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Street cats finds home (P3)
1. Have you ever watched street artists play music?
2. Did you like their performances?
3. What kind of music did they play?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is A Street Cat Named Bob about?
A. The life of a homeless cat.
B. The life of James Bowen.
C. The lives of Bowen and his cat in London.
D. How homeless people live in London.
2. It was hard for Bowen to keep Bob because_____ .
A. Bowen was poor
B. Bob needed a lot of care
C. Bowen didn't have a house       
D. Bowen was too busy
3. The third paragraph is written to explain_____.
A. the plot of the book
B. how wonderful Bob and Bowen’s adventures were
C. the difficulties they met in Covent Garden
D. how much money they earned together
4. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A. Bowen came from a happy family.
B. The book only describes facts.
C. The book only talks about Bowen's life after meeting Bob.
D. A Street Cat Named Bob is an autobiography.
Word in use
injure, sometimes, lots of
1.  _____ people are watching the soccer match.
2. Several police officers were ______ in the accident.
3. You must have noticed how tired he  _______ looks.
Have you ever read any autobiographies (自传文学)? Tell us about them.
American teens love their sports (P4)
1. Which sports do you usually play after school?  
2. Do you like American football?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What is known as the “national pastime” of the US?
A. Playing basketball.
B. Playing soccer.
C. Playing baseball.
D. Playing football.
2.Which of the following is TRUE about American football?
A. It is only played in America.
B. It is more popular in Europe.
C. It is similar to rugby in Britain.
D. It is unknown to people in Asia.
3.In American football, when you _____, your team scores points.
A. kick the ball into the “end zone”
B. pass a wall of defending players
C. throw the ball to a player in the "end zone"
D. receive the ball and run down the field
4. College students in the US take sports seriously because_____.
A. they can earn money from playing on national teams
B. they can have fun
C. they can make friends with high school players
D. they can be picked to play on national teams
Word in use
Whether, in return, score
1. The old man gave him a set of stamps ________ .
2. He couldn’t decide ______ to go or stay.
3. Fraser ____ again in the second half.
1. What’s your favorite sport?
2. Why do you like it?
Friends think alike (P6)
Do you think friendships are important?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What does “this idea” in Paragraph 3 refer to?
A. Many friendships start with small chats.
B. Friends try to develop similarities between themselves.
C. People who are similar to each other might become friends.
D. We like those who like us first.
2.The 42 university students in the experiment_____.
A. are all from the University of California
B. were close friends before the experiment
C. all watched the same set of videos
D. reacted differently from each other
3. What did the scans of the students’ brains show?
A. They had watched the same video clips.
B. Friends had similar reactions to the same clips.
C. Watching videos improves one’s memory.
D. It’s good to have friends who react similarly.
4. According to the story, what else may help build friendship?
A. Being fun and helpful.
B. Studying at the same college.
C. Having a similar appearance to someone else.
D. Being physically close.
Word in use
end up, invite, neighboring
1. In Korea, just as in ________  China  and Japan, people eat with chopsticks.
2. She _____ him to her 26th birthday party in New Jersey.
3. If you don't know what you want, you might _____ getting something you don't want.
How can we form good friendships?

1. C。由第一段最后一句“ It is about how one man, James Bowen, and his cat Bob found hope on the streets of London. ”可知。
2. A。根据第二段倒数第二句话“James already had trouble feeding himself. ”可知。
3. A。第三段主要讲述詹姆士带着猫咪鲍勃在街头卖艺的生活情形,与书的故事大意(由第一段可知)是非常契合的。
4. D。由末尾段第一句“This book is an autobiography…”可知。
1. C。由第二段第二句“It is known as the “national pastime” of the US.  ”可知。
2. C。根据第三段第二句“The sport is similar to rugby ,”可知。
3. C。由第三段第三句“Players have to carry, throw or kick the ball to a receiving player in the “end zone” in order to score points.”可知。
4. D。根据末尾段倒数第二句 “Talented college players can be picked by national teams and become professional players.”可知。
1. C。由第二段第一句“It seems that similarity often helps form friendships.”可知。
2. C。根据第四段第二句“Each student watched the same set of videos,”可知。
3. B。由第五段第一句“According to their scans, friends who watched the same video clips reacted in similar ways.”可知。
4. D。由末尾段最后一句“In this experiment, students who sat in neighboring seats were more likely to become friends.”可知。

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