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初一教案 第630期


北航实验中学 姜瑶
Enter an art world (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Do you often go to art museums?
What kind of art is your favorite?
Would you like to be part of a work of art?
II. While Reading
Fill in the table:

Li’s visit to Artvo, a 1._______ in Melbourne
Length of visit
Things she saw
the 3._______ of Venus
Café Terrace at 4._______
Animal zone
Her favorite part
The fantasy zone — a 5._______ of Earth

III. Words in use
1. 迪士尼公园是一所主题公园。
    Disneyland is a ____ park.
2. 他爸爸生气地咆哮着。
    His father is ____ angrily.
3. 她擅长对着相机摆造型 。
    She is good at ____ in front of the camera.
IV. Post-reading
More museums these days have 3D zones. You can take pictures and see some visual (视觉的) tricks.
History of China’s ‘Mother River’(P4)
I. Pre-reading
Thirty years east of the river; thirty years west of the river.”
Have you ever heard this saying? What does it mean? When do people usually use this saying?
II. While reading
Answer these questions:
1. Why is the Yellow River called the “Mother River”?
2. Is the Yellow River the longest river in China?
3. What made the Yellow River’s riverbed become higher?
4. How did the Yellow River cause floods?
5. What does the saying “Thirty years east of the river; thirty years west of the river” mean?
III. Words in use
 In ancient history, river ____ (流域) were the birthplace of many civilizations.
The rich ____ (泥土) allowed agriculture to develop.
3. The _____ (洪水) caused by the Yellow River were a great danger for ancient China’s people.
IV. Post-reading
Here are more sayings inspired by the Yellow River. Can you translate them into English?
* Ambition never dies until there is no way out.
* There's nothing you can do to remove the stigma from your name.
How to stop a cold? (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Have you ever had a cold?
How do you feel when you have a cold?
What do you do to cure colds?
II. While readingTrue (T) or False (F).
1. People in many parts of the world can stop the common cold.
2. There are 160 different kinds of rhinoviruses that cause colds.
3. It is very difficult to make a single medicine that can fight all rhinoviruses.
4. Colds are not dangerous for us.
5. Our immune system can help us beat a small cold within one week.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[medicinecause      enemy system]
1. Cold weather can _____ some illnesses.
2. Traffic lights are an important part of traffic ____.
3. The doctor gave him some _______ to take.
4. Hua Mulan fought bravely against her _____.
IV. Post-reading
How to recover from a cold?
It is important to stay hydrated (含水的) when you have a cold. Try taking zinc or vitamin C supplements within the first 24 hours after you notice symptoms. Getting enough rest can help you feel better and recover faster when you have a cold.
II. 1. museum    2. two hours   3. Birth   4. Night  5. painting
III. 1. theme     2. roaring 3. posing
II. Possible answer:
1. Because its basin was the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization.
2. No, it isn’t.
3. Lots of soil went into the Yellow River every year.
4. The Yellow River often changed the way it ran.
5. It means that there are often changes in life.
III. 1. basins   2. soil   3. floods
III. 1. cause   2. system   3. medicine   4. enemy

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