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Year of strong storms (P2)
Have you ever seen any severe rainstorms or typhoons? What were they like?
While reading
Ture or false
1. Typhoon Mangkhut will be the strongest storm  to hit China this week. (False)
   Typhoon Mangkhut was the strongest storm to hit China last week.
2. On Sept 15, Mangkhut landed on the coast of Sanya in Hainan province. (False)
  On Sept 15, Mangkhut landed on the coast  of Jiangmen in Guangdong province.
3. Another strong storm - Hurricane Florence - hit Japan. (False)
  Another strong storm - Hurricane Florence - was hitting the east coast of the United States.
4. Temperature changes cause tropical cyclones to form on the sea. (True)
5. Strong storms like Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Jebi will become less common in the future. (False)
  Strong storms like Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Jebi will become more common in the future.
Word in use
Match the word with its meaning
1. damageto move people from a place of danger to a safer place
2. evacuateto damage something so much that it no longer exists
3. destroyto start to exist and develop
4. formphysical harm caused to sth which makes it less useful or valuable  
Do you know what caused Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Jebi to form? Is there any way to stop these strong storms from forming?
Learning to live outdoors (P4)
1. Do you know anything about the Young Pioneers of China (少先队) or the Communist Youth League of China (共青团)?
2. What do these groups do?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1.  What does the Scouting Association aim to do?
A. To give people all over the world opportunities for
     adventure and self-development.
B. To give young people opportunities for adventure.
C. To give young people opportunities for self-development.
D. B &C
2.  What happened in 1908?
A.  Robert Baden Powell organized the first Scout camp on the south coast of England.
B. Robert Baden Powell suggested an idea for an outdoors program for young people.
C. Robert Baden Powell created the Scout Association.
D. Scouting became a boys-only activity.
3. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Scouts aged 6 to 8 sing, play indoors and learn how to stay safe.
B. Scouts aged 8 to 10 go camping and do tasks to earn badges.
C. Scouts aged 14 to 18 learn scouting skills and earn badges.
D. Scouts aged 18 to 25 can get the Queen’s Scout Award if they earn enough badges.
4. Which of the following facts is true?
A. Only male Scouts enjoy practical activities.
B. Scouts can earn top awards as soon as they join the Scouts.
C. Scouts take on more challenging tasks when they reach the age of 14 to 18.
D. Scouts can visit the Queen at any time.
Word in use
Fill in the blanks
opportunity, adventure, take part in, as well
1. I had an _________ to go to Japan and study.
2. The trip  was the most exciting _______ I’ve ever had.
3. You can _______ all kinds of activities after school.
4. He speaks French, and English _____.
1. How old is the Scouting Association?
2. Why was it created?
3. What do Scouts do at different ages?
Take a trip to space (P6)
1. Have you ever wanted to visit the moon?
2. If you could visit the moon, what would you do there?
While reading
Put the sentences into correct order.
A. The trip will take four to five days.     
B. He plans to take off in 2023 with some artists.
C.  The BFR can carry at least 100 to 200 people. There will be a movie theater, lecture hall and restaurant inside the ship.
D. The first passenger will take a trip around the moon.
E. The BFR may be used to send humans to Mars and other planets in the future.
F. The spaceship will not land on the moon, but will circle around it.
Word in use
take off, create, inspire, according to
1. 昨天我们八点起飞,一点半到北京
We took off at 8 and arrived in Beijing at 1:30 yesterday.
2. 政府计划为年轻人创造更多的就业机会  
The government plans to create more jobs for young people.
3. 老师们希望鼓励孩子们多说英语
  The teachers hope to inspire children  to speak more English.
4. 据学生们说,他是一个很棒的老师
  According to his students, he's a great teacher.
1. After reading the story, do you know why the Japanese billionaire wants to take a trip around the moon?
2. What is the BFR like? How does it work?
Page 2
Page 4
1. D。由第一段可知。
2. B。由第二段”A year later......”这句话 可知答案。
3. B . 由 Ages 8 to 10 段落可知答案。
4. C。由段落Ages 10 to 14可判断答案。
Page 6
A-4   B- 2   C- 6  D-1   E- 5  F-3

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