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高三教案 第659期

New look of hoodies (P1)
山东省烟台第二中学  孔洁
I. Lead-in
•With the autumn chill now in the air, what kind of clothes do you prefer? 
Recent years have seen various high fashion brands involving hoodies in their collections, and celebrities all over the world are sporting their “hoodie looks”.
provide an extra layer to keep us warm
II. Skimming  
Read the passage quickly and summarize its main idea 
•Recent years have seen hoodies become a trend in fashion. 
III. Scanning  
Judge whether the following statements are true or false 
•1. Fashion tends to be uncomfortable and superficial (肤浅的), which makes hoodies unfashionable.F
•2. Youth culture is behind the fashion trend for hoodies.T
•3. Hoodies and their images have always been positive. F
•4. Hoodies will be a leading fashion trend this autumn. T
Read & answer  
•1. What’s the advantage of hoodies over sweatshirts?
•Compared to regular sweatshirts, the hood itself provides an _____ layer to keep you warm, _____ is also convenient: You can pull it _____ your head _____ it rains, gets windy, or simply when you want to avoid _____ someone you don’t like.
•2. What made hoodies a fashion trend?
Youth culture did the work of tugging (用力拉) hoodies from the sphere (领域) of sportswear, _____ clothing exists to ______ performance, ____ the world of street wear, ____ clothing is performance ___ itself,
•3. How did people feel towards hoodies in the 1990s and early 2000s?
•In fact, they had a dark moment _____ in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when they were often _________ with crime and racism (种族歧视). 
IV. Language focus
Sentence analysis 
•1. With the autumn chill now in the air, there’s probably nothing as cozy as slipping into a soft and baggy hoodie (帽衫) in the morning. 
•With the holiday around the corner, there’s probably nothing as exciting as making a travel plan. 
•2. Compared to regular sweatshirts, the hood itself provides an extra layer to keep you warm, which is also convenient.
•compared to 与……相比 
•Compared with airplanes, trains are more convenient, which makes long journeys a lot easier. 
•3. Recent years have seen various high fashion brands involving hoodies in their collections.
•Recent years have seen the rapid development of technology. 
•4. “Youth culture did the work of tugging (用力拉) hoodies from the sphere (领域) of sportswear, where clothing exists to enhance performance, into the world of street wear, where clothing is performance in itself,” wrote Patterson.
•where 引导的定语从句,分别修饰the sphere of sportswear和the world of street wear. 
V. Learn to use
Fill the blanks with the expressions in the box
tend to, do sb a favor, in case , at least, be associated with
•1. He said he could _________ and give me a ride home.
•2. Readers _______ share articles that were exciting or funny. 
•3. I took my driving license with me, _____ I wanted to hire a car. 
•4. The discussion _____________ the accident. 
•5. I visit my grandmother ______ once a month. 
New way of seeing ‘jianghu’ (P4)
江苏省江阴市第一中学  赵春艳
I. Warming up   
When it comes to jianghu, what enters your mind?
II. Fast reading
Please summarize the passage
With Sons and Daughters of Jianghu gaining popularity, Jia Zhangke sheds lights on the people living on the margin, which transports us back to the good old days with nostalgia.
The author’s attitude towards Sons and Daughters of Jianghu is _____.A
A. objective
B. critical
C. subjective
D. indifferent
III. Detailed reading
1. What does jianghu mean in Jia’s eyes?
In the eyes of Jia Zhangke, jianghu is “an integral part of __________, for people living on the margin. They need to form a _________ because they can’t survive on their own. They have their own values, their own rituals, their own _________.”
2. What is jianghu in Sons and Daughters of Jianghu?
In the movie, jianghu refers to “a group of ___________ living in the margin who uphold a sense of righteousness”.
3. What does “people living on the margin” refer to?
People coming from a shady or poor background.
4. Apart from people, what else did Jia reflect in his latest movie?
Changes in society.
5. What is the style of Jia’s films?
His movies always have a sense of nostalgia, and they also reflect reality.
6. What is Jia’s opinion on his way of filming?
It allows him to describe Chinese reality without distortion.
IV. Language points
when it comes to …说到某事
shed light on展现
these are the things that are likely to enter your mind when it comes to jianghu, a word referring to the community of martial artists in stories such as Heroes of the Marshes .
referring :动词-ing形式作后置定语,相当于which refers
V. Discussion
What lessons have you learned from Sons and Daughters of Jianghu? Please list your reasons. 
I learned a lot from the story.
First of all, ___________________________________________.
Second, ____________________.

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