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Crazy for short videos (P2)
1. Do you have any short video apps on your phone?
2. Which short video apps do you like best?
While reading
Answer the following questions:
1. What can kids add to their short videos with these apps?
2. How long are the short videos?
3. How many junior high school kids have posted their own videos?
4. What happens if kids spend too much time watching short videos?
5. What does the new function that Douyin added in April do?
Word in use
 cause; spend ....(in) doing; to deal with; get rid of
1. Our goal now is ________ the disease so we can be healthier.    
2. I usually _____ one hour _______English novels.
3. Smoking may ________ lung cancer.
4. How _________ it if this happens to your family?
1. What do you like about Douyin or Kuaishou?
2. Tell us about the advantages and disadvantages of these apps.
Britain awards brave citizens (P4)
1. Do you know any ordinary people who have shown bravery in dangerous situations?
2. What do you think of these people?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. Every year, famous people will go to London to _____.
A. help ordinary people
B. receive a special award
C. attend a ceremony for heroes
D. hold a party for children
2. Tom Phillips received a "Pride of Britain Award" because _____.
A. he could drive a tractor
B. he got injured in an accident
C. he was attacked by a bull
D. he saved his father from a bull
3. What do we know about McAyla Johnston?
A. She was a high school teacher.
B. She lost her hope to live after the accident.
C. She has become a Paralympian.
D. She worked hard to recover.
4. What kind of person is most likely to receive the award?.
A. A famous and smart person.
B. An ordinary and dangerous person.
C. A brave and helpful person.
D. A clever and outgoing person.
Word in use
Match the word with its proper meaning:
ordinary          to face danger without showing fear
bravery            to feel self-respect or pleasure in sth.
proud                to get over an illness or shock
recover              not special or different in any way
1. Why did Prince Charles go to London?
2. If you ended up in a dangerous situation, what would you do?
Hugging for happiness (P6)
1. What do you usually do for your friends when they have a bad day?
2. Can you tell us about something nice you did for one of your friends?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to Time, which of the following can improve someone’s mood?
A. Shaking their hand.
B. Hugging them.
C. Kissing them on the cheek.
D. Patting them on the back. 
2. The author mentioned the interview with 400 people to show that _____.
A. people often have conflicts at work after they are hugged
B. people don’t care how others feel after fighting
C. people feel less negative if they receive a hug after a fight
D. people show their politeness with a hug after having a fight
3. The fifth paragraph is written to explain _____.
A. why hugging can help people feel positive
B. why being in a bad mood is bad for people’s health
C. what people need to comfort themselves
D. how people feel when they are in a bad mood
4. According to Murphy, if you solve another person’s problem directly, they may feel _____.
A. stressed
B. relaxed
C. being criticized
D. being cared for
Word in use
increase; reduce; pressure; solve
1. 公司已经提高了汽车价格
The company has increased the price of its cars.
2. 我们必须通过控制化学武器减少战争的危险。 
We must reduce the danger of war by controlling chemical weapons.
3. 第一个发言会使我有压力
 I felt pressured to be the first one to talk.
 I figured out a plan to solve this problem.
1. How does hugging help people feel better ?
2. How do you cheer up your friends when they are upset?
Page 2
1. Kids can add music and special effects to their videos.
2. They are 15 seconds to a few minutes long.
3. About 47 percent.
4. They would not spend enough time studying.
5. It locks the app if kids use it for over two hours a day.
Page 4
1. C。由第一第一句段可知,名人们去伦敦不是去得奖,而是去参加为无名英雄颁奖的盛会。
2. D。由第二段 可知答案。
3. D . 第三段落可知答案。
4. C。由全篇论述和举例可判断答案。
Page 6
1. B。由第一段 Hugging can help them feel better可知答案。
2. C。由第三段的最后一句可判断答案。
3. A。由第三段解释拥抱对于人的意义可知答案。
4. C。细节题,答案在第五段。

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