot water
4. The writer wrote the story to _____.
A. explain how he can stand the coldness of winter
B. show how Chinese people’s digestive systems can’t handle cold food
C. explain how cold liquids cause fat in the stomach to become solid
D. discuss whether cold food or liquids are bad for us
Word in use
1. His                   (believe) in God gave him hope during difficult times.
2. She was                (true) a great actress.
3. He wanted a house                         (of one's own).
4. He asked me to have dinner with him, but I ______ (refuse).
What do you do to stay healthy?
Page 2
1. C. 由文中第4段首句““Shaolin”, a place in China that is famous for kung fu, was at the top of the list”可知答案选C。
2. A. 由文中第6段第2句“It may be because of increased interest in learning Chinese”可知答案选A。
3. 由文中第6段第3句中“in 140 countries and regions”可知答案选A。
4. B. 由文中第3段首句中“The CFLPA studied 50 media platforms (媒体平台) in eight English-speaking countries”可知答案选B。
Page 3
1. A. 由文中首段第2句 “Fourteen of them were students at the school.”可知答案选A。
2. A. 本题为细节题,由第三段第2句 “she opened a Twitter account to call for greater gun control laws”可知Murdock 通过Twitter呼吁控制枪支的立法而并不是使美国通过了立法,所以答案选A。
3. D. 由第三段倒数第2句 “Murdock picked the date because a mass shooting took place on the same day 19 years ago in a high school in Columbia. ”可知答案选D。
4. D. 由末段第一句 “During the walkout, students will leave class and stand in silence for 17 minutes.”可知答案选D。
Page 5
1. B. 由文中第二段第2句 “But when my Chinese friends refuse to eat or drink cold things, even during the heat of summer, that’s when the tables turn and I become the one who is confused.”可知答案选B。
2. D. 第四段首句表明,通过自己的研究作者并不认同“中国人认为吃冷食对身体不好”这一看法,并且例举Snopes上的文章即D选项来支撑自己的论点。所以答案选D。
3. D. 由末段首句可知答案选D。
4. D. 整篇文章通过阐述作者和其中国朋友对吃冷食的看法来讨论吃冷食是否真的不宜健康。

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