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东城古城职业中学  汤红梅

Lemons to lemonade (P3)


I. Pre-reading

What are you good at?

Why do you think you are good at this thing(s)?


II. While Reading

Choose the answer:

1. Jamaria Crump’s business is for _____.

A. planting lemon trees

B. making lemonade

C. making cookies

D. making pies and cakes


2. What do we know about LemonTopia?

A. It is famous in Maryland.

B. It only sells lemonade.

C. It is open five days a week.

D. It also sells pies and cakes.


3. Paragraphs 3 and 4 mainly talk about _____.

A. how Crump made her own lemonade

B. how Crump learned to make lemonade

C. how Crump started her business

D. what Crump's school did for her business


4. What do we know about Jamaria Crump from the story?

A. She made lots of money from selling lemonade.

B. She likes to drink lemonade.

C. She is good at running a business.

D. She likes cooking and baking.


III. Words in use


1. 冰热到一定程度时就化成水。

   When ice is warmed up, it ________ water.

2. 我想当一名出色的舞者。

   I _______  a famous dancer.  

3. 他们决定先给Tony打电话。

   They  _______ call Tony first.  


IV. Post-reading

Interest is the best teacher.

When asked why he was so good at basketball, the famous basketball player Michael Jordan simply said, "I love this game."




Chinese twist on snack food (P4)


I. Pre-reading

There are so many kinds of snacks in the world.

Do you like snacks?

What kinds of snacks do you like best?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. The words "from back home" in Paragraph 1 refer to (指代的是) _____.

A. in the writer's family

B. in the writer's country

C. in his home in Beijing

D. in another city in China


2. Which snacks does the writer's country have?

A. The Dove brand of chocolate.

B. Cucumber-flavored potato chips.

C. Shrimp-flavored snacks.

D. Youtiao and porridge.


3. What does the writer mean by saying "I think I'll leave those ones alone for now"?

A. He wants to eat the shrimp-flavored snacks.

B. He doesn't want to try the shrimp-flavored snacks.

C. He will give away the shrimp-flavored snacks as gifts.

D. He will take the shrimp-flavored snacks back to his country.


4. What does the writer want to show with this story?

A. Chinese people don't like American snack brands.

B. Snacks change their flavors when they are sold in China.

C. Chinese tastes are odd and difficult to understand.

D. Chinese snacks are not as healthy as those in the US.


III. Words in use


1. Your  ______(口味) in music is quite good.

2. This is a very good _______ (品牌) of shoes.

3. My favorite ______  (口味) of ice cream is chocolate.

4. You will soon _________(习惯) the weather here.


IV. Post-reading

Snacks come in many flavors and varieties.

Which snacks are the most healthy?  




You could get paid to cuddle and sleep (P5)


I. Pre-reading

Have you ever thought about what kind of job you will have in the future? Which job is best for you?


II. While reading Fill in the table:

Interesting jobs


What they do


Around $18,000. 

They have to stay in bed  for 2._________ and cannot get out. But they can do anything they want in bed.

Plumbers, carpenters and chefs to work in 3._________

At least23,000.

They would have to work on the coldest place on Earth.

Professional cuddlers


They can talk with you, comfort you and give you a 5._________ when you are sad.


III. Words in use

Fill in the blanks with the proper form:

1. He ________(look for) his keys in the library now.

2. It was the _____ (cold) day this week.  

3. I _____(pay) the bill and left at once.

4. I exercise so that I can stay _____ (health).


IV. Post-reading

Which of these three jobs do you like best?

Do you know of any other unusual jobs?

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