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北京171中学 徐晶
Watch out, bullies (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Are there any bullies in your school?
Do they bully people with words or actions?
How do you think the bully feels?
What do you think of bullying?
What can we do about it?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. What do we know about Walker?
A. He often fought with his classmates.
B. One of his classmates bullied him.
C. He was afraid of telling the truth.
D. He didn't go to school.
2. From the story, we know that _____ made the “stop bullying” T-shirts.
A. Walker
B. Walker and his parents
C. Walker and his classmates
D. Walker's school
3. What do we know about National Bullying Prevention Month?
A. It is in September.
B. Its official color is blue.
C. People can get free shirts during this month.
D. People in the US don’t like it.
4. The story is mainly about _____.
A. Walker's school life
B. how to get along with your classmates
C. how Walker started his own business
D. what Walker did to fight bullying
III. Words in use
1. Didn’t you r_____ that you hurt her feelings just now?
2. They are always f_____ about money.
3. I'm going to _______ (分发) some samples for you to look at4. I just o________ some pasta and a hamburger for you.
IV. Post-reading
If you are bullied, what should you do? Here are some tips for dealing with bullies.
1. If someone bullies you, don't shout at them or fight them. This will only make them bully you more. Just walk away from them.
2. Tell your parents if you are bullied. Your parents may know how to help you.
3. Tell your teacher about it and ask them for help. If you do not want to talk to them directly, ask your parents or friends to talk to them for you.
4. If your teachers cannot help you, make sure you are never alone at school. Stay with your friends. Bullies are scared of groups.
5. Act confident. If a bully thinks you are not scared of them, they will not bully you.
6. If you are bullied on your way to school, go a different way to school every day. But do not go anywhere dangerous!
7. Do not bring expensive things to school. If you have nothing to take, bullies will leave you alone.
Helpful home remedies (P5)
I. Pre-reading
How do you feel when you catch a cold?
What do you do to get rid of it?
Is there any medicine that can cure a cold quickly?
II. While reading
Fill in the table:
US home remedies
Have the flu
* take several 1.________
* put on lots of clothing
* sleep under a 2.________
* 3.________ a lot
Have a 4.________
drink ginger soda
Have a cold
eat 5.________
III. Words in use
1. This made me ________ (想起了) my best friend in primary school.
2. The house has four bedrooms, so it's p____ big.
3. Youd better _______ (穿上) another coat before you go out today.
4. W_____ a day, the flu will be gone.
IV. Post-reading
Is it a flu or a cold?
Ride the lift into space (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Have you ever wanted to go into outer space?
If someone built an elevator that could take you into outer space, would you try it?
II. While reading
 Choose the answer:
1. What has made the red telephone booths useless?
A. Computers.
B. Mobile phones.
C. Digital libraries.
D. Coffee shops.
2. Phone companies want to _____.
A. change the old booths into small libraries
B. build coffee shops inside the old booths
C. set up a new kind of booth
D. make the red telephone booths into a symbol of London
3. What can people do with the new booths?
a. watch ads
b. check maps
c. play online games
d. make calls
e. buy tickets
A. abc          B. abd          C. acd          D. ade
4. What do phone companies say about the new booths?
A. The new booths are an eyesore.
B. The new booths are just for ads.
C. They have the right to make new booths.
D. The new booths are more useful than the old ones.
III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
[sound like, look like, press, send]
1. ______ the button to start the machine.
2. You're going skiing with some friends? That __________ fun.
3. Could you ________ a reply to them as quickly as possible?
4. He _________ a friendly sort of person. I would like to be friends with him.
IV. Post-reading
Can you think of some other ways to go into space?
What if we could build a bridge to the moon or Mars?
Or build a slide that goes into outer space?
II. 1. B。根据第1One day, one of his classmates called him a dumb N-word”…可知,他遭受了同学的欺凌,本题选B
2. B。根据第2段第一句 Walker and his parents made stop bullying t-shirts. 可知,他和父母一起制作的T恤衫。
3. B。根据第3段中间Blue is the color for National Bullying Prevention Month, which is in October.可知,B正确。C项描述的是Walker的设计,而非这个活动的必有项目。
4. D。本文主要讲述了Walker在学校受到欺凌后,采取的反抗欺凌的措施,所以本题选D
III. 1. realize    2. fighting   3. pass out   4. ordered
II. 1. hot showers    2. thick blanket   3. sweat   4. stomachache
5. chicken noodle soup      
III. 1. think of    2. pretty   3. put on    4. Within
II. 1. D。第一段主要是为引入话题做的铺垫,本文的中心是“太空电梯”。
2. C。根据原文第2The trip is about 36,000 km. It may take eight days to get to space.的描述可知,全程大约36,000公里,所以C正确。
3. A。根据原文A space elevator would be cheaper.可知,太空电梯要比宇宙飞船的造价便宜很多,所以A正确。
III. 1.Press   2. sounds like   3. send    4. looks like


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