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初二教案 第634期


Getting rid of meat? (P2)
1. Do you like eating meat?
2. Do you think people should eat less meat? Why or why not?
While reading
Choose the answer:
1. According to scientists, people should eat less meat because _____.
A. meat is not safe to eat anymore
B. fewer animals are raised on farms
C. this can prevent climate change
D. meat is hard to digest
2. A major cause of global warming is _____.
A. the food that livestock eat
B. the waste produced by livestock
C. greenhouse gases that come from livestock’s stomachs
D. the smoke given off when people cook meat
3. Forests are cut down to _____.
A. build houses for farmers
B. be turned into farms
C. absorb greenhouse gases
D. be served as food for livestock
4. From the last two paragraphs, we know that _____.
A. lab-grown meat is very popular
B. it is healthier to eat insects instead of meat
C. insects don’t produce greenhouse gases
D. lab-grown meat tastes better than real meat
Word in use
1. 糖可能会对人的健康有害。(be bad for)
2. 你认为这只青蛙可以变成王子吗?(turn into)
3. 为了赢这场比赛,他练习了很多。(practice a lot)
Can you think of other ways to reduce greenhouse gases?
Modernized traditional music (P4)
Can you name the following Chinese traditional instruments?                
While reading
Choose the answer
1. From the passage, we know that Brad Seippel _____.
A. was born in China
B. used to live in New Orleans
C. is a singer in a heavy metal band
D. doesn’t like music that is made on computers
2. Brad Seippel learned how to play the pipa when he was _____.
A. 12 years old
B. 33 years old
C. 24 years old
D. 4 years old
3. It was natural for Brad Seippel to learn how to play the pipa because _____.
A. it is easy to learn
B. It is similar to the bass guitar
C. his father taught him how to play it
D. he spent a lot of time playing it
4. From the last paragraph, we know that _____.
A. Chinese people don’t like rock music
B. Nine Treasures plays traditional music
C. throat-singing can make music sound modern
D. elements of traditional music can be used in modern music
Word in use
mix, encourage, add, powerful
1. Oil and water don't _____.
2. Shall I ____ your name to the list?
3. You're a ______l man — people will listen to you.
4. The teacher ________ her students to study harder. 
Jim, an American exchange student, is interested in traditional Chinese music. Can you recommend a famous traditional song for him to listen to? Describe it in detail.
Rise of K-pop (P8)
1. Do you like Korean pop music?
2. Do you know the name of the band in this photo? What do you know about them?
While reading
Choose the answer
1. Which of the following is TRUE about the band BTS?
A. It is a girl band from Korea.
B. It is very popular around the world.
C. One of the band’s members is a Korean leader.
D. It has released 200 albums in Korea.
2. BTS is popular in America because _____.
A. there are many Koreans in America
B. there are fewer boy bands in America these days
C. American people are interested in Korean culture
D. American people prefer handsome singers
3. In Korea, if you plan to be a singer, you might begin your training _____.
A. when you are 18 years old
B. when you graduate from senior high
C. when you are in primary school
B. when you are in kindergarten
4. The passage is mainly written to _____.
A. introduce the band BTS
B. compare pop music in Korea and America
C. explain why Korean pop music is so popular
D. show how to train a successful singer in Korea
Word in use
be popular in     sweep across be included in   perform
1. His works ________ this book.
2. He _______ a traditional Chinese dance.
3. Long hair __________ college in the ‘60s.
4. Cold weather continues to ________ Britain.
TFBOYS is one of the most popular bands in China.
Look up some information about the band and introduce it to your classmates. You can also introduce your own favorite band.
Page 2
1. C。由 文章第二段Eating less meat can help to prevent climate change, according to a recent study published in Nature 可知。
2. C。由第三段第二句 When animals like cows digest food, their stomachs make greenhouse gases, which are a major cause of global warming 可知。
3.B。由第四段第一句In addition, to raise these livestock, people have to cut down forests and turn them into farms.可知。
4.B。从文章第六段第二句A 2013 UN report said that eating insects is healthier and better for the environment.可以得知。
Page 4
1.B。由第二段第二句He is a 33-year-old music producer from the US city of New Orleans. 可知。
2. C。由第三段第二句But it was not until he was 24 and living in China that he learned to play the pipa. 可知。
3. B。由第四段第二句A bass guitar has 4 strings, and so does the pipa, so for me it was natural.可知。
4. D。从文章最后一段第一句Chinese musicians are bringing back traditional music as well.可以得知。
Page 8
1. B。由第二段最后一段The magazine called the group “the most popular boy band in the world”. 可知。
2. B。由第四段第二句There are fewer traditional boy bands like Backstreet Boys and ’N Sync these days, for example.  可知。
3. C。由第五段最后一句Their training can start in primary school and last as long as seven years.可知。
4. C。主旨大意题, 全篇文章分析了韩国流行乐在美国受欢迎的原因。

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