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Searching for a cure (P3)
I. Pre-reading
What do you do when you’re online?
Do you ever have any difficulties using social media?
How can you solve these difficulties?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. Matthew Levine used social media to _____.
A. have fun
B. chat with his sister
C. raise awareness about his disease
D. share his sister’s life experience
2. What do we know about Matthew’s disease?
A. It is not very serious.
B. Only one of his kidneys has the disease.
C. He needs to take many pills every day.
D. His disease is not hard to cure.
3. Matthew shared his life on social media because he wanted to _____.
A. share his feelings
B. get help from others
C. bring hope to patients like him
D. live life to the fullest in his last days
4. What does Matthew think about his situation?
A. He feels sad.
B. He feels worried.
C. He feels strong.    
D. He has given up.
III. Words in use
1. There is no known cure for this ________ (疾病).
2. He’s very _________ (为……感到骄傲) his daughters.
3. We won’t stop _______ (直到……才) we arrive at the park.
4. I should write down my story and let more people know ________ (我是怎样感受的).
IV. Post-reading
What problems do you know regarding students’ use of social media?
Do you have any ideas for preventing students from using social media too often?
Chinese people find interest in setting new world records (P4)
I. Pre-reading
Do you have any special skills?
Have you ever thought about trying to set a world record?
II. While reading
Fill in the blanks:
1. _______ is the fastest growing country in terms of applying for Guinness World Records.
2. Guinness World Records has made a special set of records for China called _______.
3. There are about _______ China Pride records, such as the world’s longest wood carving and the most popular dictionary.
4. Chinese people usually apply for records in three areas: food, _______ and mass participation.
5. The story mainly tells us that more Chinese are taking on Guinness _______.
III. Words in use
1. heavy —— the ________
2. long —— the _________
3. twisted —— the __________
4. fast —— the __________
5. popular —— the __________
6. large —— the __________
IV. Post-reading
Did you know?
Guinness World Records was co-founded by brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter on Fleet Street, London in August 1954. It is published once a year.
Energy of youth (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Who can run faster, you or your parents?
Who feels more tired after running?
II. While readingAnswer the following questions:
1. What did the French scientists find by doing these tests?
2. What kind of people were in the first two groups?
3. What activity did the three groups do?
4. What does lactic acid do?
5. Did the boys produce more lactic acid than non-athlete adults?
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
1. Children can resist tiredness ____ ____ ____ athletes.
2. The first group was  ____ ____ ____ athletes.
3. Lactic acid ____ ____ in the body by doing exercise.
4. The less lactic acid you have, the less ____ you will feel.
5. Children can ______ quickly after running - even faster than athletes.
IV. Post-reading
Do you run correctly?
II. 1. C。根据第1段The 15-year-old is trying to teach more people about a serious disease.可知,他利用网络宣讲一种疾病,所以选C。
2. C。从文章第2段He takes 15 pills a day可知,他每天服用大量的药片。
3. A。根据倒数第2段他说话的内容I should tell my story and let everyone know how I feel可知,他这样做是为了分享自己的感觉。
4. C。从最后一段可知,Matthew很坚强,不找到治疗方法坚决不放弃。
III. 1. disease   2. proud of   3. until   1. how I feel
II. 1. Willow died in April.
2. Dookie.
3. They slept in special baskets in the “Corgi Room”.
4. Because she didn’t want any to be left after she dies.
5. 看起来她会如愿以偿了。
III. 1. gave birth to   2. fall in love with  3. as naughty as
II. 1. China   2. China Pride   3. 1,000   4. strength    5. challenges
III. 1. heaviest   2. longest   3. most twisted   4. fastest  5. most popular  
6. largest

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