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Fun nights with friends (P3)
1. Do you know what a sleepover is?
2. Have you ever had a sleepover?
While reading
Choose the answer
1. What do we know about sleepovers?
A. They can improve students' health.
B. They usually include a party.
C. Only girls like sleepovers.
D. They last at least two nights.
2. Paragraph 2 tells us _____ .
A. how to organize a sleepover.
B. how to choose the best date for your sleepover.
C. where to hold a sleepover.         
D. when to finish your homework.
3. What is the solution to the problem described in Paragraph 3?
A. Don't have the sleepover.
B. Watch a movie instead.
C. Change the date.
D. Find a place to go outside.
4. What is NOT mentioned in the last paragraph?
A. Having a water fight in the garden.
B. Playing hide and seek in the house.
C. Chatting with your friends.
D. Having dinner together.
D. 681 million yuan.
Word in use
arrange,   include,   what if
1. Your duties  ________  typing letters and answering the telephone.
2. ________ something happens to the child?
3. We  ______ for a car to pick them up from the airport .
• If you had a sleepover, what would you do with your friends?
How do you do your homework? (P4)
How much time do you usually spend on your homework every day?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to the UK's guidelines, a 12-year-old shouldn't do homework for more than _____.
A. 45 minutes.
B. 90 minutes.
C. One hour.
D. Two hours.
2. If students don’t have a computer or internet, how can they finish their online homework?
A. They can go to the teacher’s home after school.
B. They don’t have to finish their homework.
C. They can use the computers at school.
D. They have to explain this to their teachers.
3. The underlined word “extended” in the third paragraph probably means _____.
A. longer or more.
B. smaller or less.
C. faster or stronger.
D. shorter or weaker.
4. Why do some schools send homework diaries to parents?
A. To encourage parents to help children with their homework.
B. To encourage students to tell their parents about their progress.
C. To encourage students to spend more time doing homework.
D. To encourage parents to learn more about their children’s progress.
Word in use
however, sometimes,encourage
1.We want to ________ people to go fishing, not put them off.
2. You must have noticed how tired he ________ looks.  
3. _______ you look at it, it's going to cost a lot.
 How do your parents check on your progress in school?
Safer spacewalks (P6)
1. Do you know why astronauts must wear spacesuits when going on spacewalks?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What will happen if space junk destroys the astronauts' spaceship?
A. They will die quickly.
B. They will fly to the moon.
C. They will float in space.
D. They have to make a new ship.
2. What's special about the smart spacesuit, according to the second paragraph?
A. It is very light.
B. It has a "take-me-home button".
C. It can stop X-rays.
D. It helps astronauts live longer in space.
3. What does the underlined word "It" refer to in the third paragraph?
A. A spacewalk.
B. A long cable.
C. A jetpack.
D. A spacecraft.
4. Which of the following can tell the astronaut's position?
A. The button.
B. The sensors.
C. The camera.
D. The oxygen.
Word in use
 prevent although in the future    
1. ______ I was only six, I can remember seeing it on TV .
2. Further treatment will _____ cancer from developing .
3. We expect more from you ________ . 
 What kind of spacesuit would you wear if you were an astronaut?
1. B。由第一段最后一句“A sleepover usually includes having a party….”可知。
2. A。根据该文段大意“从睡衣派对举行频度、父母要做的前期安排、活动地点选择到提前完成作业等前期准备事宜”可知。
3. D。由第三段最后一句“It could be a park, a swimming pool, a theater or just somewhere down the road .”可知。
4. D。文中“water fight,hide and seek,chat”均有提到. “Having dinner”未被提及。
1. B。由第一段第二句“Years 7 and 8 (ages 11 to 13): 45 to 90 minutes per day;  ”可知。
2. C。根据第三段最后一句“students without computer or internet at home can use their facilities (设备).”可知。
3. A。由第四段第二句“That means they need to do more research and analysis,”可知。
4. D。根据倒数第二段最后一句 “so parents can track their children’s performance every day.”可知。
1. C。由第一段第四句“they are stuck floating  in space.”可知。
2. B。由第二段最后一句“These spacesuits have a special ‘take-me-home button’”可知。
3. C。由第三段倒数第二句“But astronauts have to operate the jetpack by hand.”可知。
4. B。由倒数第三段第四句“The sensors can tell the astronaut’s position.”可知。

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