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Taste of a night market (P3)
1. Have you ever been to any night markets?
2. What would you do if you went to one?
While reading
Choose to answer:
1. What happened in Melbourne recently, according to the first paragraph?
A. Shops closed after 6 pm.
B. The Victoria Night Market opened.
C. People no longer had any nightlife.
D. A large shopping mall opened.
2. The author tried _____ in the market.
A. kebabs
B. oranges
C. seafood rice
D. fried rice
3. What did the author think about the Spanish food?
A. She didn't like it.
B. She didn't want to taste it.
C. She liked the food after tasting it.
D. She thought it was too expensive.
4. The author enjoyed the Victoria Market because _____.
A. the market reminded her of China
B. there were many inexpensive foods
C. she liked the decor and atmosphere of the market
D. she tried many great foods from all over the world
Word in use
create, pack, point at , mixture
1. Lao She   _________many  characters for his novels.   
2. Before the holidays, supermarkets are____ with lots of people.    
3. “Is that book for me?” My son _______ at the book and asked me.    
4. My mom made some soup. It was a ______ of carrots, potatoes and tomatoes.
1. Can you tell us about some night markets you have visited before?
2. What do you like best about night markets?
How do you feel about hugging? (P5)
Do you often hug your parents or friends?
Do you like to hug people? Why or why not?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. How to celebrate a basketball match.
B. Situations in which you can hug somebody else.
C. Why friends need to hug each other.
D. How to cheer your friends up.
2. In Chinese culture, hugs usually happen between _____.
A. friends
B. relatives
C. couples
D. teammates
3.What did people do at the "hugging party"?
A. They told stories about hugging.
B. They watched a video about hugging.
C. They talked with an artist.
D. They hugged each other.
4. The author wrote the last paragraph to _____.
A. show how people can change their minds about hugging
B. explain why people feel uncomfortable while hugging
C. encourage people to hold more hugging parties
D. encourage people to be nice to strangers
1. Different people have different attitudes toward hugging. What do you think about hugging?
2. Chinese people don’t usually hug in public. Why do you think this is?
Sports stars and stress (P8)
1. Do you think it would be stressful to be a professional athlete?
2. Where does athletes’ stress come from?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. At big games, athletes are likely to feel _____.
A. cheerful
B. painful
C. happy
D. stressed out
2.Which of the following is TRUE about Kevin Love?
A. Love suffered from serious depression.
B. Love and DeMar DeRozan are friends.
C. Love wrote an article about athletes’ mental health
D. Love is a player for the Toronto Raptors.
3. The aim of this story is to _____.
A. call on athletes to realize the importance of mental health
B. explain how stress does harm to athletes’ health
C. criticize coaches who are too strict with athletes
D. help athletes find ways to relieve their stress
What would you do to help a friend if they were struggling with their mental health?
1. B. 由文中第1段“ But things were different this summer, as the Victoria Night Market recently opened! ”可知答案选B。
2. C. 由文中第3段第6句“You can try this seafood rice”可知答案选C。
3. C 由文中第4段第3句中“I found that it was quite delicious as soon as I put it into my mouth.”和最后一句“This unknown food had conquered  my stomach”.可知答案选C。
4. D. 由文中最后一段 可知答案选D.
1. B. 由文中第二段 可知答案选B。
2. C. 本题为细节题,由第4段第2句 “ It usually only happens between people who are really close to each other, like couples.”可知答案选C
3. D. 由第6段最后一句 “A local artist held the party, inviting strangers and asking them to hug each other. . ”可知答案选D。
4. A. 由末段人们聚会后的表现可知答案选A。
1. D. 由文中第1段最后一句 “And during a big game, when the cameras are on and thousands of fans are cheering, you might feel like you’re going to panic.”可知答案选D
2. C. 3段第二句,“On March 6, he wrote an article about mental health issues among athletes for The PlayersTribune。”所以答案选C
3. C。由首段第二句Leaders of the Group of 20 members met in the city of Hangzhou.可知。

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