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UK bans energy drinks (P2)
1. What kind of drinks do you usually buy?
2. Are your favorite drinks healthy or unhealthy?
While reading
Fill in the chart below

The UK is banning the sale of energy drinks to 1. ______
What is an energy drink?
It is a type of drink that contains 2. ______.
Why are they bad for kids?
They have high levels of 3. ______ and 4. ______.
If kids drink too much energy drinks, they may have health problems, such as 5. ______ (List at least three of them)
How many UK teenagers buy energy drinks?
About 6. ______ of UK kids aged 10-17 buy energy drinks.
What happens if shops sell energy drinks to kids?
Shops in England would face fines of up to 7. ______ if they sell energy drinks to kids.

Word in use
Match the word with its meaning:
1. ban     a drug that makes your body work faster, making you less likely to sleep
2. stimulant     a chemical substance found in coffee, tea, and cocoa
3. caffeine      having an unhealthy level of fat
4. obesity        a difficult task or problem
5. challenge     make something illegal
1. What is an energy drink?
2. Why has the UK government made plans to ban the sale of energy drinks to kids?
Different countries, different times (P4)
1. When you read the title “Different countries, different times”, what do you think of?
2. Have other countries’ time zones affected your life in any way?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Which of these places doesn't follow the Beijing time zone?
A. California.
B. Beijing.
C. Chongqing.
D. Shanghai.
2. If it is 9 am in the writer’s hometown, what time is it in California?
A. 6 am
B. 12 pm
C. 5 pm
D. 11 am
3. We know that people in Xinjiang _____.
A. always follow Beijing Time
B. have to work two more hours per day
C. may follow Beijing Time or Xinjiang Time
D. are always confused about the time
4. From the last paragraph, we know that _____.
A. time zones can affect people’s lives
B. the writer has gotten used to the time difference
C. the writer dislikes the time difference
D. the writer's mother is forgetful
Word in use
relatives     available        exception    get used to      
1. I invited some of my friends and _______ to my birthday party.
2. Mr Zhang was not ______ for the meeting, he was on holiday.
3. The kids in our class are, without ________, working hard. I am sure they will get good grades.
4. Having been here for many years, I have already  _________ living here.
What are time zones?
Can you tell us a little about them?
Learning why we forget (P6)
1. Do you often forget to do certain things in your daily life? Give some examples.
2. Can you tell us why you sometimes forget things?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. People are more likely to forget things when _____
A. they get up late
B. they pack their bag
C. they hurry to school
D. they walk through a door
2. The aim of the experiment was to _____.
A. see if students have good memories
B. prove that the doorway effect is real
C. train students to be more organized
D. help people with bad memories
3. The scientists found that students who didn’t walk through the door were _____.
A. slower
B. less correct
C. more forgetful
D. more correct
4. You can stop the doorway effect by _____.
A. writing down what you need to do
B. keeping everything in mind
C. asking friends for help
D. putting all of your things in one room
Word in use
experiment, exchange, cross through, randomly, boundary
1. 学生们做实验以了解机器运行。
2. 我国与很多国家开展国际交流。
3. 有导游的话穿过这片森林很容易。
5. 这条河成了两国的界线。
1. What is the “doorway effect”?
2. Can you give some suggestions on how to improve your memory?
Page 2
1. kids/children  2. stimulants  3. sugar  4. caffeine  5. obesity, headaches and sleeplessness  6. two-thirds  7. $4,400
Page 4
1. A。由第二段可知。
2. A。由第二段But my friends in California are in the Pacific Time Zone, which is three hours behind my time zone. 可知答案。
3. C。由文章的第三段描述推断。
4. B。文章最后一句话可判断。
Page 6
1. D。由第二段But scientists believe that the act of walking through doorways makes us forget things 可知。
2. B。由第第三四五段对科学家所做实验的描述可知实验目的。
3. D。由第四段最后一句可知。
4. A。由文章最后一句可知答案。

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