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初一教案 第635期


Acting and learning (P3)
I. Pre-reading
Do you like acting in plays?
Does your school have any clubs or classes for acting?
What do you think one can learn from acting in plays?
II. While Reading
Choose the answer:
1. The Penguin Project is for kids _____.
A. who like penguins
B. who have special needs
C. who like learning about music
D. who like dancing
2. Which is NOT true about the Penguin Project?
A. It was started by a doctor who liked musicals.
B. It helps kids with autism become more confident.
C. It teaches kids how to perform in musicals.
D. It had more than 1,000 musicals last year.
3. In the last paragraph, the boy became more _____ by performing in musicals.
A. easygoing           B. confident
C. talented                D. communicative
4. What is the main idea of the story?
A. The theater is a good place to have fun.
B. Many kids have developmental disorders in the US.
C. Performing in musicals helps kids build confidence.
D. Performance skills are not life skills.
III. Words in use
1. David的爸爸是执行特别任务的警察。
David’s dad is a police officer who takes care of ____ tasks.
2. 吴谨言是这个新剧里的女主角。
Wu Jinyan is the ____ actress in this new play.
3. 与父母多沟通对孩子的成长很有好处。
_________ with parents is good for kids.
4. 阅读可以提升理解能力。
Reading can improve your comprehension _____.
IV. Post-reading
In acting class, students can learn many skills. They learn to read, sing and dance. Stage design is also part of acting class. Costume design is included as well. Whoever you are, whatever you are good at, however you want to improve yourself - you can always find something to do in acting class. That’s one of the reasons why acting classes are becoming more popular these days.
No more trick-or-treating? (P4)
I. Pre-reading
There is a western holiday when people dress up like monsters and ghosts. Which festival is it?
What do kids do on this day?
What do kids say when they visit their neighbors on this day?
II. While reading
1. In the phrase “trick-or-treat”, “treat” means ____.
A. playing a joke on someone
B. giving someone candy
C. making fun of someone
D. showing scary things to someone
2. Which of these is a rule in some US cities?
A. Teens can't celebrate Halloween any more.
B. Kids over 12 can't go trick-or-treating.
C. Kids over 12 can't dress up in scary costumes.
D. Kids over 12 can't eat candy any more.
3. Paragraph 3 tells us _____.
A. that many people disagree with the age limit rule
B. that people have different opinions about the age limit rule
C. why it is not good to stop trick-or-treating
D. why many people agree with the age limit rule
4. What does the writer think of the age limit rule?
A. He doesn't care about it.
B. He thinks it is fine.
C. He thinks it makes people upset.
D. He is not sure if it is right.
III. Words in use
1. She made some _____ (有创造性的) toys for her kids.
2. That joke was so _____ (可笑的)!
3. Many schools _____ (禁止) students from bringing smartphones to school.
IV. Post-reading
What do people usually do on Halloween?
     Go trick-or-treating.
If you are a kid, go trick-or-treating with your friends. You can get lots of candy.
     Visit a haunted house
Go to a haunted house with some friends and enjoy a little fright.
     Watch a scary movie
Many scary movies are shown on this day. Go and see one with your friends or family.
Cleaning up space (P6)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know what space junk is?
How can we clean up space junk?
Do you have any suggestions?
II. While reading
 Fill in the blanks:

Space junk
* Old spaceships. .
* There are about 1.______ pieces of space junk in outer space.
What is space junk like?
Some are traveling very fast, even faster than a 2.______.
Even a small piece of junk can 3.______ a spacecraft or satellite.
How to solve this problem
* NASA made a special satellite.
* It looks like a 4.______.
* There is a 3-D 5.______ on the satellite.
* When it gets close to the space junk, it uses a 6.______ to catch it.
* Then the satellite burns the space junk in Earth's atmosphere.

III. Words in use
Fill in the blanks:
spaceship       destroy       junk    cube
1. Do you know how to solve a Rubik’s _____?
2. The fire ________ my family’s house.
3. Kids are crazy about _____ food.
4. This unmanned ________ can travel to outer space.
IV. Post-reading
The pictures below show how space junk has increased over the last 60 years. Humans have sent many satellites and other objects into space – these have all turned into space junk.
II. 1. B。根据第2段原文In the US, there is a theater for kids with special needs. Its called the Penguin Project.可企鹅项目主要是为有特殊需要的孩子,本题选择B
2. D。根据第2More than 1,000 children took part in last years musicals. 可知去年有1000多孩子参与到“企鹅项目”中来,故本题选择D
3.B。根据最后一段Two years later, he took the stage as a lead in a musical.可知这个小男孩变成了舞台剧的主演,获得了自信,故本题选择B。
4. C。根据第一段performing can be good for kids with special needs和最后一段the project helps students make friends and become confident when they are performing.可知该项目可以使有特殊需要的孩子获得自信,故本题选择C。
III. 1. special 2. lead   3. communicating 4. skills
II. 1. B。根据第2This means give me a gift like sweets or a toy, or Ill play a trick on you!”可知treat的意思是给我一些糖果,故本题选择B
2. B。根据原文第3But some US cities have rules about trick-or-treating. They say kids above the age of 12 cannot go trick-or-treating.可知,美国一些城市认为12岁以上的孩子不该再参加索要糖果的活动,故本题选择B
3. D。根据原文可知一些人认为大孩子去索要糖果是很可笑的事情,还有一些人认为反正大一点的孩子就要去参加party也不会去挨门要糖果。故本题选择D
4. D。从最后一段可知作者很早就不去索要糖果了,但他不确定不让大孩子去索要糖果是否合适,故本题选择D
III. 1. creative   2. silly   3.ban
II. 1. 500,000            2. spaceship         3. destroy
       4. cube        5. camera           6. net
III. 1. cube 2. destroyed 3. junk 4. spaceship


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