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By Tang Hongmei
Thailand’s water fight festival (P2)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like elephants?
Have you ever fed an elephant? Were you scared?
Do you like playing with water?
II. While Reading
1. How do people in Thailand celebrate the Songkran Festival?
A. Give elephants a wash.
B. Splash water on the road.
C. Have water fights.
D. Fight with their families.
2. People in Thailand think water can _____.
A. wash away bad luck
B. help them forget bad memories
C. bring them lots of money
D. bring them a green spring
3. What can we learn from the sentence “so the holiday is also timely”?
A. Water fights help people cool down on hot days.
B. The holiday marks the start of a new year.
C. The celebration starts late.
D. The holiday happens during the hottest month in Thailand.
4. What is the story mainly about?
A. People’s lives in Thailand.
B. The importance of elephants in Thailand.
C. The weather in Thailand.
D. Customs for Thailand’s Songkran Festival.
III. Words in use
1. 我看见一个小女孩向我泼水。
    I  ____ a little girl _______ water at me.  
2. 宋干节也是我们熟知的泰国新年。
    Songkran is also ____ ___ Thai New Year.
3. 打扫房间可以为来年带来好运。
    Cleaning your house can ____________ in the new year.  
IV. Post-reading
Do you know of any special activities that are used to celebrate holidays?
What kind of activities do you know?
What do people do during these activities?
Basketful of metal and wood (P5)
I. Pre-reading
What can you carry in a bamboo basket?
Fruit? Vegetables? Water? Fire?
Why do we “maidongxi”?
II. While reading
Fill in the blanks:
1.The five elements of fengshui: jin (gold), mu (wood), shui (water), huo (fire) and tu (______).
2.Connections between directions and fengshui:
east – ______
west – ______
south – water
north – fire
3.Zhu Xi is a famous ______ Dynasty scholar.
4.Sheng Wenhe carried a basket made of ______.
5.Sheng Wenhe explained that he couldn’t say “mainanbei”, because it was impossible to put ____________ in the basket.
III. Words in use
1. These shoes do not _______(匹配): one is large and the other is small.
2. In fengshui, directions are _________ (联系) the five elements.
3. He had two boys________  (而不是) two girls.
4. Liangxi is also ________ (由……做成的) bamboo.
IV. Post-reading
What does the following sentence mean?
Draw water with a bamboo basket -- achieve nothing.”
Spend time in space (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Would you like to take a trip to space?
What would it be like to live in a space hotel for two weeks?
Can you see sunrises from a spaceship?
II. While readingChoose the answer:
1. What is special about the Aurora Station?
A. It will be the world’s first space station.
B. It will be the world’s first luxury space hotel.
C. It will come back to Earth in 2022.
D. Astronauts will do lots of research there.
2. How many guests will the Aurora Station have for the space trip?
A. Two. B. Four.
C. Six. D. 320
3. What can people do during their trip?
A. They can see 16 sunrises over 12 days.
B. They can walk as easily as they can on Earth.
C. They can grow plants and bring them back.
D. They can help astronauts pilot the station.
4. What is the difficult thing about taking the trip?
A. There will be no water.
B. There will not be enough food.
C. There will be no internet connection.
D. The trip will cost lots of money.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. During my trip to the Forbidden City, l bought a bookmark as a s_______.
2. I don’t want to buy this computer. It is too e________.
3. Whenever I go to the seaside, I like to watch the s______ and sunsets.
4. Each trip a _____ the station will last for 12 days.
IV. Post-reading
If humans can’t live on Earth one day, what will we have to do?
What do we need to bring if we want to live on a new planet?
II. 1. C。根据短文第一段第2、3句People in Thailand just finished celebrating the Songkran Festival. They sprayed and splashed water on each other.可知,“宋干节”也称“泼水节”的主要活动是泼水、打水仗。
2.A。根据第2段第3句They think water can wash away bad luck and bring good luck in the new year.可知,泰国人民认为泼水可以去除坏运、带来好运。
3. A。timely意为“及时的”,根据第2段最后一句April is the hottest month in Thailand, so the holiday is also timely.可知,泼水节很及时,因为泰国的4月很热,泼水可以让人们感到凉爽。D选项并不能从所给句子得出。
4. D。本文主要讲解了泰国的宋干节的习俗:泼水,以及后文提到的打扫房间、清洗佛像等。
III. 1. saw, splashing   2. known as   3. bring good luck
II. 1. earth  2. gold; wood  3. Song         4. bamboo  5. water and fire
III. 1. match   2. connected to   3. but not  4. made of
II. 1. B。根据文中第一段 People aboard the Aurora Station, the world’s first luxury space hotel…可知, the Aurora Station 将是第一家豪华太空酒店。
2. B。根据第2段It can hold six people at a time. Two of them will be workers.可知,它可以载六人,其中两位是服务人员,所以客人只有四位。
3. C。根据文中第3段 They can also grow food in space. Later, they can bring the food back to Earth as a souvenir 可知,本题选C。
4. D。根据文中最后一段But the trip will be expensive. 可知,太空旅行很耗钱,所以本题选D。
III. 1. souvenir  2. expensive  3. sunrises  4. aboard

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