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No leggings at school (P3)
1.Do you have to wear a school uniform?
2.Do you like it? Why or why not?  

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. US students _____ in school.
A. must wear uniforms
B. can wear anything they want
C. have strict dress codes
D. all have to dress the same
2. Some schools think girls wearing tight clothes _____.
A. are ugly
B. look unhealthy
C. will distract males
D. will distract themselves from studies
3. What can we learn from Zheng Yishi about the rule?
A. Many girls agreed with the school.
B. Many girls thought the rule was convenient.
C. Many girls didn't like the rule.
D. Many girls broke the rule.
4. What can we infer from the last paragraph?
A. The school didn't listen to the girls' petition.
B. The school started to change the rule.
C. Girls still can't wear tank tops in schools.
D. Boys supported the girls in breaking the rule.

Words in use
unfair, typical, inconvenient, allow
1. He won’t _____ himself to fail.
2. This is a _____ example of Roman pottery.
3. It was _____that he should have to suffer so much.
4. I know it’s________ , but I need to meet with you.

If you had a problem with your school’s dress code like the students at Indian Trail High School did, what would you do?
Fall’s arrival brings colors and football (P4)
Do you like autumn? Why or why not? 

While reading
Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks.
autumn, drive, but, visit, countryside, team, activity, last, building, taste

In the US, people don't celebrate fall with the Mid-Autumn Festival,    1    they also has many fall traditions.
  In some parts of the US, families    2    their cars to take a “color tour”. They drive around the    3   , looking at all the beautiful colors of the trees.
  When the author was young, his favorite thing to do in the fall was    4    the cider mill. Cider mills are old-fashioned    5    that make apple cider. They are only open during    6    because that's when apples are harvested. Cider mills often have lots of fun    7    for kids. They also make fresh doughnuts. Doughnuts and apple cider    8    good!
  Fall also means the start of the American football season. It    9    for about 17 weeks. Sports fans have parties at home and in some pubs, cheering for their favorite    10   .

Words in use
1. There was a  _____  at our house that night. (celebrate)
2.The dancers were wearing _____ clothing. (tradition)
3. We had a good ____ this year.(harvest)
4. The meeting ____  two hours. (last)

Are there any special activities that you like to do during different seasons?
Don’t break a ‘pinkie promise’ (P5)
Why do Chinese people like to
hook their pinkies when making promises?    

While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Chinese kids believe their "pinkie promises" must be kept for _____.
A. their whole lives
B. 100 years
C. three days
D. a year

2. What do Chinese people think of "hooking fingers"?
A. It is a way to break an old tradition.
B. It makes people more honest.
C. It gives people hope.
D. It represents the exchange of thoughts.

3. When people make a blood oath, they usually _____.
A. cut their fingers
B. point to the ground
C. hook their pinkies
D. drink some milk

Words in use
promise, have to do with, play an important role in, complete
1._____ the sentence with one of the adjectives provided.
2.What does that _______ you? 
3. Books ___________ our lives.
4. I‘ll call you back. I _____.

1. Do you believe that pinkie promises can be kept for 100 years? Do you find it hard to keep your promises?
2. Have you made any promises lately? Have you been able to keep these promises?

Page 3
1.C。由首段第二句“But they still have strict dress codes” 可知。
2.C。由第二段第2句“The schools think these clothes distract male teachers and students.” 可知。
3. C。由第3段“Zheng Yishi doesn’t like this rule, as it makes things inconvenient. ” “Many students agree with me.”可知。
4.B。最后一段中,学生对校服规则提出意见,后来学校“agreed to change the rule starting this fall”。可知答案。

Page 4
1. but  2. drive  3. countryside  4. favorite  5. buildings  6. autumn  7. activities  8. taste  9. lasts 10. teams

Page 5
1. B。由第首段“They then say, “A pinkie promise must be kept for 100 years. ” 可知。
2. D。由第2段尾句“So hooking fingers can be seen as the exchanging of thoughts.”可知。
3. A。由3段第2句“Chinese people not only use them to complete a promise, but also cut them when making a blood oath ” 可知。

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