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Stay active, stay fit (P2)
Do you play sports often?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. How many people get enough exercise, according to the WHO?
A. 25 percent of adults.
B. 1.4 billion people.
C. 150 million people.
D. 75 percent of adults.
2. Which of the following is a "vigorous intensity" activity?
A. Taking care of children.
B. Doing housework.
C. Running.       
D. Sleeping.
3. Which of the following is TRUE, according to the WHO?
A. People get cancer because they don’t exercise enough.
B. Playing soccer is a moderate intensity exercise.
C. Men are more active than women.
D. People in rich countries are less likely to exercise.
Word in use
spend,   take the place of,   because of
1. It is hot outside mainly ________ the sun.
2. Nothing can ever ____________ real love and family time.
3. They _____ an hour on their homework each night.
What kind of sports do you like best?  Talk about them.
Three different names for ancient China’s people (P5)
Do you know what your name means?
While reading
Fill in the chart below:

Names in ancient China
Usually taken from the father's family name.
Given name
People used their given name when they were among 2.________.
If you were talking about yourself, or if your were talking about you, the 3. ________ would be used.
Courtesy name
In 4. ______ life, people called each other by their courtesy names to show 5.________.
Men would get their courtesy name when they turned 6.________ years old. It also means they were 7. ________.
Women would get their courtesy name after 8.________.
Their courtesy names often have something to do with their 9. ________, sometimes both have the same 10. ________.

Word in use
more than,   respect,   instead of
1. We will skate ________ playing football.
2. I’ve known him for _________ 20 years.
3. All students should ______ their teachers.
Do you know the differences between Chinese and Western names?
Weather wonders (P6)
Did you know that there is technology we can use to control the weather?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Cloud seeding works by spreading _____ inside of clouds.
A. rocket
B. airplane
C. chemicals
D. water
2. Cloud seeding can't control _____.
A. how much it rains
B. when it rains
C. where it rains
D. its side effects
3. The third paragraph shows how weather control technology helps _____.
A. to control rain
B. to make it more sunny
C. to solve droughts
D. to weaken storms
4. What can we learn from the story?
A. Mark Twain liked to talk about the weather.
B. Cloud seeding may not be environmentally friendly.
C. All scientists have welcomed cloud seeding technology.
D. Cloud seeding can be used to control storms.
Word in use
 in order to,   solve,   be bad for    
1. We should develop our students' ability to analyze and _____ problems.
2. ________ take that job, you must leave your current job.
3. Dieting can _________ you, not least because it can cause stress.
What other interesting technology do we have? How has it benefited us?
Page 2
1. D。由第二段第二句“ About 25 percent of adults do not get enough exercise ”可知。
2. C。根据第三段第二句话“They can also do 75 minutes of “vigorous intensity ” activity, such as running or playing soccer”可知。
3. C。由第四段第一句“The study also found that women are less active than men”可知。
Page 5
1. Family name
2. family members
3. given name
4. social
5. respect
6. 20
7. adults/ grown-ups
8. getting married
9. given names
10. meanings
Page 6
1. C。由第二段第二句“It is done by spreading chemicals like dry ice or silver iodide inside of clouds,”可知。
2. D。根据倒数第二段第二句“it is believed that it might have unwelcome side effects .”可知。
3. A。由第三段最后一句“China used cloud seeding in Beijing just before the 2008 Olympic Games in order to stop rain from falling during the event.”可知。
4. B。由第四段第三句“silver iodide may be bad for the environment in the future. ”可知。

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