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东城古城职业中学  汤红梅

Lunch time is best time (P4)


I. Pre-reading

Where do you eat lunch: at school or at home?

Do you like eating lunch at school?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. The story mainly talks about _____ in the US.

A. school lunches

B. school bullies

C. driver’s licenses

D. homework


2. What do we know from Paragraph 2?

A. Chinese kids don’t have school dining halls.

B. US kids can eat their own lunches or eat school food.

C. US kids do not like eating in school dining halls.

D. There are many bullies in US schools.


3. In most US schools, kids can go out for lunch when _____.

A. they are over a certain age

B. they have their own car

C. they get their driver’s license

D. they are in a group


4. What can we learn from the last paragraph?

A. Chinese kids can get a driver’s license at 16.

B. The writer liked eating fried chicken.

C. US students can have their classes in a park.

D. There are no afternoon classes in the US.


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks with the proper form:

1. I  ______(grow) up in Beijing with my grandparents.

2. Mom always cooks tasty and  ____ (health) food for us.

3. After _____(play) football, the kids went back home to do their homework.

4. Is there anyone to ____(serve) me?


IV. Post-reading

In China, most schools provide lunch for students.

What about your lunch at school?

Is it delicious?

What do you often do during lunch time?




Many wonders of Sichuan (P4)


I. Pre-reading

Do you know the place shown in the picture?

It is a very famous and beautiful place in Sichuan. It attracts many visitors from all over the world.


II. While reading

Answer the following questions:

1. What is Lonely Planet?



2. Which place in China is on the “2018 Best in Asia” list?



3. How many restaurants are there in Chengdu?



4. What animal is Sichuan home to?



5. How many aspects (方面) of Sichuan does the story talk about? What are they?



III. Words in use


1. 地球是所有动物的家园。

   The earth _________ all animals.  

2. 这个地方以其美丽的湖泊而闻名于世。

   This place _________ its beautiful lakes.  

3. 长江是世界上最长的河流之一。

    The Changjiang River is ______________ in the world.  


IV. Post-reading

Which city or place is your favorite? Why do you like it so much?





Real” robot pet (P6)


I. Pre-reading

Do you have a pet?

What do you usually do with your pet?


II. While readingChoose the answer:

1. What makes Aibo act like a real dog?

A. Its cute looks.

B. Its artificial intelligence.

C. Its way of speaking.

D. Its way of walking.


2. What can Aibo do?

a. It can wag its tail.

b. It can shake its head.

c. It can play with a ball.

d. It can hide its ears.

e. It can blink its eyes.

f. It can say difficult words.


A. abc    B. ace     C. bcd      D. bdf


3. There are no sensors on Aibo’s _____.

A. tail

B. head

C. chin

D. back


4. What can we learn from the last paragraph?

A. Aibo can help you remember things.

B. Aibo can build a computer by itself.

C. Aibo can grow bigger day by day.

D. Aibo can change how it acts by learning new things.


III. Words in use


1. Just _________(照顾好) of yourself and dont worry.

2. He_________ (表现得像) an honest man.

3. Tony rocked _________  (前后来回) in his chair.

4. Today is  ______(不如) warm as yesterday.


IV. Post-reading

Aibo means "pal" or "partner" in Japanese. It refers to a series of robotic pets by Sony. What would you want it to do if you designed it?





II. 1. A。从文中不难看出,通篇在讲述作者在美国学校的美好的午餐时光,所以正确答案是A

2. B。根据文中第二段可知,美国学校为学生提供午餐,同时,学生也可以自己带午餐,所以正确答案是B;而其它表述与文意不符。

3. A。根据文中第三段after a certain age, allow kids to go out for lunch可知,学生到达一定年龄可以外出就餐,所以正确答案是A

4. B。根据文中最后一段可知,作者和朋友经常去有炸鸡的超市就餐,在公园散步之后返后学校上课,CD表述不符,A未提及,正确答案是B

III. 1. grew   2. healthy  3. playing   4. serve



II. 1. It is a world-famous travel guide.

2. Sichuan.

3. There are around 40,000.

4. Giant pandas.

5. Four. They are art, food, natural scenery and animals.

III. 1. is home to   2. is famous for   3. one of the longest rivers



II. 1. B。根据第二段Aibos artificial intelligence makes it act like a real dog可知,是人工智能的原因使它像真正的狗,所以正确答案是B

2. B。根据文中第二段可知,Aibo能摆尾巴,能和人握手,能玩球,能动耳朵,能眨眼睛,ace符合,所以选B

3. A。根据文中第二段There are sensors on Aibos head, chin and back可知,尾巴上没有传感器,所以正确答案是A

4. D。根据文中最后段可知,Aibo能够记忆日常经历,形成数据库,从而帮助自身成长和自我改变,所以正确答案是D

III. 1. take care   2. acted like  3. back and forth  4. not as




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