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By Tang Hongmei
Kids in government (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Do you believe that an 11-year-old boy can be a governor?
Would you vote for a kid governor?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer
1. The Kid Governor contest teaches students _____.
A. about government and voting
B. how to run for governor
C. how to win a competition
D. how the government works
2. Which grade is Dom Peters in?
A. Third grade.
B. Fourth grade.
C. Fifth grade.
D. Sixth grade.
3. What can we learn about Dom Peters from the story?
A. He is good at running.
B. He cares about stopping bullies.
C. His friend bullied him before.
D. He wants to stop the contest.
4. What does the word “there” refer to (指代) in the last paragraph?
A. Oregon, US.
B. The Kid Governor contest.
C. The Super Kind Writers’ Club.
D. Dom Peters’ school.
III. Words in use
1. 她宣布了自己参加竞选的想法.
   She declared her plan to ________ office.  
2. 他去年成为了一名中学生。
    He ____ a middle school student this year.
3. 孩子们旨在帮助濒临危险的动物。
    We _____ to help endangered animals.  
IV. Post-reading
In many schools, kids learn more about laws through mock court (模拟法庭). Are there any clubs like this in your school?
The ancient history of bangs (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Do you think “liuhai” makes people look different?
This child from Chinese legends is named Liu Hai. Have you ever heard his story?
II. While reading
Fill in the blanks:
1. Chinese people call hair over the _________ Lsiu Hai.
2. Liu Hai was an ___________ in Chinese legends. He had bangs over his forehead.
3. Chinese painters liked him and painted pictures of ___________ like him.
4. The painting Liu Hai Xi Jin Chan stands for ___________.
5. In old times, ________ did not have bangs.
III. Words in use
1. I met a girl _____(名字) Lucy at the school gate yesterday.
2. The little boy loved to ______ (和……一起玩) his older brother.
3. What do the letters NBA ______  (代表)?
4. His personal ________ (财产) was $1.55 billion.
IV. Post-reading
This painting stands for getting wealth.
There are many other Chinese legends like this.
Would you like to share one with us?
Watch what you eat (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Is your food healthy?
How can you tell if your food is healthy or not?
II. While reading Choose the answer:
1. What did Gregg Segal do?
A. He brought food for poor children.
B. He taught kids how to take pictures.
C. He told kids to share foods with others.
D. He took photos of the kids with their food.
2. Why did he do so?
A. To encourage kids to eat healthily.
B. To encourage kids to save food.
C. To show the differences among kids.
D. To show that kids don’t eat enough healthy food.
3. Which of the following has less nutrition, according to Time?
A. Sugar.
B. Carrots.
C. Cucumbers.
D. Tomatoes.
4. For packaged foods, you should choose those with _____.
A. white color
B. bright colors
C. fewer ingredients
D. the most ingredients
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. May I t_____ a picture of you and your little girl?  
2. He wore a ____ -colored shirt. He doesn’t like dark colors.
3. She got in the _____ of running every morning.
4. These kids want to f______ their own football team.  
IV. Post-reading
Do you remember what you ate last week?
How do you choose your food?
II. 1. A。根据第二段They aim to teach students about government and voting可知,进行儿童地方长官竞选的目的是为了让孩子们了解政府和选举,所以正确答案是A。
2. C。根据第3段Fifth-grader Dom Peters became…可知,他是五年级,所以正确答案是C。
3. B。根据He focused on anti-bullying work…and I’ve been bullied,” Dom said. “I want to stop it.”可知Dom Peters反对欺凌,想阻止欺凌事件发生,所以正确答案是B,他身上发生过欺凌事件,但没有说是来自他的朋友,C错误。
4. C。根据由文中最后一段表述可知,他成立了the Super Kind Writers’ Club,在那里,孩子们可以分享与他人以友好方式相处的故事,所以正确答案是C。
III. 1. run for  2. became   3. aim
II. 1. forehead   2. immortal child  3. children  4. getting wealth  5. men
III. 1. named    2. play with  3. stand for   4. wealth
II. 1. D。根据文中第一段…he took photos of the kids with their food可知,Segal询问孩子们每周吃什么并给孩子们和他们的食物拍照,所以正确答案是D。
2. A。根据第2段Segal wants to use the photos to tell kids to eat more healthily可知,他想用这些照片告诉孩子们要吃得更健康,所以正确答案是A。
3. A。根据文中第3段white foods don’t have a lot of nutrition, such as, bread and sugar可知,较没有营养的是白色的食物,例如sugar, 所以正确答案是A。
4. C。根据文中第四段For packaged foods… Try not to eat foods with more than five ingredients可知,尽量不要吃原料多于五种的食物,所以正确答案是C。
III. 1. take   2. bright   3. habit   4. form

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