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Reaching top of math class (P3)


1. Do you like math?

2. How do your teachers teach math?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. In England, students take a test once every term to _____.

A. learn a new math concept

B. check how much they've learned

C. improve their understanding

D. compare themselves with Chinese students


2. Math lessons in Year 7 are different because students _____.

A. can choose what they want to learn

B. do not have any math tests that year

C. go into two "sets" according to their scores

D. will be punished if they get poor grades


3. Teachers will give ____ to students in the top set.

A. more praise

B. more tests

C. less homework

D. harder questions


4. What do we know from the story?

A. The author didn't like the math lessons in England.

B. The author finally got into the top set in her class.

C. The author thought her math lessons were not difficult.

D. The author preferred the math lessons in China.


Word in use


1. 在我的演讲中,我想着重讲一个问题。

2. 我擅长下棋。

3. 你应该注意你的拼写。



Which subjects are you best at?

How does your teacher make his or her lessons interesting?

Celebrating our countries (P4)


1. When is China’s National Day and how do people usually celebrate it?

2. When is Independence Day in America? Do you know how people celebrate it?


While reading

costume, on, enjoy, with, visit, fun, wake up, get together, food, fireworks

  Chinese people celebrate National Day on October 1 each year. They _____ early to watch the raising of the national flag in Tiananmen and ____ the large flowerbeds.

  The US has its own "national day" too. It is called Independence Day. It falls _____ July 4 each year. The most well-known celebration for Independence Day is the _____. They are much like the fireworks that are set off during Spring Festival, ______ huge explosions of fire in the sky.

  Families will travel to _____ each other on this day as well. People _________ and have picnics or barbecues. Hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and salads are popular ____ for picnics.

  Many cities will have parades for the holiday. There are often marching bands and people wearing fun _______. The parades show Americans' pride in their country and are also great ____ for children.


Word in use


wake up, as well, be decorated with, set off


1. The schools will _____________ balloons.

2. What time do you usually _________?

3. We ______ some fireworks to celebrate the New Year.

4. I am going to London and my sister is going ________.



Jim visited Beijing during National Day. Describe what Jim did according to the following pictures.

Magic minority music (P8)


1. Do you know The Voice of China?

2. Which of the show’s singers do you like most?

While reading

Fill in the chart below:


Danzeng Nima




1. ________

Ethnic group

2. ________



He was the winner of the seventh season of 3. ________

He was the winner of the second season of 4. ________

Music style

He adds 5. ________ to his music.

He adds 6. ________ to his music.

Comments on their music

The judge Li Jian described his performance as "7. ________".

His performances are 8. ________.


Word in use

1. be famous for     2. fall in love with   3. take turns     4. on one’s own


1. Susan and her brother ________ doing the dishes.


2. He can finish the work _________.


3. Beijing ________ its many places of interest.


4. I just couldn't help _____________the painting.




1.         Who is your favorite rapper on The Rap of China?

2.         Write a short paragraph to introduce him or her.

3.         If you haven’t watched this program, you can discuss any other singer you like.



Page 3

1.B。由首段最后一段We have a test once every term to see how much we have learned. 可知。

2.C。由第二段第一句But things were a little different in Year 7. We didnt do any end-of-year exams. We did something different a math test to form sets.  可知。

3.D。由第三段第一句I got into the top set. It is true that the lessons are much harder.可知。

4.B。从文章第三段第一句I got into the top set.可以得知。


Page 4

1. wake up  2. enjoy    3. on       4. fireworks  5. with 

6. visit     7. get together  8. food   9. costumes  10. fun


Page 8

1. 28

      2. Tibetan

      3. The Voice of China

      4. The Rap of China

      5. Tibetan humming

      6. exotic-sounding melodies

      7. pure and soulful

      8. hot-blooded and lyrical


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