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Lifelong love of science (P2)
1. Do you love science? Why or why not?
2. Do you believe girls can be good scientists? Why or why not?
While reading
Fill in the chart below:

What has Zhang been studying for over 60 years?
When did Zhang receive the UN award for female scientists?
On 2.________.
How many people can receive the award each year?
Only 3.________.
How did Zhang start to study earth science?
China needed more talents in the earth sciences, so she was chosen to study paleontology in ________.
What was Zhang's dream when she was young?
She wanted to be a 5.________.

Word in use
award, career, arrange, retire
1. When I ____, I shall make my home in the country.  
2. The film won an Oscar _____ in 1985.  
3. I'm trying to______  my work so that I can have a couple days off next week.
4. She's hoping for a _____ as a police officer.
1. What do you think of Zhang Miman?
2. Would you accept a job that you are asked to do, but don’t actually want to do?  
Sisters and friends make movie in just three days (P3)
Have you ever shot a video? What kind of video did you shoot?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. What are the sisters' films mainly about?
A. About their parents.
B. About their friends.
C. About a princess and her friend.
D. About their favorite books.
2. What do we know from Paragraph 2?
A. The competitors are of different ages and levels.
B. The winner of the competition gets $3,141. 
C. Competitors needed to produce a 72-hour-long movie.
D. Competitors can ask help from others in the competition.
3. The third paragraph is written to _____.
A. tell readers how the sisters made their movie
B. describe the plot of the sisters' movie
C. introduce the characters in the sisters' movie
D. introduce the best movie in the competition
4. How did the sisters feel about the competition?
A. Disappointed.
B. Excited.
C. Serious.
D. Anxious.
Word in use
1. There's a lot of ________(compete) between computer companies.
2. France _______ (produce) a great deal of wine every year.
3. Who is the _____ (edit) of this film?
4. The children ________ (pretend) that they were dinosaurs.
Many people like to shoot videos and share them online these days. Some of these people become web celebrities (网红).
What do you think of this phenomenon (现象)?
What are people’s eyebrows saying?
How do you express different emotions with your facial
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to researchers from the University of York, our eyebrows can _____.
A. keep us warm
B. make us look better
C. help us breathe
D. help us communicate better
2. When you pull your eyebrows up in the middle, you might be_____.
A. showing your sympathy
B. eager to talk with others
C. feeling puzzled
D. showing your agreement
3. In ancient times, people with big brow ridges looked _____.
A. surprised
B. strong
C. angry
D. feared
4. We can tell from the story that _____.
A. eyebrows can protect our eyes from dust
B. it is easy to show your feelings without your eyebrows
C. without our eyebrows, our eyes may feel dry
D. connecting both eyebrows can help someone look powerful
Word in use
1. Cycling is good exercise. It _________ (strength) all the muscles of the body.
2. She was slightly out of _____(breathe) from running.
3. She was very ________ (sympathy) to the problems of her adult students.
4. His only ______ (purpose) in life seems to be to enjoy himself.
What would life be like if we didn’t have eyebrows?

1. Fish fossils
2. March 22
3. five
4. Moscow
5. doctor
1. C. 由文中首段末句 “The movies are about a princess and her best friend”可知答案选 C。
2. A. 由第二段第3句 “This year, 24 teams of different ages and skill levels competed within 72 hours to film,”可知答案选A。
3. B. 第三段主要描述了两姐妹拍摄电影的人物和情节,答案选B。
4. D. 由末段“they are excited to see their first movie on the big screen. “I can’t wait to see it,” Emma said.”可知答案选D。
1. D. 由文中第二段 “Researchers from the University of York in the UK believe that eyebrows helped us communicate better”可知答案选D。
2. A. 第三段末句“while pulling our eyebrows up in the middle is an expression of sympathy” 可知答案选A。
3. B. 由第三段1-2句“Early humans had large brow ridges (眉骨). This helped them show their strength.”可知答案选B。
4. A. 第五段第2句“They can also protect our eyes.”可知答案选A。

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