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北航实验学校  姜瑶
From Broadway to TV (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like music?
What instruments can you play? The piano? The guitar?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Brandon Niederauer looks like a rock star with his _____.
A. special clothes
B. singing style
C. wild hair
D. black skin
2. What don’t we know about Brandon Niederauer from the story?
A. He is from New York.
B. He is good at playing the guitar.
C. He successfully held a show this month.
D. He also played the piano during his show.
3. What can we learn from Paragraph 3?
A. School of Rock came out in July last year.
B. Niederauer had some performing experience.
C. School of Rock was about Niederauer’s life.
D. Niederauer was happy to finish his work on Broadway.
4. What is of the most suitable description for this story?
A. A profile (人物简介) of a young musician.
B. A story about a popular TV show.
C. An introduction for the show School of Rock.
D. A profile of Broadway actors.
III. Words in use
1. The question seemed easy ________ (一眼看去), but when the students tried to answer it, they realized how difficult it was.
2. My little sister _________ (对……不陌生) the stage.
3. Even though she has _________ meat, she still eats fish.
IV. Post-reading
How many instruments can you name?
Say farewell to the last of the British queen’s favorite dogs (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like dogs?
Are you afraid of dogs when you are walking down the street?
Have you ever raised a pet?
II. While reading
Finish the fillowing tasks:
1. What happened to Willow?
2. What was Elizabeth’s first corgi called?
3. Where did the queen’s corgis sleep?
4. Why did the queen decide to stop raising corgis?
5. 翻译下面的句子:
It looks like she will get her wish.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[fall in love with      give birth to    as naughty as]
1. She ________ a girl last night.
2. According to new research, it is actually possible to _________ another person at first sight.
3. These little dogs are __________ the kids.
IV. Post-reading
     Dog types.
Eat a lot while gaining little (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you eat a lot? Do you gain weight easily?
What causes people to gain weight?
II. While readingFill in the blanks:
1. Some people eat a lot but never put on weight; perhaps it’s because ________________.
2. When we eat, our food eventually ends up in our _____________. There, we take in fat and other nutrition from the food.
3. Mice _____________ the AIDA gene became much fatter than the mice  _____________ the gene.
4. Scientists think the AIDA gene might control _____________ we take in.
III. Words in use
1. Are you the kind of person who eats a lot, but never puts on ______?
2. Is it fair to __________ (做实验) on mice?
3. The small intestine’s job is to ______ fat and other nutrition from food.
4. If someone eats a lot but is still thin, they may have an o________ AIDA gene.
IV. Post-reading
What kinds of food can make you fat?
Hamburgers? Pasta? Noodles? What about fruit and vegetables?
II. 1. C。根据第1段At first sight, you might be impressed by Brandon Niederauer’s wild hair. He looks like a rock star可知,他的头发很别致。
2. D。文章里并未提及他在演出中演奏钢琴的内容,所以本题选D。
3. B。根据第3段的内容可知,Niederauer之前有一些演出经验,对舞台表演并不陌生。
4. A。本文主要是对Brandon Niederauer 的人物介绍,所以本题选A。
III. 1. at first sight   2. isn’t new to   3. given up
II. 1. Willow died in April.
2. Dookie.
3. They slept in special baskets in the “Corgi Room”.
4. Because she didn’t want any to be left after she dies.
5. 看起来她会如愿以偿了。
III. 1. gave birth to   2. fall in love with  3. as naughty as
II. 1. they have a gene called AIDA   
2. small intestine   
3. without; with   
4. how much fat
III. 1. weight   2. do experiments  3. take in  4. overactive

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