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北航实验中学 姜瑶


Girls love science, too! (P3)


I. Pre-reading

What does STEM stand for?

Are you interested in STEM?

Why or why not?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is NOT a STEM subject?

A. Math.           B. English.

C. Science.     D. Technology.


2. What can we learn from Paragraph 2?

A. Alice doesn’t like to study STEM.

B. Girls can learn STEM better than boys.

C. More boys are studying STEM than girls.

D. There are many girls studying STEM.


3. What do we know about the club Girls in STEM?

A. Boys can come to teach girls about STEM after school.

B. There are many fun activities for girls to know about STEM.

C. There were 45 girls in the club at first.

D. Hou set up more clubs in other schools.


4. Hou started the club Girls in STEM to _____.

A. stop boys from studying STEM

B. help students learn more about STEM

C. end the gender gap in STEM subjects

D. help girls make friends by studying STEM


III. Words in use


1. 妈妈发现了Lucy留下的纸条。

       Mom______ the note from Lucy.

2. 学校里每年都要举办艺术节。

       Every year, our school holds an art ______.

3. 这部电影激发了他学习生物学的兴趣。

       The movie _____ his interest in botany.


IV. Post-reading

One of the most popular STEM activities is the “egg drop experiment”. Want to try?

You need:

 Some straws;

 An egg.


Use the straws to prevent the egg from breaking when it is dropped to the ground.



Different names for different times (P5)


I. Pre-reading

How did you get your name?

What does it mean?

Do you know anything about ancient Chinese names?


II. While reading

Fill in the table:

Names in ancient China


Mostly following the father's family name.

Given name

People used their given name when they were among 2.________.

Courtesy name

Men would get their courtesy name when they turned 3.________ years old. It also means they were adults.

Women would get their courtesy name after 4.________.

Their courtesy names often sounded like their 5.________, or had the same meaning.

In social life, people called each other by their courtesy names to show 6.________.


III. Words in use


1. WeChat is one of the most popular _____ (社交的) media apps in China now.

2. Every _____ (已婚的) couple can have two children now.

3. More young girls are becoming interested in wearing _____ (古代的) traditional clothing.

4. Getting one’s driver’s license is a symbol of ________ (成年) in the US.


IV. Post-reading

One’s courtesy name often has a similar meaning to one’s given name.

Do you know Li Yus (李煜) courtesy name?

Sometimes, one’s courtesy name has the opposite meaning of one’s given name.

Can you give some examples?



A long way to Mars (P6)


I. Pre-reading

When you were little, did you ever dream of traveling to another planet?

Do you still want to do so?


II. While reading

 Choose the answer:

1. How old will Carson be when she goes to Mars in 2033?

A. 14 years old.

B. 17 years old.

C. 31 years old.

D. 32 years old.


2. What did Carson do at the age of 7?

A. She went into space for the first time.

B. She went to a NASA space camp in the US.

C. She visited nine states in one year.

D. She visited all 14 NASA visitor centers.


3. What did Carson learn about space?

a. how to live in microgravity

b. how to make oxygen

c. how to make rockets

d. how to recognize (识别) parts of spaceships

e. how to make spacesuits


A. abc         B. acd

C. bde         D. cde


4. Why did Carson try underwater training?

A. Because there might be water in space.

B. Because she needs to learn how to live if there is no oxygen in space.

C. Because it can help her find her sense of direction when she is in space.

D. Because being underwater is the same as in space.



III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks:


[training     direction      react          journey]


1. Some people _____ differently in certain situations.

2. One can lose one’s _______ easily in the dark.

3. Athletes need a lot of _______.

4. Traveling from China to the UK is quite a long ______.


IV. Post-reading

Do you think Carson will be an astronaut in 2033?

What can you learn from her?

How do you plan to achieve your dreams?





II. 1. B。根据第1It stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.可知,STEM 指的是科学技术工程和数学等相关专业,不含语言类,故本题选择B

2. C。根据第2Forty students from her hometown went to the state science fair that year. But only seven of them were girls. 可知学习STEM课程的男女比例是33:7,因此本题选C

3. B。根据第3Girls can try some fun activities that can raise their interest in STEM.可知,该社团中有很多激发女生兴趣的学科活动,故本题选择B

4. C。根据第3She decided to do something about this.可知,Hou的主要目的是为了解决第2段中提及的STEM课程中的性别比问题,故本题选择C

III. 1. noticed   2. fair    3. raised



II. 1. Family name    2. family members   3. 20     4. getting married

  5. given names    6. respect

III. 1. social   2. married   3. ancient   4. adulthood



II. 1. D。根据第1Carson is 17 now and in the year 2033, her dream may come true.可知Carson现年17岁,由此推算,2033年也就是15年后,她将32岁。

2. B。根据原文At 7, Carson went to a NASA space camp in the US for the first time. 可知Carson 7岁时第一次去了宇航夏令营。

3. B。根据文章中部信息可知,Carson了解了微重力、缺氧时身体的反应、机器人技术、制造火箭、飞船构造和水下训练等,综合信息选择B。

4. C。根据最后一段People can easily lose their sense of direction there. It is just like being in space.可知,水下训练是为了训练太空中的方向感。

III. 1. react   2. direction   3. training   4. journey


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