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Internet isn't everything (P2)
Do you ever play online games?
What do you think of online games?  
While reading
Fill in the chart below:

What did the MOE do to stop kids from becoming addicted to 1. ______?
 Sent a letter to 2. ______, calling on them to pay attention to their kids' 3. ______.
Sent a notice to schools, asking them to monitor students' 4. ________.
What should schools do?
They should teach kids how to avoid unhealthy 5. ______.
If kids show signs of being addicted to the internet, schools should help them 6. ______
What do experts suggest for making better use of the internet?
To limit screen time to less than 7. ______ a day.
To develop 8. ______, like reading or playing sports.

Words in use
use, call on, suffer, avoid
1. They're ________ all men and boys over the age of 14 to join the army.
2. I think he ______ a lot when his wife left him.
3. I try to _____ going shopping on Saturdays.
4. I am finally clear about the ______ of this word.
Should middle school students be allowed to play online games? Why or why not?
Spice is nice for US foodies (P4)
Do you like spicy food? Why?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following is TRUE of Tex-Mex food?
A. It is real Mexican food.
B. It is popular in South America.
C. It has a lot of cheese and is quite spicy.
D. It is a mix of Mexican and Canadian food.
2.The hottest chili pepper in the world is grown _____.
A. in southwestern US
B. in South Carolina, US
C. in the western part of China
D. in northwestern Mexico
While reading
3. “Chiliheads” refers to people _____.
A. whose hair is red
B. whose temper is short
C. who grow peppers
D. who enjoy peppers
While reading
4. According to the writer, spicy food in the US may ___.
A. sting your mouth right away
B. cause a numbing sensation
C. become hotter as you eat more
D. make your lips hurt
Words in use
expect, cause, extremely, unique
1. Each person's signature is ______.
2. I ______ that he'd have left anyway.
3. She's _______ beautiful.
4. The difficult driving conditions _______ several accidents.
Which flavor do you like best? Why?
Superhuman divers (P6)
How long can you hold your breath?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. The Bajau people can stay underwater for around _____.
A. 30 seconds
B. 40 seconds
C. 70 seconds
D. a few minutes
2. The Bajau people can stay underwater longer because _____.
A. their spleens are bigger than normal
B. they make a living by fishing
C. they are trained to do so
D. most of their parents work as diving instructors
3. Which of the following is TRUE about the spleen?
A. It can produce red blood cells.
B. The size of the spleen is decided by genes.
C. It can become bigger as a result of training.
D. It absorbs oxygen and becomes larger.  
4. The aim of the story is to _____.
A. introduce the sport of diving
B. explain why the Bajau people can dive for so long
C. explain how to become a good diver
D. give some tips on how to achieve self-control while diving
Words in use
1. It's so airless in here - I can hardly ______ (breath).
2. It helps to have_________ (influence) friends.
3. He's a doctor by ________ (professional).
4. New staff have a week's ________ (train) in how to use the machine.
Do you know any other nations whose people have special skills?
P2: 1. the internet
2. all parents in China
3. online activities
4. internet usage
5. online content
6. give up their addiction
7. 1.5 hours
8. healthier hobbies
1. C. 由第二段末句第2、3句 “It uses a lot of cheese, ”“Tex-Mex can be quite spicy.”可知答案选C。
2. B. 由第三段3、4句 “The hottest chili pepper in the world is the Carolina Reaper. It is grown in the US state of South Carolina.”可知答案选B。
3. D. 由第三段首句 “Also, the US is home to many “chiliheads”, or people who are known for their love of hot chili peppers . ”可知答案选D。
4. C. 由末段 “they don’t sting  your mouth right away, but slowly become hotter as you eat more .”可知答案选C。
1. 1. D. 由文中首段第5句 “The Bajau people can hold their breath for several minutes at a time.”可知答案选D。
2. A. 由文中首段第6句 “it is probably because they have bigger spleens .”可知答案选A。
3. B. 由第四段末句 “Scientists believe that genes may have influenced the size of their spleens. ”可知答案选B。
4. B. 整篇文章主要讲述了潜泳高手巴瑶族人由于自身基因脾脏较大,从而比他人在水下能够闭气待的时间更长。

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